How Much Is Ben Affleck Actually Worth?

Bennifer is back and we can't get enough of their whirlwind romance! Ben Affleck officially tied the knot with Jennifer Lopez in July 2022, his ex-flame-turned-wife. We saw he dropped $10 million on her gorgeous new engagement ring (per Us Weekly) and it made us ask: How much is Affleck really worth? According to Celebrity Net Worth, the actor/director/producer/screenwriter/philanthropist has a net worth of about $150 million. He's made most of it from his acting endeavors — ten of his top highest-grossing movies alone earned him about $114 million of his net worth

Affleck has an acting career spanning decades, with a diverse rotation of roles — from loyal best friend Chuckie in his Oscar breakout "Good Will Hunting" to Batman (better known as Batfleck) in multimillion-dollar DC comic book franchise films, but he's also knocked it out of the park as a director with his Oscar-winning film "Argo." And did you know he's won huge sums of money from playing cards? Check out how Affleck has accumulated his wealth over the years, and how he has turned his passion for the screen into a profit. 

Ben Affleck started acting professionally at age 7

Benjamin Geza Affleck was born in Berkley, California on August 15, 1972 (per Biography). He moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts with his family as a young child, where his brother, actor Casey Affleck, was born. In an interview with Backstage, Affleck said he "chanced into" acting and got his break at 7 through his mother's friend, a casting director. He made his acting debut in the 1981 film, "The Dark End of the Street." 

"From when I was 8 to about 14, I would work [on television shows] sporadically. So I had a lot of experience, but I was still a kid; I wasn't engaged fully in it. But I knew I liked it and I had fun and it was what I wanted to do for work," Affleck said. 

Affleck's early acting credits, according to IMDb, include "ABC Afterschool Specials," and "Hands of a Stranger" featuring Forest Whitaker and Beverly D'Angelo. He was also featured as an extra on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Field of Dreams."

His friendship with Matt Damon led to his first big film success

In an interview with Parade, Affleck said he met his best friend Matt Damon when they were 8 and 10 years old, respectively. The duo lived two blocks apart from each other in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and attended Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School together. "Matt gave acting a framework, an integration into the social hierarchy at school," Affleck said. According to E! Online, the pair were both drawn to acting and, as teenagers, went to auditions in New York City together. They even both appeared in the 1992 film, "School Ties." 

Affleck and Damon both hit their big Hollywood breaks and paydays with the release of 1997's "Good Will Hunting," which they co-authored based on their experiences growing up in the Boston area. Affleck plays Chuckie, the wise-cracking, fiercely loyal best friend to Damon's titular character. They sold the script for $600,000, which they split equally (per NZ Herald). The film received critical and pop culture acclaim and scored Affleck and Damon each Oscars for "Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen" (via IMDb). The BFFs continue to collaborate together professionally today with their production company Pearl Street Films, which has contributed to films such as "The Last Duel" and "Manchester By the Sea."

He made big bucks in blockbusters

With his name launched in the media as a valuable performer after "Good Will Hunting," Affleck started snatching roles in big-budget blockbusters. He was cast as world-saving A.J. Frost in Michael Bay's disaster-epic "Armageddon" alongside movie star Bruce Willis. The film grossed a whopping $553 million worldwide, making it the most profitable movie of 1998 (via Box Office Mojo). Affleck returned to the Oscars spotlight once more that same year for "Shakespeare in Love," which won Best Picture and garnered a Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar for then-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow, according to ABC News.

Affleck continued to rake in the money by staying busy through the late '90s and early 2000's with film releases like "The Sum of All Fears" co-starring Morgan Freeman, "Changing Lanes," "Dogma" with Matt Damon, and "Bounce" with Gwyneth Paltrow (via IMDb). Affleck joined forces with Michael Bay again for 2001's romantic-historical epic "Pearl Harbor," this time as a leading man. The movie grossed $449 million worldwide. 

Ben Affleck squeezed into tights and reaped a big paycheck

In 2001, Affleck was cast in Marvel's 2003 film adaptation of comic book hero "Daredevil," the masked crime-fighting alter ego of blind lawyer and martial artist Matt Murdock, per ABC News. The film would be a keynote in Affleck's life, as he found himself playing opposite his future wife, actress Jennifer Garner, whom he said he fell in love with on set, according to Us Weekly. While Affleck has been publicly vocal about his dislike of the film, claiming it is the only movie he regrets being in today according to an interview with Playboy (via Business Insider), it did make a profit at the box office, grossing $179 million worldwide, with Affleck pulling in $11.5 million of it for his work. 

Incidentally, "Daredevil" primed Affleck for his later role in 2003's "Paycheck," which he said was very physical. "The Mikado stuff came in handy because it's the training I'd done for 'Daredevil' and that was something that [Director John Woo] wanted to do," he said in an interview with Coming Soon. "Paycheck" was, not joking, his biggest payday (as of 2015). According to Celebrity Net Worth, Affleck made $15 million for his role as Jennings in the film adaptation of Phillip K. Dick's short story. 

You can't read Ben Affleck's poker face

In 2004, Ben Affleck revealed that he has a thing for high-stakes games. The movie star won $356,400 and a seat at the World Poker Tour Championship for winning the Commerce Casino's California State Poker Championship, a three-day tournament with a $10,000 buy-in (per CBS News). Affleck knocked out 90 other players, including poker pro Stan Goldstein and Chuck Pacheco, president and co-founder of Castle Rock Entertainment. He also outlasted fellow Marvel superhero portrayer Tobey Maguire, the OG Spider-Man. 

While professional gambling became a lucrative side hustle for this "Daredevil," it also got him into hot water. The celebrity was named as one of the elite players involved in high-stakes underground poker games run by Molly Bloom, who recounted the experience in her book-turned-movie of the same name, "Molly's Game" (per The Ringer). According to The Hollywood Reporter, Affleck was notoriously banned for life in 2014 from the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas for allegedly counting cards at blackjack tables. The actor is reported to have won $800,000 at blackjack in that casino in 2001. 

Ben Affleck is actually a really good director

Ben Affleck changed up his career's trajectory by stepping behind the camera with his 2007 directorial debut, "Gone Baby Gone," a crime thriller starring his little brother, Casey Affleck. The elder Affleck also co-wrote the screenplay adaptation and received critical acclaim. Roger Ebert even gave the film 3.5 out of 4 stars and applauded both brothers. Ben Affleck's stock as a director rose even higher with his follow-up films, 2010's "The Town" and 2012's "Argo," the latter of which won three Oscars, including Best Picture (via IMDb). Given his success as a director, it's likely he makes a pretty penny every time he directs a film. 

In an interview with Backstage, Affleck said he took advice from directors he worked with, including Gus Van Sant and Roger Michell, and wanted to know their secrets to directing first hand. "Actors don't want to be treated like cattle or like idiots, and actors have a tremendous amount to bring to the table," Affleck said. "Every actor in the movie is, in effect, writing and directing the movie with you. If you open the door to letting those good ideas in, you're the one who benefits."

He has an eye for real estate

Who would've thought Ben Affleck would have a knack for real estate ventures? The mogul has a history of buying and selling real estate, including his $4.5 million LA remodel he bought from Drew Barrymore in 2002 and sold in 2003 (via LA Times). In December 2018, Affleck and former wife Jennifer Garner sold their Pacific Palisades mansion for a reported $31,950,000, according to People. The couple separated in 2015, with Ben shacking up in the property's guest house in the meantime, and officially divorced in October 2018. People also reported that Affleck listed for sale his 87-acre estate in Savannah, Georgia for $7.6 million the same year. The expansive property includes three separate houses: "The Big House," "The Summer Cottage," and "The Oyster House."

After the divorce was finalized, Affleck bought a home in LA for $19.2 million, close to his former house where his ex and children currently still reside, per The Sydney Morning Herald. In March 2022, Affleck and his reunited love Jennifer Lopez were reported to be in escrow on a $50 million, 20,000-square-foot estate in Beverly Hills (via TMZ). The estate includes 10 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, a theater, a gym, and of course, a pool for their newly-blended families.

Ben Affleck donned the cowl to become Batfleck

Affleck traded Marvel for DC to take on one of his most iconic roles to date: Batman. Or, in his case, "Batfleck." He first appeared as the Caped Crusader in 2016's "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" and reprised his role in the interconnected "Suicide Squad" and "Justice League" films (IMDb). According to Parade, Affleck made eight figures each film for his time and commitment to the Batsuit, likely between $10 and $20 million. Celebrity Net Worth reports that he made $12.5 for his quick cameo in "Suicide Squad" alone. Parade also reports that Batfleck's total salary from the franchise isn't publicly known, but it's safe to say he made out well, as he is also credited as a producer for "Justice League," which grossed $657 million worldwide at the box office. Affleck said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that he became The Dark Knight in part for his kids. "I wanted to do something that my son would dig. I mean, my kids didn't see 'Argo,'" he said.

Unfortunately, Batfleck has lost its appeal, as the A-lister declined to both act or direct a solo Batman film in the future. "I sort of had my fill of that," he told GQ. "They said, 'Would you like to direct and star in a solo Batman movie?' And I found that, at some point, I had lost my enthusiasm or passion for it. And I thought this should really be made by someone who for whom it's their wildest dream come true. It was clear to me it was time to move on."

Ben Affleck and J. Lo have a prosperous union

Bennifer is back, y'all! Reunited almost twenty years later, the iconic Hollywood couple, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, were spotted together in the wild in April 2021, sparking rumors that they were secretly dating again before revealing months later on Instagram that, in fact, they were (via People). "I feel so lucky and happy and proud to be with him," Lopez told People in an interview. "It's a beautiful love story that we got a second chance." The couple officially tied the knot in small, private ceremony in Las Vegas in July 2022, and J. Lo sealed the deal with an official name change on paper to Jennifer Affleck. 

Now let's talk dollars and cents. According to Celebrity Net Worth, J. Lo is killing it with a $400 million net worth, including a $40 million annual salary! The couple had already started making money moves in March 2022 by purchasing a $50 million estate in Beverly Hills, according to TMZ. "The Accountant" star also spent a pretty penny on J. Lo's new engagement ring, an 8.5 carat natural green diamond set with side white diamonds on a platinum band, estimated to be worth $10 million, according to Us Weekly. Jenny Luker, the President of Platinum Guild International USA, estimated that the new rock is worth double the price tag of the original pink diamond engagement ring Lopez received from Affleck in 2002.

He pays it forward with charitable fundraising

When he's not saving the world on-screen in "Justice League," Ben Affleck does his best to improve the world IRL. In 2010, he co-founded the Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI), an advocacy and funding organization focused on working with and for the people of eastern Congo. It's the first U.S.-based advocacy and grant-making initiative wholly focused on the mission of helping the people of eastern Congo and supporting local community-based approaches to sustainability. Affleck is also involved in charitable organizations including Feeding America, Paralyzed Veterans of America, A-T Children's Project, and the Jimmy Fund (per Feeding America).

In April 2020, Affleck used his poker playing prowess for good by launching an online poker tournament, "All-In For Feeding America," a high-stakes event with a $10,000 buy-in to benefit Feeding America, according to Affinity Magazine. The tournament was live streamed on Twitch and featured an all-star line-up of celebrity poker players for a game of No Limit Texas Hold' Em, including Matt Damon, Tobey Maguire, Adam Sandler, Sarah Silverman, Adam Levine, Jason Bateman, John Hamm, Tom Brady and Bryan Cranston. Around $2 million was raised from the event, with all proceeds going directly to food banks across America.