If You're A Scorpio, Here's The Adult Toy You Should Try

When it comes to wellness and living a balanced lifestyle, self-care is crucial. For some people, self-care looks like a consistent skincare routine or regular trips to the gym. For others, it may look a bit more . . . intimate. Using adult toys for a self-pleasure session can be a great form of caring for oneself. As licensed marriage and family therapist Dr. Paul Hokemeyer told Prevention, "A person can derive enormous benefits from masturbating two to three times a week. By masturbating, you will benefit from the psychological and physical benefits of a regular orgasm."

Using an adult toy during a solo session can not only teach you about your body and what really gets you going but can also improve your confidence and ability to communicate with your partner in the bedroom (per Planned Parenthood). Whether you're new to the world of sex tech, or you've got a bedside drawer stocked with sexy goodies, anyone can benefit from some guidance on what options are right for you. Believe it or not, this task can be made easier by understanding the spicy side of your zodiac sign. The more you come to understand how your zodiac affects your intimate life, the more you'll be equipped to feel the pleasure.

Choosing from the array of sex toy options out there can be overwhelming, so if you're a Scorpio, here's the adult toy you should try.

Scorpios are a highly sensual sign

Sometimes known for their dark side, the mysterious and passionate Scorpio brings irresistible energy to all their interactions. Typically equipped with a strong and confident personality, these spicy scorpions are also incredibly private people and tend to keep their guard up around others (via Cosmopolitan). Despite this, under the surface, Scorpios are full of desire, passion, and lots of power.

It's widely understood that Scorpios are seen as the most sexually-charged and dynamic sign (per Tarot.com), so they may be particular about what adult toys they use. Often super skilled between the sheets, sensual Scorpios might be inclined to opt for a toy that enhances their sexual prowess, rather than overpowers it. After all, they're pretty good at "getting the job done" themselves. Because of this, according to StyleCaster, the best sex toy for Scorpios would be a good, old-fashioned dildo. Rather than opting for a high-tech toy or wand with lots of features, this sign can harness their innate sexual energy to make even the most simple of adult toys the most effective. As an inclusive option that can be used by anyone, StyleCaster recommends a toy like the Avant D14 Heart of Gold Dildo.

Scorpios tend to be on the kinkier side

Whether they're in the bedroom or in the boardroom, Scorpios know how to harness their internal power. Fearless and bold (per Mindbodygreen), these folks truly understand what it means to embrace their wild side. Between the sheets, this can manifest in some pretty "out there" techniques and desires — which makes sense considering their ruling planet is Pluto, the outermost planet in our solar system (via Cosmopolitan). For Scorpios wanting to try the dildo-style toy mentioned above, consider using it more than just for self-pleasure. Plenty of toys in this shape can also be used as a strap-on, so you and your partner can share in the enjoyment.

With this kinky nature in mind, Refinery29 also recommends that Scorpios try not just toys, but an alternative type of adult product. Provided that you are getting it on with a partner you trust, the outlet suggests giving bondage a try, using tie-ups like these Silky Black Bondage Restraints. No matter what sexy adventure a Scorpio chooses to embark on, as long as consensual pleasure is the focus, you can't go wrong.