How The August 11 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're A Taurus

The full moon is set to hit on the eve of August 11th. It's the last of the four supermoons of 2022 and is sure to have an impact on all zodiac signs. Known as the Sturgeon Moon, this final supermoon will be the last chance to take in the breathtaking lunar event until next year on August 1, 2023 (via The U.S. Sun). 

Coined the August Sturgeon moon, it will peak at 9:36 p.m. EST. It got its name because the moon is at its fullest during the time of year when the sturgeon fish would typically be caught the most in the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain (via Almanac).

Though a supermoon is simply a full moon that is closer to the earth, the excitement revolves around the fact that it appears much larger and brighter than a typical full moon. It also causes shifts for each of the zodiac signs. Here's what it means for a Taurus.

The August 11 full moon will bring a Taurus changes at work

The August full moon is in Aquarius (via Woman & Home). If you know anything about Aquarius, you know they don't like things to stay static (via Allure). That means that all of the zodiac signs will undergo a change, whether it is of their own volition or not. Now is the time you may find yourself alone and charting unexplored territory or breaking away from what you found confining and starting over. Either way, nothing will be the same soon.

For a Taurus specifically, much of the change is focused on work. In your current job, you will experience seismic shifts in the workplace and with your immediate team or supervisors. Perhaps it's something you have already wished would happen. Yet, despite the relief, it may leave you feeling a bit on your own.

However, this might be the perfect time to break out of your box, so to speak, and figure out what your next steps should be now that a big hurdle has disappeared.

Tauruses will find calm and understanding with the full moon

The August 11th full moon may also bring Tauruses a reminder to slow down. Since Taurus the bull is so headstrong and resolute, you can become overwhelmed by your own dependable and responsible nature (via Co-Star). You will see to it that a job gets well done, even if you have to put in twice the work. This ambition can make you give your all but also leave you feeling exhausted.

Astrologer WaxyJo tells Tauruses, "You understand the cycles and bounties of life more than most" (via PopSugar). Since a Taurus is so trustworthy, stable, and calm, they can see the big picture in situations and with people. WaxyJo continues, "This moon teaches you how to share your understanding with the people close to you."

Now is the time to absorb all you can from people around you, Taurus, and learn to grow. This will help you become even more centered and peaceful.