The Queen Is Making A Rare Exception To Leave Her Summering Spot, Balmoral

For the last 150 years, members of the British royal family have been enjoying Balmoral, Scotland as a retreat from the microscope they live under in London. Their Balmoral Estate sits on a jaw-dropping 50,000 acres and has been a beloved summer spot for Queen Elizabeth II since she and Prince Philip started their family in the late 1940s (via Express).

As her granddaughter Princess Eugenie said about the monarch's devotion to the property, "I think Granny is the most happy there. I think she really, really loves the Highlands" (via Hello!).

Indeed, by all accounts the Queen greatly looks forward to her time away from Buckingham Palace, and left London in late July to begin her summer break in Balmoral (via People). The Daily Mail reports that the monarch will typically stay in Scotland until at least October, being joined intermittently by other family members, which may or may not include Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

But this year, the 96-year-old is said to be preparing to return to London due to the very unusual political circumstances playing out there.

There is one royal duty the Queen does not want to miss

As Time reports, disgraced Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who resigned in July, will be replaced via an election carried out on September 5, 2022. The Daily Mail confirms that he will officially step down the following day. That's when Queen Elizabeth's presence is needed back in London, as part of her responsibilities as monarch are to appoint a PM (via UCL). It's ceremonial really, but as she's done with the past 14 prime ministers, including Johnson, the Queen invites the elected leader to form a government in her name.

An insider noted, "Her Majesty does not expect the new Prime Minister to travel to Scotland, so the plan is that the Queen will travel down to see them."

The good news is that Her Majesty will not have to stay in London for an extended period of time and should be able to head back without delay — or as soon as her health issues allow. Of course, she has had to miss many recent events due to her mobility challenges, but reportedly this is one the Queen refuses to sit out.

And then, hopefully more rest and relaxation at Balmoral await!