Days Of Our Lives Famous Feuds: Sami And Nicole

"Days of Our Lives" has been bringing the drama for decades, and the NBC soap opera has created some truly entertaining characters over the years (via TVLine). Viewers have witnessed unbelievable storylines, epic love stories, shocking plot twists, and heartbreaking character deaths. However, some of the most fun-filled moments have come when two characters engaged in wild feuds and fights — like the years-long squabbles between Vivian Alamain and Kate Roberts.

Over the years, many characters have found themselves with enemies in Salem. However, some of the most memorable fights has come between the characters of Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) and Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney). Fans know that both Nicole and Sami have been villains in many storylines on "Days of Our Lives." However, both women are also beloved by viewers and have redeeming qualities as well (via

The decades-long feud between Sami and Nicole runs deep, and the two women still struggle to be civil to one another to this day. So, why is there so much bad blood between Sami and Nicole? Buckle up, because this is one wild ride down memory lane.

Nicole and Sami have twisted romantic connections

According to Soap Opera News, Sami Brady and Nicole Walker have a very long history, and it's not good. The two women share many similar qualities, and in another life, they may have even been friends. However, in Salem, these two have a reputation for hating one another. Much of Sami and Nicole's feud stems from the people who are closest to them in their lives.

The pair share more than just personality traits, they also have a network of people around them who are all closely related to one another, which has caused many problems for the women in the past.

"Days of Our Lives" fans know that Sami and Lucas Horton share two children and a romantic past. However, Nicole and Lucas also have history, and were even married for a brief moment in time (via Soap Central). Shockingly, this isn't the only man that the two women have both been involved with. Sami considers EJ DiMera to be the love of her life, but over the years, the couple's relationship has been rocky. During times when Sami and EJ have been split up, he's often turned to Nicole. EJ has been married to both Nicole and Sami which has only caused the animosity between them to grow, per Soaps in Depth.

Sami and Nicole have tried to ruin each other's lives many times

Things get even more complicated between Sami Brady and Nicole Walker when you dive deeper into their love lives. Both women have been married to Rafe Hernandez, meaning that over the years, they've shared three spouses in common.

To make matters worse, the two women also have a history with each other's brothers. Sami was previously married to Nicole's brother, Brandon, and Nicole has been wed to Sami's twin brother, Eric Brady. Nicole has also seriously dated Sami's step-brother, Brady Black (via Soap Opera News).

When Nicole and Eric got together, Sami was furious and did everything she could to keep the pair apart. When Nicole left Eric heartbroken multiple times, Sami's hatred towards Nicole only grew. The two women have done many things to ruin each other lives, such as exposing infidelity to their spouses which caused the end of their marriages, per Celebrating the Soaps. However, their children have also gotten mixed up in their bitter feud over the years as well.

Nicole and Sami have battled over children in the past

At one point during their feud, "Days of Our Lives" viewers watched Sami Brady find out that she was pregnant with EJ DiMera's child again. This time, she was worried about adding another member to the DiMera family. Sami went into hiding as a member of the witness protection program and hid her pregnancy. However, Nicole Walker got wind of Sami's condition, per

During this time, Nicole was also expecting a baby with EJ. Sadly, Nicole suffered a miscarriage but continued to fake a pregnancy. Nicole planned to adopt the child of a pregnant teenager named Mia, but changed her plans when she decided to swap Sami's child for Mia's at the hospital, per Soaps in Depth.

Nicole took home Sami and EJ's baby, a daughter named Sydney, and passed it off as her own. Meanwhile, Sami began to raise Mia's baby, whom she named Grace. Sadly, Grace had medical issues and passed away, leaving Sami completely heartbroken. Eventually, Sami learned the truth about her baby and reunited with Sydney, per Soap Central.

Years later, Sami and Nicole battled for custody of Allie Horton's baby, when they both wanted to raise the child (via TV Soap Videos). It seems that Sami and Nicole's feud will never end, but "Days of Our Lives" fans don't seem to mind watching their rivalry play out on screen.