If You're A Taurus, Here's The Adult Toy You Should Try

Like their fellow earth sign Capricorn, Taurus can be extremely resistant to change, and often have their partners and loved ones in a headlock over simple decisions. Taurus has heightened aesthetic senses and a deep appreciation for beauty, meaning these homemakers are bound to go with looks as often as they make choices based in substance. Taurus is likely looking for stable partnerships and is known as a giver in their relationships. 

Sensual matters are very high up on Taurus' priority list, but their stubbornness may be frustrating to even themselves when things are working during intimate time, alone or with partners. Taurus may want to take things slow with their partners and are willing to be just as patient when this request comes from the other side. They also are known to appreciate some standby romantic gestures, and they often show love by paying attention to the little things about their loved ones. This checks, since Taurus is ruled by the love planet Venus, per Allure, and the earth sign is more drawn to physical tokens of love and lust than a lot of words or imaginative play.

The sensual earth sign loves a multi-sensory approach

Per Allure's analysis, seduction is a huge part of Taurus' sensual experience, and the earth sign tends to enjoy the grounded build-up to the main event. This outlet recommends setting the vibe with candles and other scent-lead aphrodisiacs before going further and emphasizes that these gestures aren't just for play with a partner. They shout out lubricant and the Womanizer Classic for Taurus as an ideal combo. If Taurus wants to step things up with their multi-sensory approach, they can check out the Womanizer Duo, which includes both the original's suction abilities with an added air-blowing function sure to stimulate. 

Vice's sensual suggestions also lean into Taurus' proclivity toward the finer things in life, and they set the scene with oils and luxurious foreplay before throwing in their rabbit vibrator pick, the Soroya 2. Style Caster goes in full force on their aesthetic senses for Taurus, praising the subtlety, effectiveness, and beauty of the Gvibe Mini Gold.

For a Taurus who's ready to take charge

Despite their outward sense of calm, Taurus loves a good adventure, and their favorite place to explore is right in their perfect earth sign nest. Taurus has a righteous sense of justice, so they'll love an adult toy that serves all parties equally. That's where the Lust Remote Control Dual Rider comes in; its two side-by-side mounds are perfect for simultaneous play, and it's the perfect toy for Taurus and their ride or die.  

For the partner-minded Taurus, Glamour has a whole collection of picks, but one of the hotter ones is a finger vibrator for the Taurus looking to take control. This is where the earth sign's stubbornness might be a major turn-on, as they finally gain hold of their kind outer demeanor that prevents them from seizing control in their daily lives. Don't let Taurus' low-key presentation and bubbly personality fool you — they are one of the most sensually-driven zodiac signs, per Vice, though they won't let just anyone see this side of them.