How The July 28 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Virgo

The July 28 new moon is said to bring powerful energies for change with it. The lunation kicks off a very energetic Leo season, which can offer many members of the zodiac some life-changing opportunities, per Refinery 29. "This year, Leo season is set to bring an incredible amount of change, and this new moon can also help us align our lives to the shifts the universe is requesting from us," astrologer Narayana Montúfar told the outlet.

Montúfar added that this month's new moon will bring positive and productive vibes thanks to Leo's fiery boldness. The astrologer suggested using that energy to motivate yourself to start or finish a big project or even to engage in activities that you love the most. Whatever you choose to do, be sure that it benefits you, as this lunation is all about putting yourself first.

According to Cosmopolitan, the new moon is the perfect time to start fresh and manifest the things that you've been lacking in life. So think hard about what it is you want — whether it's a new job, a love connection, or an item that you've had your eye on. Set your intentions and work on manifesting your dream life.

For a Virgo, this new moon could prove to be all about intuition and communication.

Virgos should focus on rest and reflection during the July 28 new moon

If you're a Virgo — born between August 23 and September 22 — the new moon on July 28 could be a perfect time to reconnect with yourself. Cosmopolitan reports that you may feel your intuition growing stronger. This means that you'll be a better listener and be able to pick up on cues that other people are giving you. Because of this, you'll also be better able to communicate with yourself.

The lunation is a great time to re-center yourself and figure out what you've been lacking so that moving forward you can give yourself the things you actually need, whether that be more sleep, time off of work, a new book to read, an organized living space, or quality time with your loved ones. Now is a good time to figure out an ideal self-care routine.

Bustle notes that the new moon isn't the time to begin work on your goals, but to simply take stock of them. Downtime will be important during the lunation, and writing down your dreams, goals, and intentions will help you begin the work in the future. Now is the time for getting in tune with your spiritual side and planning for the days ahead.

Virgos could see a spike in creativity during the new moon

According to Women and Home, Virgo may want to really pamper themselves during the new moon on July 28. The outlet suggests that the earth sign take their self-care to the next level by scheduling a deep tissue massage, meditating, or taking a cleansing bath. Really hone in on rest and relaxation around the time of the lunation, because your mind and schedule may soon be busy; if so, you'll be thankful that you had this time of rest.

Allure adds that Virgo will begin to burst with creativity as the new moon draws near. Big ideas for everything from career goals to design ideas for your home will be popping into your head, and you'll want to get a jump on achieving everything you've planned.

According to Metro, a Virgo's tarot card for the new moon is the Ten of Cups. This card symbolizes a spotlight on romance and friendships and could bring about some big things in your life. So cherish your loved ones during this time as they may be able to help you achieve your goals moving forward.

It seems that Virgos will have a lot to unpack during the new moon on July 28, but with their friends and family there to support them the sky is the limit.