How The July 13 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're A Taurus

July 13th, 2022 marks an important event in the world of astrology, because we are about to see not just a full moon, but a supermoon, and one with a special name (via NASA). More on that in a moment. 

First, what is a supermoon exactly? Well, according to NASA, this is when a full moon emerges just as the moon's orbit is closest to the planet we call home. It's bound to be a beautiful sight — indeed this week's full moon is the biggest, brightest we will see this year — but there's a lot more to this moon than that, as this event may just shake things up for all the signs of the zodiac (via PopSugar).

The notion that a full moon causes change is nothing new, with people believing the lunar cycles can create shifts in one's mood, sleep and health basically since the beginning of recorded time (via Healthline). There's not a ton of actual scientific research to back up the moon's effect on people, but centuries of people would beg to differ.

This month, the buck moon, named after a time when a male deer's antlers grow, offers everyone an opportunity to change things that aren't working in their lives, with astrologer Lisa-Marie Kiss telling PopSugar listening to your heart is key during this lunar event, no matter who you are. That said, of course the July 13 full moon means different things for every sign of the zodiac.

If you're a Taurus, having your mind on your money comes easily

This buck moon is in Capricorn, the last sign of the zodiac, which is all about the sensible areas of your life — namely, work (via VICE). You'll want to assess what issues might need to be addressed in this sphere of your life as the full moon rises on July 13th. Maybe you need to step up and go for that promotion. Or, perhaps you should be finding more balance between work and home. Whatever goals are on your horizon, why not allow the mid-week lunar event to be a catalyst for change?

Of course if you are a Taurus, born between April 20th and May 20th, you already value hard work (via Allure). So prioritizing your career will hardly be a stretch for you. Likewise, since you enjoy "me" time, if this is lacking for you at the moment, Wednesday is your chance to unplug and roll out that yoga mat to meditate.

Not sure exactly what your future should look like on the job front? Don't worry, Taurus. You know more than you may think.

Think big, Taurus!

Astrologer Ryan Marquardt believes that a Taurus should have full faith in themself that their heart can lead the way to a more satisfying work life. As he told Bustle, if your sign is the bull, you already have the answers inside of yourself.

What's more, he said, "Ultimately, Taurus is breaking free from stale ways of living and thinking." That's right. Don't be afraid to shake it up, Taurus! But we're not talking about finally trying that green tea matcha everyone has been raving about. Think bigger.

In fact, according to Cosmopolitan, the buck moon is the right opportunity to design your 10-year plan. That's not to say that taking a real look at your life, especially in the job area, is going to be easy. In fact, you may have to do a lot of soul searching in this process to figure out what you really want, but ultimately, don't shy away from taking the next step in your journey just because as a Taurus, you tend to be more pragmatic than passionate (via Allure). 

You have just as much a right as everyone else to go after your goals (via Woman & Home). Good luck!