Catherine Proves Just How Close She Is To The Entire Middleton Brood

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has firmly established her place as a favorite member of the royal family. In the 11 years since her wedding to Prince William, she has conducted herself with dignity and grace, ensured the continuation of the royal line with the births of three children, and impressed the public with her inspiring charity work, particularly her commitment to children's services. Her fashion sense can only be described as impeccable, particularly when she wears a timeless print like her favorite polka dots. 

Catherine has also endeared herself within the palace, particularly with the person whose opinion matters most: Queen Elizabeth. A source once told Us Weekly that the queen views her granddaughter-in-law as "a team player." She reportedly feels confident that when the time comes, the Duchess of Cambridge will be a worthy queen consort. Catherine gets along famously with her father-in-law, Prince Charles, per Hello!, as well as stepmother-in-law Camilla Parker Bowles, who gave her a wedding present of a charm bracelet with their initials. She's even said to be a mediator in the ongoing conflict between her husband and estranged brother Prince Harry. 

Although Catherine has a bond with her in-laws that most people would envy, that doesn't mean she's forgotten about her own family. Happily, the duchess's relationship with her parents, sister Pippa, and brother James is just as strong. Need proof? A reported change in the Cambridges' home address provides a clue.

William and Catherine are said to be moving closer to her parents

Since their marriage, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have made their home in two locations: their apartment on the grounds of Kensington Palace in London, and their country mansion in Norfolk, Anmer Hall (via Hello!). Both are considerably far removed from Catherine's parents, Carole and Mike Middleton, who live in the central England region of Berkshire. 

The distance would seem to be an advantage if one believes rumors. A tabloid once claimed that Carole was a pushy grandma who would show up to the Cambridges' home unannounced, much to her daughter's annoyance (via OK!).

But recent news would seem to disprove that bit of dirt. The Daily Mail reports that William and Catherine are in the process of moving to one of the many properties on Queen Elizabeth's expansive Windsor Castle grounds. "The move would put them within 45 minutes of Carole and Mike by car," the tabloid notes. It also puts them closer to Catherine's siblings, James and Pippa, who also make their homes near their parents. Pippa is expecting her third child later this year, per People, so the move would allow for more frequent visits from the proud aunt. 

The Daily Mail adds that Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis will have to change schools as a result of the move, but this drawback will be outweighed by the advantage of the Cambridges being closer to both sides of the family.