The Bold And The Beautiful Stars Give The Inside Scoop Behind Steffy And Finn's Epic Reunion

The homecoming that soap lovers have been waiting for has finally come. After teasing Steffy and Finn's reunion for so long, "The Bold and the Beautiful" tried to trick viewers by having Finn (Tanner Novlan) approach a woman who turned out to be a complete stranger instead of Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), per She Knows Soaps. However, this didn't stop fans from shedding happy tears when the couple, lovingly nicknamed SINN, finally came face-to-face.

Steffy's relationship with Finn has encountered roadblocks before, including addiction, paternity uncertainty, and a homicidal "mother-in-law" in the form of Sheila Carter.  In light of everything they've been through, love prevailed at last. All summer long, "The Bold and the Beautiful" has been hitting storyline gold and has had fans on an emotional rollercoaster in the process. Finn's long-awaited reunion with his mother Li had fans reaching for the Kleenex and was equally gratifying. Finn's resolve to be reunited with his family gave him the strength to keep going after being held captive by Sheila, his ironic caretaker, and the reason for him being bedridden in the first place, according to Soaps in Depth.

Now that all is right in the soap opera world, the stars responsible for bringing this beautiful moment to life are dishing on how it all came together. 

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Tanner Novlan gave fans a look behind the scenes of the SINN reunion

With every poignant line, lingering glance, and long embrace, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Tanner Novlan have brought so much love and grace into their roles. Now that "The Bold and the Beautiful" is officially in SINN city, fans can finally rejoice that these star-crossed lovers are back on. During a July 29 appearance on the CBS show "The Talk," Wood touched on the grief that Steffy has been consumed by, and what sparked her decision to escape to Monte Carlo, the stunning sight of their heartfelt reunion. What made it even better is that they actually filmed on location, according to She Knows Soaps.

"She can't be in Los Angeles anymore," Wood explained. "Just everything reminds her of Finn and she has to raise their son on her own, so yeah, she is truly broken so she decides to go away, go to Monte Carlo ... beautiful place, and just try to move on the best way she can." 

Novlan jokingly added that Steffy's visible grief gave Finn hope that she wouldn't move on with a new love interest, before adding a sweet comment about their love story. "Their love is so deep and so connected, and I think they have a really mature relationship and he's doing everything he can to get back to his family," he said.

Why their reunion is so special

In their interview with "The Talk," Tanner Novlan and Jacquelin MacInnes Wood shared their confidence that SINN's return would be well received. Describing the highly anticipated moment as "epic," Novlan predicted that the scene is one that will be talked about forever. "This'll be one of the ones that I think they play the reels and the highlights over the years," Novlan claimed. "It's so good."

Wood revealed the emotions that viewers see are 100% authentic. "It's romantic, it's passionate and raw too," she added. Over on Twitter, "The Bold and the Beautiful" dedicated a thread to the romantic scene. Fans praised the soap for finally bringing the pair back together. Even Steam fans, the pairing between Steffy and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton), gave credit where it's due. One user tweeted that they once held a torch for Steam but SINN won them over, writing, "I was a Steam fan, but Sinn is sooooo much better. B&B finally gave Steffy fans what we've been waiting for a devoted love interest all of her own, no waffling! This is FANtastic! Can't wait for the rest of this week & many weeks, months, years of the Sinn love story."

As for what's next for Steffy and Finn, Soap Hub guessed that a Sheila and Steffy confrontation will happen in the near future, considering the fact that Sheila kept Finn away from his wife and son for so long.