The Taylor Swift Song You Should Listen To If You're A Gemini

The third sign of the zodiac, Geminis are known for being curious, outgoing, and quick-witted (via According to Allure, Geminis are passionate and social, usually involved in new activities or friend groups. 

The Gemini's witty banter and outgoing nature characterize both their romantic and platonic relationships, so be prepared for a curiosity fueled adventure if pursuing a relationship with them. As an air sign, this zodiac's strengths are communication and intellectual thinking, but their adaptive nature can leave others feeling like they don't truly know the Gemini.

While Taylor Swift is a Sagittarius herself, her diverse discography of more than 300 songs offers tunes that are fitting for each astrological sign and every possible mood. So if you're a Gemini Swift fan — or friends with a Gemini Swiftie — check out these songs that capture the intelligent, curious, and adaptable nature of the Gemini. You may even discover your new favorite Swift song.

Wonderland vibes with the Gemini's curious nature

Because Geminis are known for being curious explorers that constantly seek out new ideas, Taylor Swift's "Wonderland" from her "1989" album completely represents this zodiac sign. Per Sweety High, the Gemini's outgoing and curious personality fits Swift's fun and flirty summertime persona. Although this style and persona is most apparent in her "Lover" era, the cropped tops and bright colors of her "1989" fashion and the wonder and awe evoked by "Wonderland" fit this description perfectly.

As explained by Genius, "Wonderland" uses the classic story of "Alice in Wonderland" to describe the turbulent nature of a relationship. Geminis aren't known for toxic relationships, but they are known for a curious disposition paired with keen intellect, so they can probably relate to both the imaginative and intellectual elements of Alice's story. 

If there is anyone you'd want to get lost in Wonderland with, it would be a Gemini!

Taylor Swift captures the Gemini's duality on several tracks

The song "I Did Something Bad" from Taylor Swift's "Reputation" album captures how the duality of the Gemini can be misunderstood by others. The sign of the twins, the Gemini is described as having a shape-shifting ability that helps them adapt to new situations and take on new challenges. As mentioned by The Daily Clog, this complexity can be interpreted as fakeness or ingenuity, accusations the singer is familiar with, making this Swift song a great Gemini anthem.

Swift's "The Last Great American Dynasty" also plays into the Gemini's shape-shifting and potentially misunderstood nature. Telling the story of Rebekah Harkness, a socialite and widow who was often criticized by the media, this Swift song taps into the curious, intellectual side of the Gemini, while exploring the reality of a situation versus the media's response to it. Just like Swift, Gemini fans are likely to relate to several elements of Harkness's story.

"The New Romantics" from Swift's "1989" album is also a great song for the Gemini. Pairing well with "Wonderland," this song's upbeat tone and headstrong attitude describes the Gemini's curiosity and determination. This album is often described as being effervescent and bubbly, which are characteristics that go hand-in-hand with the Gemini's outgoing and excitable personality.