Anila Sajja Reveals How She Fits Into The Married To Medicine Cast - Exclusive

Anila Sajja is a newer addition to "Married to Medicine." The stylish influencer and blogger signed on during the eighth season in 2021 and joined a cast including the likes of longtime friends Dr. Jackie Walters and Dr. Simone Whitmore. Anila, her husband Dr. Kiran Sajja — a plastic surgeon in the Atlanta area — and their two children returned for the show's ninth season and have found themselves in the center of several dramatic plot points. What's more, she's gearing up to appear alongside a slew of other Bravolebrities at Bravocon 2022 in October.

In an exclusive interview with The List, she opened up about her excitement ahead of the convention. She also revealed some of the other Bravo shows that she keeps up with — and even hinted at a possible cameo on an episode of "Family Karma" after she walked in one of Anisha Ramakrishna's fashion shows. Her social media features photos of her posing in fabulous outfits alongside other network stars, including the likes of Ramakrishna and Kandi Burruss of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." Clearly, she's fitting in with some of Bravo's biggest names. 

But how is she getting along with the rest of the "Married to Medicine" cast? She had an answer to that question, too.

Joining the cast of Married to Medicine was 'challenging in the beginning'

Being the new person in an established group is never easy. Anila Sajja told The List that she struggled to find her place in the group after her fellow co-star Toya Bush-Harris introduced her to the cast of "Married to Medicine." First up was Dr. Simone Whitmore, and Sajja said that it went well. "I felt comfortable with the girls, got to know them really well," she said. That doesn't mean that it was a cakewalk when she signed on for the show's eighth season. 

"These ladies have been around each other for years, so there's a lot of history between all of them. Coming in as a new person, it's [about] trying to get to know them and not step on any boundaries," she explained. "There were definitely the challenges of getting my voice heard — people listening to my opinions and things like that. It was definitely challenging in the beginning." Things have been easier the second time around, and Sajja said she was able to make "some good connections" during the ninth season.

"[Dr.] Heavenly [Kimes] and I talk almost every day, surprisingly. The new girl, Audra [Frimpong Curry], and I are good friends," Sajja said. "Quad [Webb] and I ... For a while there, we were meeting almost every week and grabbing lunch. I went to Cabo with her for her birthday. There's real relationships there."

The cast's connection to medicine made it easy to bond

Anila Sajja explained that it might have been difficult at first to figure out where she belonged with her "Married to Medicine" castmates. However, one thing made it easier from the jump: They all knew about living life in the medical industry. "We have husbands, or some of the ladies are doctors. There's that medical thing that's in common," she explained. "Toya [Bush-Harris] and I both had husbands that were doctors. Whenever you have something like that in common, that's always a plus."

"Doctors are a different breed. When you meet other housewives that have husbands that are doctors, you have that instant connection right away," Sajja added. Was being on camera ever challenging for the reality TV newbie? The answer to that would be a resounding no, thanks to her years of working as an influencer. 

"I always put my life out there. We're not that much of a private family," she said. "The camera was just another platform of showing it to a bigger platform."

New episodes of "Married to Medicine" air Sundays on Bravo at 9:00 p.m. EST/PST.