If You're An Enneagram Type 6, You Should Consider Pursing This Career

If you know that your Enneagram Type is Six, then you've already taken the Enneagram test and learned a bit about yourself. You know that as a Six, you are "the loyalist," and you value commitment and security (via The Enneagram Institute). Sixes are trustworthy, hard-working, and reliable. Some of their main goals are feeling safe, supported, and reassured, as well as keeping anxiety and self-doubt at bay.

The Enneagram test can sort anyone into one of nine personality types based on how they think and feel (via Verywell Mind). Knowing your Enneagram type can tell you a lot about yourself. From the kind of foods and cocktails you should try as an Enneagram Six to choosing your New Year's resolution based on your Enneagram type, your test result can guide you and help you make important choices in life. Knowing your Enneagram type can even help you discover which career path is your best fit. So, what careers are best for Enneagram Sixes?

The kinds of careers Sixes should look for

Since the Enneagram test classifies you based on your personality, it's no surprise that it can determine what jobs would help you to excel and feel happiest. As an Enneagram Six, feeling safe and secure is a must (via The Enneagram Institute). As a result, steady and safe career paths that give you a sense of job security will be the best fit (via Life Goals Mag). This is important to keep in mind during your job search; while well-established companies may make you feel safe and secure, start-ups could do the opposite.

As someone who tends to be skeptical and not particularly trusting, you're often hyperaware of risks and worst-case scenarios. This can be a valuable trait to workplaces that need someone to assess risks and help others make safe decisions. You are sensible, practical, and loyal, so finding a workplace that also upholds those values will be a good match. You should also seek out a workplace that cares for its employees, makes you feel protected, and gives you reassurance (via The Career Project).

The best jobs for Sixes

Beyond what types of careers and workplaces you should seek out as an Enneagram Six, what are the specific jobs that best fit this type? Since job security is so vital to you, you'll want to find a career that will give you space to move up and stay in one place long term (via The Career Project). For this reason, careers like veterinarian, dentist, or paralegal are great picks for you. Becoming a banker or lawyer will also give you these kinds of opportunities (via Life Goals Mag). 

As a Six, you love feeling safe and secure, but you also love making others feel that way as well. You may find yourself feeling invigorated and fulfilled by your work if you pursue a career that allows you to honor this impulse. Luckily, there are many of career paths that fall into this category — from healthcare workers to teachers or assistants. Finding a career path that aligns with your Enneagram Type will ensure that you and your job will be a good fit long term. And, as a loyal and security-seeking Enneagram Six, that is worth its weight in gold.