Fixer To Fabulous Season 4: Details We Know So Far

HGTV's bread and butter is lovable, down-to-earth home renovators, typically couples, so it's especially impressive when anybody connects with fans as much as Dave and Jenny Marrs. The "Fixer to Fabulous" stars emerged on the network in 2019 and, in subsequent years, have enamored themselves to viewers all over the world. As Dave opined of the show's universal appeal, in a joint interview with TV Insider, "Even if they don't live in a small town, people just like the idea we live in this small-town Americana. The relationships we create with the homeowners — I think that is appealing."

He added, "Also, the fact anyone can watch it. We get so many messages from families who watch it with their kids." The couple remains unflinchingly humble, too, with Dave even hesitant to acknowledge they might have any more on their plates than other working families. As he and Jenny reasoned, it's completely normal for them to have a million things on the go at once. Discovery reports the show was a top performer during its third season, scoring huge numbers in key demographics across the board. It was a given, then, that "Fixer to Fabulous" would be renewed for another season. 

Here's everything we know about Season 4 thus far, to whet your appetite for what's to come. 

When can fans expect new episodes of 'Fixer to Fabulous'?

"Fixer to Fabulous" fans can rest assured there will be new episodes on our screens before the year is out. Deadline confirmed the show will be back for Season 4 very shortly, with 16 new episodes slated to premiere sometime in late fall. The previous season garnered more than 31 million viewers, so it's not terribly surprising that HGTV has chosen to renew it this quickly (Season 3 only wrapped in March, per IMDb).

Star Jenny Marrs confirmed the news on Instagram too, telling fans that she and husband Dave remain "immensely grateful and don't take a second of this wild ride for granted." She also gushed, "It truly is an honor for us to be invited into your living rooms each week." They've already begun filming Season 4, with Jenny sharing a behind-the-scenes shot in June, noting, "We wouldn't want to spend date night with anyone else."

Jenny also posted another photo from an in-progress, and suitably messy, home renovation, tantalizingly teasing it as "one of my favorites ever." Even though the whole crew was up to their elbows in dirt, Jenny was stoked for the next phase of the project, emphasizing the passion that keeps fans coming back to "Fixer to Fabulous" each season.

Who's appearing on 'Fixer to Fabulous' Season 4?

Per a press release from HGTV, spouses and business partners Jenny and Dave Marrs are definitely returning for Season 4 of "Fixer to Fabulous." Longtime fans of the show will know that the couple, who shares five children and lives on a picturesque Arkansas farm, are a great team chiefly because Jenny typically handles the design elements while Dave is more hands-on, tackling the construction and bespoke furniture.

In an interview with PopCulture, they shared that working together helps both of them to understand what the other is going through in real time. As Jenny explained, "[F]or us, it's nice that we work together because it'd be really hard to do this on our own without the other person and having long days, and just really understanding the stress and all of that." The busy parents do their best to separate their work and home lives, though, as much as they can. 

To that end, Jenny pointed out the importance of "really being intentional about what your priorities are." Dave acknowledged it's a constant balancing act for the HGTV stars, but he loves working with his wife regardless. Dave elaborated, "It's weird to work with your best friend and then go home and talk about the same projects, and with kids, and so Jenny and I are together so much, but it's great. I wouldn't have it any other way."

Dave and Jenny Marrs are also fronting their own spinoff

Hit show "Fixer to Fabulous" follows Dave and Jenny Marrs as they restore older, under-loved properties around Northwest Arkansas to their former glory, making them into ideal family homes in the process. However, with spinoff "Fixer to Fabulous: Welcome Inn," the couple narrowed their focus considerably. Per Distractify, the four-episode miniseries sees them turning an 1800s-era property into a chic bed and breakfast, which is something the Marrs have always wanted to do, as they told HGTV.

"We immediately knew it was such a cool house that we wanted to save," Dave recalled. "We didn't even know what we were going to do with it, we just didn't want to see it get torn down. So, we kind of bought it, really, without any plan." Fans know the couple pretty well already, but "Welcome Inn" offers further insight into their dynamic. In an exclusive interview with The List, Dave and Jenny shared that the hardest part of making "Welcome Inn" was definitely the shorter timespan. 

With "Fixer to Fabulous," they're generally given around six to eight weeks for each renovation, but with just four episodes to cover a single project, viewers understandably get to see more of the ups and downs along the way. In fact, as Jenny revealed, they originally planned to tackle the renovation on the side. Thankfully, fans can fill the "Fixer to Fabulous"-shaped hole in their lives with "Welcome Inn" until Season 4 debuts.