If You're An Enneagram Type 2, You Should Consider Pursuing This Career

The Enneagram can tell us a lot about ourselves and even help us make decisions about our future, including where we should live and who we should be with. If you have taken the Enneagram test and learned you are an Enneagram Two, you now know that you are considered "the helper" of the chart. Your biggest personality traits center around your big heart, your kindness, and your ability to express your feelings. According to Truity, your biggest purpose in life is to feel loved and this purpose leads you to send that love outward as well, often being a shoulder to lean on for your friends and an approachable space for loved ones.

At the same time, you have a deep rooted fear of being alone, and when you are, it can often cause you to spiral. You work hard to gain approval of others and sometimes, this can come at an expense to your own happiness and well-being. But, overall, an Enneagram Two is warm, loving, and happy — as long as they get those feelings back. If you are a Two, you may want to consider a career that helps you achieve your purpose of feeling needed.

Enneagram 2s should consider a career that brings happiness to others

According to The Enneagram Institute, Enneagram Twos thrive on giving and receiving love. While this can be found in your personal life, in order to achieve ultimate happiness, a Two should consider it for their career as well. According to Life Goals, the ultimate job for a Two is in service, but not just any type of service. You want to avoid any job where your helpful nature will go unappreciated. Instead, focus on careers that allow you to give without giving too much. They recommend working with a non-profit organization as it is the ultimate place to ensure you are helping others in a way that will make a difference in the community.

Indeed suggests finding a career that helps you create connections and bonds with others. They recommend a Two find a career as a doctor or nurse, a customer service representative, or a school teacher, specifically in the younger sector like a preschool or childcare center.

Careers that all Enneagram 2s should try to avoid

As a Two, you are a sensitive soul and put a lot of emphasis on how others make you feel. Because of this, it's important to choose a career that doesn't have you feeling burnt-out, unappreciated, and undervalued, per The Career Project. They recommend that all Twos stay away from jobs in sales or other competitive spaces like modeling or acting.

If you are currently in a position, there are certain factors that may be causing you to be unhappy in your day-to-day life. According to Enneagram Gift, Twos should look for a new job, or try to combat issues with their current job, if they feel that paperwork is given more weight than the people, their ideas are ignored or not followed through with, your boss or even other co-workers are overly critical of you, the environment you work in is unfriendly, or you feel unwanted. If you do feel one or more of these things, they suggest either finding ways to fix your current situation, whether that involves talking with upper management or finding a new position within the same company, or looking for a new career altogether. As a Two, you struggle with finding the balance between making others happy and making yourself happy. If you can find a career that does both these things, you are sure to find success.