There's 'A Miracle Ready To Happen' To Kim And Ethan Plath

As two major stars of the TLC reality show "Welcome to Plathville," mother-son duo Kim and Ethan Plath are no strangers to the spotlight, especially when it comes to the show's current season. Premiering in 2019 (according to IMDb), "Welcome to Plathville" centers on a large conservative, religious family living together in rural Georgia. Barry and Kim Plath are the parents of nine children (via TLC), all of whom they chose to shelter from the world's realities. Fans of the hit show, however, have watched closely as a lot of family drama has unfolded over the past four seasons, and several of the Plath children have strayed from their roots — especially the family's eldest son, Ethan.

During the course of the past four seasons, viewers watched the progression of the conflict between Ethan and his wife Olivia Plath and Barry and Kim. Tensions were already high during the show's first season, with Ethan and Olivia deciding to break away from many of the Plath family's religious and conservative ways (per InTouch Weekly). In the most current season, a major source of contention has been that Olivia and Ethan had cut off all contact with his parents for the past two years. Now, after first speaking to his father in the eighth episode of Season 4 (according to Distractify), a video shared on the TLC Twitter account hints that Ethan is ready to face his mother, Kim.

Kim has been praying for a miracle

Among other issues, recently on "Welcome to Plathville," Kim Plath has been dealing with an impending divorce from Barry Plath, her husband and the father of their nine children (via People). Their split has caused quite a stir across the entire family, and the added tension of their long-term separation from Ethan and Olivia Plath has left a few family members reeling. Moriah Plath, especially, has expressed her exhaustion from dealing with the family drama. People reported that, in an exclusive clip from the show, Moriah stated, "Today, I have officially reached my breaking point with all of this drama. I am done. I am so over it."

Meanwhile, the mid-season trailer clip from the TLC Twitter revealed that Ethan and Kim are ready to talk it out. Before meeting up with Ethan at a local spot, Punky's, Kim expressed her trepidation. "I'm just more nervous than anything else," Kim says while en route to meet Ethan. However, despite her anxiety about the conversation, she also had hope. Speaking about the distance between her and Ethan, she said, "The last few years, anytime I've thought about what it would take to bring us together again, my answer was always 'It would take a miracle,' and ... this might be the day. It's possible. This is a miracle ready to happen." Regardless of the outcome, fans are sure to be glued to the screen during the two-hour episode on July 26.