Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn And Christian Dumontet Start A Real Estate Business - Exclusive

Following her unforgettable role on Netflix's "Selling Sunset," Christine Quinn is recognized the world over. While her future on the reality show may be up in the air, Quinn has already branched out by releasing a book, walking in a fashion show alongside Nicole Kidman, and collaborating with cosmetics and footwear brands. Quinn is also working with her husband, Christian Dumontet, on RealOpen, an exciting new real estate company that's bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and physical goods. 

Discussing the company's quick success, Dumontet explains, "We have over $250 million worth of listings." Quinn tells The List, "We're super excited, morale is high, the team is growing. We love it." She continues, "We have quite a few engineers [and] a lot of real estate agents." 

In an exclusive interview with The List, married couple Christine Quinn and Christian Dumontet reveal what it's been like working together to start their new real estate business.

Christine Quinn and Christian Dumontet are 'very like-minded'

As fans of "Selling Sunset" will be well aware, Christine Quinn knows luxury real estate. Meanwhile, Quinn's husband, Christian Dumontet, was an early adopter of cryptocurrency and has a wealth of experience in the tech space, having co-founded food delivery service Foodler, which was acquired by Grubhub in 2017.

Quinn and Dumontet's wedding was featured on "Selling Sunset," with the couple sharing much of their lives with the cameras since then. For the busy couple, starting a real estate company together became the logical next step in their relationship. "It's a great convergence of our interests and skills," Dumontet tells The List. "I've been involved in cryptocurrency since 2013. The concept of cryptography in general is fascinating, not just with monetary systems. [With] Christine, being one of the premier experts in real estate, it came together well."

Quinn explains, "It's funny because I never thought that we would've worked together on a company." Although she didn't necessarily anticipate collaborating with her husband, starting RealOpen made a lot of sense. "I know that we're both very like-minded individuals when it comes to anything of intellect or business," she says. "I knew we had the potential to work really well together, but it wasn't until this idea came together that we're like, 'Oh my gosh, we are the perfect two on planet Earth to do this, if anyone is going to do this.' It worked out great."

Find out more about Christine Quinn and Christian Dumontet's new venture, RealOpen, on the website.