Astrology Expert Reveals The Perfect Vacation Spot For A Pisces - Exclusive

People born under the water sign of Pisces (February 19 – March 20) are the truest of water signs, in that they are most deeply sensitive and highly creative (via Allure). Represented by two fish swimming in opposing directions, Pisces is often pulled in multiple directions at once due to their wide array of passions, interests, causes, and callings. All at once these creative, caring people might want to start on a painting they've envisioned while also scheduling time to volunteer at a shelter and make a special gift for a friend's birthday. They can appear scattered to outsiders who don't understand that their hearts simply feel a lot at once and their minds are always swirling with ideas. 

 You are unlikely to find a more loving friend or companion than a Pisces, and they are famously adaptable to whatever is happening around them. Like the fish that represent them, they are excellent at going with the flow, and can come up with new ideas or adventures or solutions at the drop of a hat. They can sometimes get too caught up in the dreaming and forget about the doing, so it helps them to have enough downtime to dream without feeling guilty about it. 

This is where a break or a vacation becomes very important for a Pisces. So where should one go to allow their daydreams to flow freely while they relax and plan their next big projects? 

The best place for a Pisces

In their piece about the best places for each sign to vacation, Lifestyle Asia says Paris, France is the ideal place for a Pisces to visit, citing their romantic, dreamy nature and the inspiration this city would provide. We asked Astrologer Cameron Martin of Path and Purpose his thoughts on this, and he agreed wholeheartedly that Paris is the perfect place for a passionate Pisces.   

"Pisces is all about transcendence, connecting with the greater human experience, universal love, and feeling into one's subconscious," Martin told us. "No city suits a Pisces like the city of love: Paris, France." He went on to say a Pisces should, "Escape to the most romantic city in the world full of culture, amazing food, great wine, and amazing art to learn how the French people enjoy the pleasures of life. This bustling metropolis has a rich cultural history and today is considered the most diverse city in Europe." 

What to do and what to see

Once a Pisces reaches Paris, what should they do and see? While simply relaxing at a street-side cafe and daydreaming is a wonderful way for this creative soul to spend an afternoon, if you are called to fill your cultural cup, you have come to the right place! According to EarthTrekkers' list of Paris Bucket List items, there is more to do and see in Paris than you can do in one trip! 

Along with absolute staples of the Parisian experience like visiting the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, consider visiting "Point Zero," which is marked by a plaque on the ground in front of Notre Dame Cathedral and is considered the very center of historic Paris. Speaking of history, you could take a walk over Pont Neuf, the oldest bridge in the city, and imagine all the people who have crossed that same bridge over the centuries. Versailles is another must-see for artistic and beauty-loving Pisces. A walk through the gardens and a tour of the buildings will surely take your breath away. 

Don't forget to indulge in a wine tasting (or two), as some of the very best wines in all the world hail from France, and you can taste history, culture, and beauty in a glass. In fact, it goes without saying that the culinary experience in Paris is unmatched, whether seeking dessert or dinner!   

"If you are looking to enjoy the best of the human experience," says Cameron Martin, "Paris is calling."