Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn On Her Special Nicole Kidman Connection - Exclusive

Christine Quinn's tenure on Netflix's "Selling Sunset" may be up in the air following Season 5's dramatic cliffhanger, but the reality TV icon literally hasn't stopped since filming ended. More specifically, Quinn recently launched RealOpen, a real estate company aiming to bridge the gap between digital assets and physical goods, alongside her husband, Christian Dumontet. 

As an early adopter of cryptocurrency, Dumontet realized there should be a way to purchase property — and all manner of goods, actually — with cryptocurrency, without having to undergo a lengthy cashing out process. Luckily, Dumontet's wife is an incredibly successful entrepreneur in the real estate world, and by combining their talents, RealOpen promises to disrupt the industry.

Alongside her work on RealOpen, Quinn has also been making an impact in the fashion world, having been handpicked by Balenciaga's creative director Demna to walk in Paris Fashion Week. Quinn was literally dripping in diamonds as she hit the runway for Balenciaga, joining fellow celebrities Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, and Nicole Kidman. This isn't the first time that Quinn has worked alongside Kidman, and in an exclusive interview with The List, she reveals her unbelievable connection to the Oscar-winner.  

Christine Quinn and Nicole Kidman have a lot in common

Christine Quinn made quite the impact at Paris Fashion Week when she walked in Balenciaga's show. As well as cementing her place among fashion royalty, she got to reunite with Nicole Kidman. Speaking to The List, Quinn explains, "It was surreal because I was actually a lighting stand-in for Nicole Kidman about seven years ago." She continues, "A friend of mine was a producer for commercials, and Nicole Kidman was in Los Angeles shooting a commercial and she told me, 'Hey, I'm doing this commercial. It's with Nicole Kidman, and you're just her height.' I think she's 5'9, I'm 5'9. She's like, 'Would you like to do it?' [I said,] 'Absolutely.'" 

Understandably, Quinn had no reservations about getting the chance to work on a set with the award-winning star. "It didn't pay, [but] I didn't care. Sign me up. I worked for free for years and years and I didn't care. I wanted the experience, and it was so great that I got to walk alongside her." 

Remembering her time working as Kidman's lighting stand-in, Quinn reveals, "She told me I looked like a young Britney Spears, and I thought that was so sweet." She continues, "I remember her being extremely kind because she had her own trailer, but she chose to have lunch with me because she knew I didn't have any friends, she knew I didn't know anyone. That was so kind. She went out of the way to make me feel welcome and comfortable and accepted on a set where I didn't know anyone." Now, Quinn has come full circle, and finally had the chance to work alongside Kidman at Paris Fashion Week, which is pretty special. 

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