If You're An Enneagram Type 6, You Should Try This Nail Color

The Enneagram test is a personality test that uses how people behave and think to sort them into one of nine personality types (via Verywell Mind). If you've already discovered that you're an Enneagram Type Six, then you probably already know a thing or two about how this test works. What you may not know, though, is how helpful it actually is to know which category you fall into. Knowing your Enneagram type can help you make many different kinds of decisions in your life — from what cocktails Enneagram Sixes like to what career you should pursue as a Six

If you've taken the test and found out that you're an Enneagram Type Six, you know that your type is called "The Loyalist" (via The Enneagram Institute). You may be curious about how your newfound knowledge about yourself can affect your daily choices. Knowing your Enneagram type can help you to hone in on the style that's best for you or even help you perfect your manicure. 

What it means to be a Six

Like any Enneagram type, Enneagram Sixes have talents and strengths that are specific to them, as well as challenges that they often face (via The Enneagram Institute). As a Six, you are loyal to the people you care about and easy to rely on (via Verywell Mind). You are responsible and particularly good at thinking through situations and predicting outcomes. Above all else, you want to feel safe and protected. On the flip side, your biggest fear is being abandoned and left unprotected. As a Six, you may find that anxiety frequently gets the best of you and that you're prone to worrying and overthinking things.

As a result of their propensity for overthinking paired with their tendency toward insecurity, Sixes struggle to make decisions. In this way, knowing all about your Enneagram type can be especially beneficial if you are a Six, because you can use what you learn to aid you in making both big and small decisions. 

The perfect manicure for you

As a Six, it's normal for you to have doubts when it comes to making even the smallest decisions (via The Enneagram Institute). Luckily, knowing your type can help you choose what's best for you — even when it comes time to select a nail polish color. As someone who struggles with making decisions and knows how to be loyal, picking a classic or traditional option is often the right choice for a Six (via Apartment Therapy). You can't get much more classic than red nail polish; this color will stand the test of time, and you already know that you can't go wrong when you pick red. If you're looking for something a bit more subtle, opt for a tried-and-true nude. No matter what the occasion is, you know you won't regret this choice.

You should also look to buy these colors in one of the types of nail polish that is designed to be longer lasting and extra chip-resistant (via Picture Polish). This means you can stick with your manicure longer, and you won't feel pressured into redoing your nails too quickly. When it comes to choosing your nail polish (or choosing anything) the most important thing for a Six to keep in mind is to trust your gut. You're a much better decision-maker than you think.