Multichrome Eyeshadows You'll Want To Add To Your Makeup Collection

While scrolling through your Instagram feed, you might have seen makeup that looks like it magically changes colors depending on how the light hits the eyes. These pigmented eyeshadows are called multichromes, per Ipsy. As you move your face, the color transitions into other colors as the angle and direction of light shifts across your eyelids. 


What makes multichrome eyeshadows especially stand out, from more accessible duochromes, is that there are multi-color shifts consisting of three or more colors within one eyeshadow, compared to just a two-color shift effect of duochrome eyeshadows. Because of the unique nature of the pigments involved in creating multichrome shades, the eyeshadows tend to be more expensive than your mainstream shimmer eyeshadows (via Makeup Muddle). That's why you typically have to look through independently-owned makeup brands to buy multichrome shades. 

However, as Happi reports, the multichrome eye makeup trend is just starting to take off. If you've been bored with your eyeshadow collection and are looking to spice up your eye looks with special shades, then multichrome eyeshadows will be the perfect addition to your makeup roundup. From pressed eyeshadows to liquid formulas, there's bound to be a multichrome eyeshadow shade for you!


Clionadh Bloodline is a classic cult favorite

If you're just getting into the magical multichrome eyeshadow trend, then one of the most popular brands you'll find makeup fanatics using is Clionadh Cosmetics — a favorite is their Vibrant Multichrome Eyeshadow in Bloodline. According to Clionadh Cosmetics, the iridescent powder eyeshadow consists of a "burgundy-berry base that shifts gold-green-turquoise-blue-purple." This eyeshadow is essentially the closest you'll come to wearing a rainbow on your eyelids — and who doesn't love that?


Beauty blogger Temptalia, who is known for her online encyclopedia of makeup swatches and reviews, gave the eyeshadow an A rating. She cited the creamy formula features plenty of slip as a standout due to its versatility in application methods — the creaminess also helps the eyeshadow adhere to your skin stronger. You can apply the product using your fingertips or a damp brush. The best part is that there's virtually no fallout and, according to Temptalia, the shadow lasts well over eight hours.

The bold shift of JD Glow's Umm eyeshadow will make you speechless

Just one swipe of JD Glow Multichrome Pressed Eyeshadow in Umm on your eyelids will leave you speechless. According to JD Glow, this powder eyeshadow has a deep teal base that shifts purple, blue, pink, green, and gold. Clearly, this product is for all bold eyeshadow lovers.


Beautiful You Review News raved about the intense shift, the opaque coverage of the ultra-metallic shadow, and again noted an 8-hour coverage period. Jen who reviews makeup on her YouTube channel called Yours Colourfully Jen said the eyeshadow had a silky slip to it that glides onto the lid effortlessly to give the ultimate pigment. "This is like magic, so beautiful," Jen remarked regarding the swatch of Umm, calling it the strongest shift she's seen among multichrome shadows. Be prepared to say, "Umm, are you serious?!" after you try this shadow out.

Touch of Glam's Lucid Lavender is straight-up euphoric

In a nod to the 60s and 70s, pastel eyeshadows are trending right now, per The Zoe Report. Adding a pastel multichrome eyeshadow to your makeup collection is a fun, modern way to try the pastel comeback trend with a futuristic twist. Touch of Glam's Lucid Holo Multishifter Pressed Pan blends a pastel multichrome eyeshadow with holographic pigments (via Etsy), making it an absolute must-have.


The shade is based on Touch of Glam's best-selling multichrome pastel shade, lucid lavender, that's now sold out. The high-demand shade inspired the holographic rendition, as well as a budge-proof gel pot version (per Etsy). According to Angelica Nyqvist, the shade went viral because of its unique high-contrast shift that consists of a light purple base that turns to green, bronze, and then gold, depending on how the light hits your eyelids. "If you're doing party makeup, how cool would it be with this in a low-light," Nyqvist commented after swatching the holographic pastel multichrome (via YouTube).

Terra Moons Cosmetics' Chameleon Eyeshadow in Phoenix will light up your eyes

For a quick pick-me-up that will bring life to your eyes, Terra Moons Cosmetics Chameleon Eyeshadow in Phoenix will get the job done. Blogger Temptalia gave the eyeshadow an A rating, describing the metallic multichrome shade as a transparent base that shifted between "pastel orange, warm gold, and aqua-blue." The eyeshadow can be easily applied with a firm brush, and if you're wanting a stronger finish, Terra Moons Cosmetics recommends using a glitter primer or a setting spray on your brush.


Beauty influencer Amy, who reviews makeup on her YouTube channel called Amy Loves Makeup, named Terra Moons Cosmetics Chameleon Eyeshadow one of her favorite multichrome shadows of the collection. Regarding the Phoenix shade specifically, Amy said, "That doesn't even look real. That looks like witchcraft. It's extremely, extremely intense." Play up the magic in your eyes with the Terra Moons' mystical shade, Phoenix.

Natasha Denona's Infranude offers a neutral take on the multichrome trend

Contrary to what you may think, liquid eyeshadows are a beginner-friendly product that can give the ultimate pigmentation and metallic high-shine finish (per Masterclass). These shadows dry down for a long-lasting finish. There's one liquid multichrome eyeshadow that leaves an ultra-reflective, color-shifting sheen — the Natasha Denona Chromium Multichrome Liquid Eyeshadow in Infra Nude (via Natasha Denona).


The shade Infra Nude is a wearable shade that makes an impact on the eyes, featuring a tan base that shifts from a "cool green to an olive-tinged gold to copper to plum," according to Temptalia. The liquid formula features a water-gel texture that feels refreshing on the eyes and quickly dries down for a long-lasting finish that doesn't crease or crack on the lids.

ELLE Australia recommends the liquid shadow as one of the 20 best "one-and-done" shadows. Beauty influencer Kelsee Briana Jai recommends Infra Nude as one of the star shades from Natasha Denona, as the application is ultra-pigmented with an intense, unique shift (per YouTube). Whether it's for that next board meeting or the next bar night, there's a multichrome eyeshadow that will give your eyes that special sparkle!