The Most Popular Pumps Spotted On Meghan Markle

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If there's one thing that the Duchess of Sussex is known for — besides her political activism and passion for her family — it's her shoe collection. When she first stepped out with Prince Harry, it was clear to see that she was not only going to be the next member of the royal family but also a fashion icon for the world (via The News). She was stunning in her monochromatic looks and teeny tiny hats, but Meghan Markle's pumps were most often the star of the show.

When you mix literal royalty with a hefty salary, you get great style. After all, the most affordable items in Markle's wardrobe are over $600, so you know the outfits are stylish. The 40-year-old somehow always has the perfect outfit, whether she's stepping out in tailored shorts in New York (via Harper's Bazaar) or wearing head-to-toe Dior with the royal family.

Of course, all of that would be nothing without the perfect pumps to go with it, which she practically has down to a science. Here's a flashback of all of Markle's most popular pumps, so you can get some inspiration for your next outfit of the day. 

Meghan's go-to brand has stunning styles

It is impossible to talk about Meghan Markle's pump collection without mentioning the brand Aquazzura. This was the brand that essentially put Markle on the map when it came to her shoe game and one item that made people start coveting her closet (via Dress Like a Duchess). From announcing her engagement with Prince Harry to stepping out at all different kinds of royal events, these pumps have made more than a few appearances. Basically, they're the perfect balance of timeless and trendy.

Two of Markle's styles seem to be the most obsessed over — Aquazzura's Very Mathilde Suede Crisscross Pumps (per Meghan's Mirror) and Bow Tie Pump (per Dress Like a Duchess). The first took stage front and center when she wore them to announce that she would officially become the Duchess of Sussex. The gorgeous $695 pair of pumps have a tie that can be fashioned in multiple different ways, and, as The Zoe Report found, Markle has worn them plenty of times. 

Her other go-to pair from the brand looks like your classic style at first glance. Then, she turns around to shoe the adorable little bow on the back that makes the heels a standout (via PureWow). Obviously, these are pretty pricey pumps, but they are some of her most talked about styles.

Her love for these Manolo Blahniks are strong

You didn't think just because the Duchess of Sussex stopped going to royal events meant her shoe style slowed down, did you? Because it definitely has not. She might have moved across the pond, but Meghan Markle's shoe game is still just as strong as it was in Britain. There has been one big change in style though — the shoes got a bit simpler.

Lately, Markle has been a fan of the Manolo Blahnik "BB" suede pumps (via Yahoo!). She stepped out in the gorgeous suede shoes to both the Invictus Games and in New York where she met up with a famous star. The high heels looked just as gorgeous paired down with a pair of jeans as they did her dressed-up tailored shorts (via Harper's Bazaar). 

There's only one downside when it comes to these pumps — the price. As the name Manolo Blahnik suggests, these are on the pricey side at a whopping $725 (via Bergdorf Goodman). if you take Markle's price-per-wear into account, then this pair of pumps is well worth it — if you have enough outings to wear them, of course. 

Meghan loves a thick heel too

While a lot of the Duchess of Sussex's favorite heels are on the thinner side, there are some with thicker heels in her stack. Case and point: the absolutely stunning Sarah Flint Perfect Jay Pump 100 that she wore during her first official years as a royal. As Marie Claire points out, this brand was in her closest far before Prince Harry was on her arm and is one of her favorites. It's for a good reason too.

The heels look like classic black suede heels at first glance, but the heel is where the party's at. Instead of being black to match the rest of the shoe, it has a tortoiseshell print. The shoe is trendy meets classic in the best possible way. 

This isn't the only style that she's worn from the brand, either. Markle wore the Sarah Flint Natalie Flat to her first Invictus Games with Prince Harry, and they instantly sold out (via Bustle). The $450 pair of flats (per Sarah Flint) with a little bow on the front are the perfect everyday shoe if you're looking for something that is a bit more interesting than your typical basic pair. 

Her velvet pumps have affordable dupes

If you're not catching on yet, Meghan Markle really loves to wear suede. Last, but definitely not least, on the list of her most popular pumps are the $725 Jimmy Choo Romy Velvet Pumps that she wore on a trip to Northern Ireland (via People). We will be honest, these shoes are partially so great because of the outfit that it accompanies.

Markle wore the three-toned brown look at the height of the monochromatic trend, and it took the world by storm. The Duchess of Sussex somehow managed to make three simple staples in different colors look completely cohesive. Thankfully, there are tons of dupes for the style including these lookalikes for a cool $53 (per Amazon). 

Something tells us that there are plenty more pump styles coming from Markle in the future, but you'll definitely be seeing these favorites in the mix as well.