The Taylor Swift Song You Should Listen To If You're A Cancer

Taylor Swift has an era for every moment, milestone and emotion. Since the first time she picked up a guitar, the global icon has created music that transcends genres, and has undergone a stunning transformation along the way. Per Washington Post, she's fearless when it comes to using her life as inspiration for her songs, and is headstrong when her relationships unfairly dominate the conversation.

Much of Swift's writing inspiration stems from her romantic and personal history. But it also goes beyond that. Insider explored the impact that her 2021 re-recorded single "All Too Well (Taylor's Version)" has had on listeners all over the world. The entertainment outlet attributed it to nostalgia and the universality of her music.

In a January 2013 interview with Vibe, Swift, who is a Sagittarius, was open about her connection to her zodiac sign. "I'm a Sagittarius, which means, you know, I'm blindly optimistic, I love to travel, I'm always up for adventure but also always want something new."

We see that same optimism and longing for new beginnings in her music. She may be surrounded by Sagittarius energy, but Shape reported that Swift's moon sign is Cancer. This explains why her music serves as the perfect soundtrack for the water sign.

Folklore's August is the superior Cancerian song

Allure categorizes Cancerians as perceptive, emotional, and compassionate. Cancers are also known for their loyalty and for being hopeless romantics. Fans know that Taylor Swift regularly embraces emotions and vulnerability, two qualities that are peak Cancer. Sifting through the 11-time Grammy winner's extensive music catalogue will reveal that there is a song and album for every mood. 

Out of her hundreds of songsThe Daily Californian argued that 2020's "august" (from her "folklore" album) perfectly fit this water sign's personality. The haunting lyrics speak of both a summer romance with an expiration date and a love triangle, reports Song Facts. Throughout the song, she used summer imagery to channel the fleeting nature of love. 

The lines "August slipped away into a moment in time / 'Cause it was never mine" are reminiscent of that, per Genius. The Daily Californian argued that what makes this the perfect Cancerian song is the fact that it draws on the water sign's empathetic nature. If being "in your feelings" was a song, it would be this.

Curated songs to top off a water element playlist

Taylor Swift's entire discography is Cancerian-friendly. For the ultimate playlist, The Edge recommends a mix of her classics and more recent material including, "Teardrop on My Guitar," "Never Grow Up," "I Almost Do," and "Breathe (Taylor's Version)." Each of these songs reflect Swift's moon sign.

Read Unwritten labeled Swift's 2019 track "I Think He Knows" as the quintessential Cancer song because of the emotional valleys it explores and takes its listeners on. Lyrics such as "I think he knows / His footprints on the sidewalk / Lead to where I can't stop / Go there every night" reference a growing and all-consuming attraction between lovers, per Genius. Sensitive, cautious, and hopeful cancer shows their love by being upfront about their feelings. In "I Think He Knows," the speaker is open about how this new love is affecting her, and why's into it. Song Facts highlighted an awareness and excitement for where the relationship is going.

There are also deep-cut songs worth mentioning. POPSUGAR singled out one lyric off of the pop star's re-released album "Red (Taylor's Version)" that says "I pull at every thread trying to solve the puzzles in his head. / Live my life scared to death he'll decide to leave instead." The entertainment outlet championed this as the perfect song for Cancers because of their penchant to love deeply to a fault, and to put the needs of those they care about above their own.