Kim Kardashian Proves She's A Cool Mom With North West Approved Accessory

Growing up as the daughter of one of the most fashionable celebrities in the world can't be easy. So, maybe the best solution is to go in a completely different direction? Kim Kardashian revealed North West's surprising style preference during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, per E! News, confirming her eldest favors the dark side. "North is like goth — she's into Hot Topic. She puts fake tattoos on her face, and she listens to Black Sabbath, and she's just like a full goth girl," Kardashian explained. Her keen style sense extends to Kardashian, too. 

The mom-of-four admitted, during Vogue's Forces of Fashion conference, "North is very opinionated when it comes to what I'm wearing." Funnily enough, despite her goth leanings, West doesn't like it when her mom wears a lot of black. The SKIMS founder shared, "I showed up at her school on Valentine's Day wearing head-to-toe pink, and she got so excited she ran over and hugged me. [Of course] she opened my coat, saw the black lining, and says 'Mom, you're still wearing black.'" 

As People detailed, West has had several notable fashion moments already, despite her young years, and frequently alongside her mom. During their latest outing together, at Paris Fashion Week, all eyes were on one particular accessory, which was clearly a West pick. 

They were the coolest mother-daughter duo at Paris Fashion Week

Proud mom Kim Kardashian left nobody in doubt of who the real fashionista in the family is after showing up at the Jean Paul Gaultier show during Paris Fashion Week, rocking a matching accessory with daughter North West. Per Page Six, the chic mother-daughter duo posed in matching deconstructed pinstripe suit looks alongside momager Kris Jenner. Both Kardashian and West chose lengthy nose rings for the occasion, which was likely the little girl's idea since she was previously snapped wearing similar nose jewelry back in 2019 while attending Jenner's beloved mother, MJ's, 85th birthday bash.

West has made a major splash at various shows over the week, but she's also being praised for standing up to nosy paparazzi while the family was trying to enjoy a quiet dinner together. As The Independent reported, a video was posted to Instagram of the stylish youngster, decked out all in black just as her famous mom is wont to do, admonishing gathered photographers outside trendy restaurant Ferdi. "Why do you have to wait for us all the time?" she demanded, leading to laughs from the excited crowd. One cheeky photographer, meanwhile, responded, "Because you're so famous! We love you, North!"

Per CNN, her mom also stormed the runway at the Balenciaga show, which was held at the legendary fashion house's original couture salon. Hopefully, that will impress West, whom Kardashian recently revealed is her surprising fashion critic.