If You're An Aquarius, Here Are The Adult Toys You Should Try

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A mental connection with their partners is one of an Aquarians' biggest turn ons, and talking out abstract sensual desires may be how an Aquarius shows their love. However, this sign also treasures time exploring their bodies alone, since it can be an integral part of their self-care. And what better way to discern what works in an intimate setting than to explore and report back? 

An Aquarius' free-flowing nature may mean that, at times, they orbit more around their partner's desires and interests than their own. But this doesn't mean they aren't still daydreaming about a million potential sensual experiments. With or without a partner, Aquarians love to color outside the lines, putting their own spin on traditional moves or methods, which is often a breath of fresh air for their partners.

For these daydreamers — who happen to also be wicked problem solvers — their creative outlook will likely find its way into the bedroom. Just make sure that this air sign isn't floating too high off the ground during sensual playtime. They may begin to drift off or feel distant so it's important to keep a distractible Aquarius fully present during intimate moments.

Aquarians' natural creativity is an advantage for play

Aquarians are committed to their individuality if nothing else, and they are the rare air sign with a stubborn streak. Making sure that every choice aligns with their steadfast values, as well as their need to feel special, can sometimes be tricky for partners to support — especially since only Aquarians truly know what's right for them in each case. 

However, between deeply connected partners with a natural conversational flow, they will hear out new and exciting ideas with enthusiasm and a go-getter attitude, totally ready to find what works for them. For the Aquarius who's ready for new sensual experiences, they can be on the forefront of adult toy innovation by trying out the iconic Snail Vibrator from Babeland. This somewhat trumpet-shaped vibrator is an adjustable and mind-bending toy that retracts and expands perfectly for internal and external stimulation. Creative Aquarians will love the challenge of its design and thrilling range of possible uses.

Aquarians are ruled by innovative Uranus, per Cosmopolitan, which means their adult toys should reflect their cutting edge sensibilities. The Mr. Swirly or Sweetheart Swirl glass dildos from Lovers are perfect choices to match Aquarius' uniqueness. 

Help a dreamy Aquarius stay in the moment

Elle recommends some light bondage to keep a spacey Aquarius from floating away during foreplay. If this is a secret pleasure point for the freedom-seeking Aquarius, their partner may have just unlocked a new trick to return to time and again.

Still, Aquarius' notorious issues with commitment may mean they want a more flexible vantage point for their extracurriculars in the bedroom. Another way to keep them in the moment is to have the focus shift to their partner, according to Glamour. The sign will enjoy their partner's pleasure vicariously and may even be a fan of remote control toys that allow for a bit of healthy distance — if so, the We-Vibe panty vibrator may be just the ticket.

For the experimental and imaginative Aquarius, they may want to incorporate creative elements into playtime, which might include some spicy talk or mood-setting music. The impressive Lelo SIRI 2 can match the rhythm of voices in the room and even your favorite tracks, making sure all your high-tech artsy fantasies come true.