If You're An Enneagram Type 3, You Should Consider Pursuing This Career

Looking to move to a new city, embark on a wellness journey, or simply try a new hairstyle? Your Enneagram can help you make these choices by assisting you in the quest to truly understanding your inner workings. 

Each of us is engrained with a deep-rooted personality type from the start of childhood. Taking an Enneagram test can help us determine that personality type by giving us a number that most resembles our core characteristics.

If you are an Enneagram type 3, you are known as "the achiever," and you put a lot of focus on your accomplishments. To the outer world, you appear as the most confident one in the room and are likely successful in all of your endeavors, per Truity. You always have a full schedule and can be very sophisticated and put together. 

At the same time, you can be somewhat of a workaholic and are always searching for reassurance from others. If you are currently in a job you are unhappy with, or just starting out, here is the career you should consider.

Enneagram type 3 should choose a career that motivates

As an Enneagram type 3, you are extremely driven and motivated by success, so your career is likely a priority. And, while you may gravitate toward a high-powered job, it's important that you also pay attention to work-life balance as you can easily burn out. 

According to Life Goals, Enneagram type 3s should look for a career that allows them to inspire others, something they excel at. But they also need to choose a field that makes room for growth and allows time for rest. A type 3 should pursue a career as a CEO, an entrepreneur, or a marketing director; for more creative 3s, consider becoming a podcast host, a speaker, or a stylist.

According to Crystal Knows, the most common jobs for type 3s are politicians, bankers, lawyers, and surgeons. What motivates you may be unique, but it's still important to find a job that you are passionate about to ensure you don't lose interest in your career.

Careers to avoid as a type 3

As a motivated and inspiring individual, you aren't one to shy away from success. According to The Enneagram Institute, you are very driven, vow to impress others, and have a competitive nature. All of these things can lead you to great success in your career, as long as you choose the right path. 

According to Fairy God Boss, you want to choose a career that allows for structure. Because of this, you may want to steer clear of any type of freelance work or contract position. As a type 3, you want to feel successful right away, and a freelance position, or even something like owning an online shop, could take a while to reap the benefits. The Career Project also recommends avoiding administrative work as you aren't keen on following other's directions without any input.

If you are struggling with your career, look for something that lets you work with a variety of people while setting and achieving your own goals — and motivating others while you do so. As "the achiever," you are likely to find success in whatever you do, just don't forget to find success within as well.