How The July 13 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're An Aquarius

It's that time of the month again when the moon reaches its lunar phase where it's is fully illuminated — aka the full moon. According to the Farmer's Almanac, the full moon on July 13 is not just any full moon either. This will be the "biggest and brightest supermoon of the year" and is called the Buck Moon — named after the antlers of male deer, which should be fully grown during this time. 

For astrologers, this July 13 full moon is also happening in Capricorn, according to Vice. If you know anything about Capricorns, you know that they're one of the hardest working signs of the zodiac. As an Earth sign, they're pretty practical as well but highly ambitious (via Cosmopolitan), which is why you may feel this July 13 full moon is having you do some self-reflection. While most full moons are always a great time for refocusing, it's best to know how the full moon is going to affect your zodiac sign specifically. If you happen to be an Aquarius, this upcoming Buck Moon may even affect you more than most other signs.

You may be having some doubts this July 13 full moon

Since Capricorns tend to be highly ambitious, according to Cosmopolitan, you'll notice that the July 13 full moon may affect your professional life the most. StyleCaster warns Aquarius that this full moon is set to shine a light on your Twelfth House of Unconscious, which could be giving you doubt towards your current dreams. If you're feeling unsure about your job or if you're even following the right career path, just be aware that it could be the full moon messing with you. 

Since Bustle claims this July 13 full moon will affect Aquarius more than most other zodiac signs, know that those isolating feelings you have could be attributed to the lunar phase and it'll pass soon. To help ease those doubts that you may be feeling, though, astrologer Erin River Sunday does suggest, "[T]here may be structural changes that need to happen within the subconscious."

Find someone to talk to during the full moon

Since the July 13 full moon is affecting your subconscious, according to StyleCaster, it could be a good time to open up to someone. Cosmopolitan suggests that if you're an Aquarius, you take this time to be open and honest about your career to someone you trust. That person could be a mentor or even your BFF. However, since Aquariuses are known to be independent, they also find it hard to open up about their feelings (via Cosmopolitan). So, finding someone you trust will make being vulnerable so much easier, and you definitely need someone to talk to with all these doubts circling your subconscious with the full moon. 

Hopefully, you'll be able to work out those negative feelings and get to a solution together. It may be that you just need a pep talk from someone on the outside or you need to set a new game plan to start a new career path you're actually excited about. Either way, this full moon is a great time to self-reflect, talk it out, and make the changes necessary to get you going to where you deserve to be. You got this, Aquarius.