How The July 28 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Pisces

Inspired Pisces' minds are always a step ahead of the real world, whether they're dreaming about their love lives, careers, or creative endeavors. Sometimes their romanticism is in direct conflict with the boring parts of life — but never put it past a Pisces to reinvigorate the mundane. 

Pisces are known to be deeply connected to their emotional core and reflect this awareness through their relationships as a giving and consistent friend. However, boundaries may be a tough spot for sweet Pisces, since they tend to unconsciously people-please their way through life, per Elle.

Transitioning out of soft-hearted Cancer — a fellow water sign — on July 22 into fire sign Leo, Pisces can channel a bit of the lion's bravery when it comes to chance encounters, and the new moon on July 28th occurring in Leo also bodes well for the fish romantically. Leo's season is sure to be filled with socializing, and Pisces may experience some exciting new beginnings as summer comes to an end.

Romance is in the air

It's time for Pisces to combine their imagination with more practical instincts. They may have put undue pressure on themselves and need to come back to the reality that achieving their goals is a process and not an instant result — though, of course, this isn't for any lack of vision or motivation.

In terms of Pisces' love lives, Allure finds that the next few months are bringing luck in romance and commitment, along with some of Leo season's characteristic heat. Whether it's time to shoot their shot or lock down a situation-ship, the outlet shares that on July 25th Juno — which they call "the asteroid of commitment" — will go into retrograde in Pisces. That makes the next three months the perfect time to work toward their best selves in both friendships and relationships.

Style Caster confirms that Pisces' love lives are hot button topics in July, and the new moon may help the fish realize both new artistic and romantic opportunities. The outlet also advises them to pursue creative ventures with the potential for long-term growth. Though they may experience temporary financial fluctuations due to Jupiter going into retrograde July 28th, things should even out shortly.

It's a great time to get creative

Style Caster predicts that the final week of July will ask Pisces to bring more whimsy into existing projects, since the super creative water sign is sometimes stifled by their own sky-high expectations. Perfectionism won't serve Pisces during Leo season, and the fish would do well to channel some of Leo's dauntless attitude toward their ambitions. Pisces even has a leg up on the fixed sign, since the fish's mutability bodes well for its resilience and flexibility when it comes to unexpected challenges along the way.

The July 28th new moon is also a turning point for Pisces who don't always thrive on the organizational front. Style Caster sees the fish hearing back about an interview or experiencing positive changes in their work life, while Elle sees growth in work, finances, and health. The next six months — all the way up until the full moon in Leo in 2023 — could see their self-care routines gaining ground as Pisces increase consistency around their wellness.