Here's The Museum You Should Visit If You Want To See The Last Supper

One of the world's most recognizable paintings was created by Leonardo Da Vinci at the height of the Italian renaissance. According to My Modern Met, Da Vinci was commissioned by the Duke of Milan to paint the story of the Last Supper. The mural Da Vinci painted depicts the reactions of Jesus's apostles as he reveals that one amongst them will betray him. What made the painting so unique was the distinct expressions of each person at the table: including Judas, the disciple who famously betrayed Jesus, who is shown spilling salt as a "part of some renaissance pun," per Insider. It rose to fame quickly after its creation and has remained one of the most well-known pieces of art to this day, attracting art lovers from all over the world. EuroNews reports that the Last Supper receives almost half a million visitors annually. If witnessing one of Da Vinci's masterpieces is on your bucket list, take a trip to the historic site where it has remained since it was first created.

Plan your next vacation this charming Italian city

If you find yourself in Milan, Italy, make sure you plan a visit to see The Last Supper at the Santa Maria delle Grazie. According to the Milan Museum, "Leonardo's Last Supper is located in its original place, on the wall of the dining room of the former Dominican convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie." While Leonardo Da Vinci's famous creation is painted directly on the wall of the church, it actually belongs to the state as a part of the National Museum, per Sightseeing Tours Italy; tickets to view the painting are available to the public.

Da Vinci painted The Last Supper in 1498, experimenting with a new style that involved "applying tempera paint and mixed media directly to the stone wall," via Lasalle University. Unfortunately, the materials weren't the best quality, and the paint began to deteriorate shortly after it was created. The last restoration of The Last Supper was in 1999 by artist Pinin Brambilla. According to BBC, the restoration took 20 years and millions of dollars, as Brambilla and her team had to remove layers of paint, clean, and enhance the painting while maintaining its recognizable style. It has to be kept at a special temperature to prevent further distortion; Sightseeing Tours Italy informs visitors that they'll be asked to wait and "dehumidify" in a separate room before seeing the painting, and only 25 visitors at a time are allowed in to witness Da Vinci's mesmerizing painting.

From famous art to delicious food, Milan has it all

If you've been dreaming about a vacation full of art, culture, history, and delicious food, Milan, Italy is the perfect spot for your next getaway. From gorgeous mountain peaks to sparkling coasts, there is something for everyone in this northern Italian destination. After enjoying your morning at the Santa Maria delle Grazie seeing The Last Supper, head over to the Il Duomo Milan Cathedral to admire the stunning Gothic architecture, and walk the grounds that showcase all the beauty the region has to offer. Milan is home to tons of charming cafes and shops to explore and enjoy, with all the authentic Italian food your heart desires.

Milan is also only a day trip away from the hottest tourist spots: sail out to the coastal region in Liguria and admire the colorful homes that decorate the Italian coast or take a train for an hour to visit the iconic Lake Como. According to The Culture Trip, Lake Como "is celebrated for outstanding natural beauty, crystalline bays, and Renaissance architecture." Some of your favorite celebs have been spotted relaxing in the waters and enjoying the local cuisine — couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski were even married at Lake Como in 2010. Whether your vacation is jam-packed with sightseeing and exploring, or your only plan is to soak up some sun in a relaxing villa, northern Italy is the perfect spot.