If You're An Enneagram Type 7, You Should Consider Pursing This Career

Known as The Enthusiast (via The Enneagram Institute) or sometimes The Adventurer (via Crystal), Enneagram type 7s prioritize having fun above all. They specifically search for variety and versatility as a way to keep themselves entertained, as their basic desire is to feel fully content and not want for anything. Truity states that a type 7's biggest fear is missing out on adventures and feeling trapped in their choices. They are curious, optimistic, and usually friends with everybody, whether that's at a party or in the workplace.

If that sounds like you, you may already know which Enneagram type 7 hairstyle you should get or which city you should move to as an Enneagram type 7, but not which career path you should take. Choosing a career can be a tricky and difficult decision, which is why it's so crucial for type 7s to seek out something that fits them instead of leaving them feeling burnt out and frustrated.

Type 7s need a career that can keep up with them, not the other way around

As outlined by Life Goals, Enneagram type 7s love all things fun, meaning a fast-paced career is perfect for them. They tend to think big and bold rather than be stuck on the small details, which is why a job in the creative sector is perfect for them. Becoming a TV personality would be ideal for type 7s, as they can express their personality to the full. This could be either an actor or a TV host, as both are public-facing jobs with a large platform.

However, if you're an Enneagram 7 and not comfortable being in front of an audience, going into the travel sector or any flight-related job would be perfect. You tend to make decisions in a split second and would choose being spontaneous over making plans any day. Visiting new cities and constantly discovering new places is a great way to satiate this spontaneity. 

Enneagram type 7s would also make great chefs and bakers due to their big ideas and love of storytelling, though they could get frustrated when it comes to fine-tuning recipes and repeating projects due to their hatred of boredom (via The Career Project).

The main thing is pursuing a career that allows Type 7's to express themselves fully

Moreover, Life Goals additionally suggests careers that have a routine but still allow Enneagram type 7s to get creative. Two examples of this include being a hairstylist or a personal trainer. While both of these jobs do involve a routine and some level of rigidity, type 7s can change things up often as a hairstylist and use their natural energy to encourage clients as personal trainers.

As stated by Personality Hunt, type 7s radiate energy that attracts people to them, which is why people-facing jobs are such a good fit. They will also feel shunned if they can't share their ideas, which is why it's so important for them to go into a sector that's open and will allow them to flourish freely. The complete opposite of an ideal career for type 7s is a routine office job or one in the medical field, as these jobs rarely allow any sort of flexibility in routine and are more logical than creative. 

So long as they are in a job where they can be themselves and give input that leads to results, an Enneagram type 7 will give their all.