Here's What Halle Berry Looks Like Going Makeup Free

From "Monster's Ball" to "Moonfall", Halle Berry has impressed us with her impeccable acting skills and stunningly flawless beauty in every movie and TV show she makes an appearance in (via IMDb). Since the very beginning of her acting career in 1992, Halle Berry continues to wow fans with how incredibly gorgeous she is onscreen and offscreen. And let's admit it, we love how Berry slays in literally every hairstyle — from long sultry curls to her trademark pixie cut.

Although it's been thirty years since Berry first appeared onscreen in Eddie Murphy's "Boomerang" (via IMDb), she looks remarkably the same as she did in her first movie as she does now. Fortunately for the rest of us, Berry is not one to keep her beauty secrets to herself. According to Berry's Instagram post, her secret to ageless skin that glows rests right in our kitchens. Beauty regimens you can afford without being a rich starlet? Yes, please!

But what does our favorite fierce and fashionable movie star look like without the makeup and professional lighting?

Halle Berry loves the skin she's in

Rest assured, Halle Berry doesn't need any makeup or fancy lights to make her beautiful. Berry is beautiful on the outside without any added touch-ups. This selfie on Instagram, titled a "post-quarantine" selfie by Berry, shows the "Catwoman" actress with a fresh and pretty face free of foundation and creams.

The selfie was taken right out of quarantine — let's all take a moment to register that. Quarantine is absolutely no fun for anyone, so seeing Berry look so happy and radiant after coming out of it speaks volumes of her ability to see the best in every situation and her excitement for the role. What role? In order to film "Moonfall," her latest film, Berry needed to quarantine.

She captions her photo with, "Officially out of #quarantine, ready to get to work! "Moonfall" here I come." Her fans agree; her post has garnered nearly 250,000 likes and comments praising her for showing her true beauty, no filters needed.

Berry's secret to ageless skin

According to Halle Berry's IG post, the answer to maintaining healthy skin isn't expensive injections or name-brand products from Ulta. A very simple DIY face mask is how she manages to keep her youthful appearance. And when she said it can be found in your kitchen, she wasn't stretching the truth; turmeric and lemon juice are among the ingredients necessary. Don't forget the yogurt and brewed green tea when making this wrinkle-reducing face mask. This Instagram post shares the full ingredients. If you have the ingredients, why not try whipping it up yourself and testing it out?

Can't get enough of Halle Berry and her movies? Then catch her in "Moonfall," a sci-fi thriller released this month. Berry plays Jocinda Fowler and stars alongside John Bradley and Patrick Wilson as a team of astronauts on a quest to save humanity from certain destruction (via IMDb). Those who loved the hit TV show "Extant" you will enjoy seeing Berry embark on yet another fantastic sci-fi adventure.