Rumors And Spoilers About Rachel And Gabby's Bachelorette Season

It's that time of year when we watch ridiculously handsome men vie for the attention of a strikingly beautiful woman. That's right, it's "Bachelorette" season. The popular ABC show is in its 19th season, and this time they've decided to spice things up. For the first time ever, there won't just be one bachelorette, but two. Now we get to watch two girls live our dream.

Our two bachelorettes, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia, must navigate all new territory. Yes, they're previous contestants, but it's a whole other ball game when you're the one handing out the roses.

Like any other season, we all naturally want the inside scoop on what's to come. When it comes to "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette," it's socially acceptable to find spoilers or get rumors on what's to come. That's where we come in.

We're going to give you the lowdown on what to expect this season as well as what we've heard through the grapevine, so here's your spoiler warning — but obviously if you're reading this, you're looking for it.

The guys can choose between Rachel and Gabby

While this is "The Bachelorette," somehow the guys still have the upper hand. With there being two bachelorettes, the contestants can choose whether or not they want to accept a rose from Gabby or Rachel. "Every guy in the house has the ability to date both women and vice versa," said blogger Reality Steve.

So how are the rose ceremonies going for the girls? Well, it looks like Rachel isn't doing too hot. In an episode preview, Rachel's rose was rejected by not one, not two, but three contestants. To add salt to the wound, when Rachel offered a rose to Meatball, he said, "Unfortunately, I cannot. I'm here for Gabby," (via E! News). 

Rachel wasn't the only one to be rejected. In the season trailer, Jacob said to Gabby, "I do have my intentions fully toward Rachel," (via Bachelor Nation).

It seems like the girls aren't too happy with how this season's playing out, and honestly, we totally get it. It's well-known that "The Bachelorette" is a chance for the girl to have all the power, but it doesn't look like it will go that way this time around.

Most of the season will take place on a cruise ship

Both "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" are filmed in the infamous Bachelor Mansion, but seeing that Season 19 is full of surprises, it's said that a lot of the season was filmed on a cruise ship.

Back in April, franchise creator Mike Fleiss tweeted a picture of Gabby and Rachel with the caption, "Happy Easter, #BachelorNation !!!Exclusive international photo." Fan account Bachelor Fantake quoted the tweet and said, "If my childhood family vacations have taught me anything, that's a cruise ship." In the photo, there seems to be some sort of guard rail with water in the background.

Former Bachelor Nick Viall seemed to confirm the cruise ship theory on an episode of his podcast "The Viall Files." When discussing the new season, he said, "It is on a cruise ship — part of it. I asked people because it sounds like the producers think it's gonna be really interesting, but very different." Nick also added, "The people I talk to, they hope they never do it again. Just because of the logistics. I think a cruise ship probably was the challenge."

Hometown visits have officially resumed

It's looking like hometown visits have officially resumed. Due to the pandemic, hometown visits for the last bachelorette, Michelle Young, had to take a different approach, but bachelor Clayton Echard was the first to have the typical hometown format (via Cosmopolitan).

Reality Steve was one of many who released exclusive photos and videos of Gabby and Rachel on hometown visits with some of the contestants. In one tweet, he posted a video of Rachel and Aven Jones having a carriage ride in Aven's hometown of Salem, Massachusetts. He also tweeted photos of Gabby heading into Erich Schwer's family home in Bedminster, New Jersey. The Philadelphia Inquirer released photos of Rachel with Tyler Norris at the Wildwood Boardwalk, which is also in New Jersey.

After hearing what former Bachelor Nick Viall said on his podcast "The Viall Files" about the filming chaos, having two hometown dates in Jersey hopefully made things a little easier for the producers.

We know Rachel's final four

Hometown visits usually mean that the bachelorette, or in this case bachelorettes, are starting to choose their final front runners — which can give us fans a little insight into who each girl has in mind. Luckily, Reality Steve put together a photo of who Rachel's final four will be (via Twitter).

We already know that Aven Jones and Tyler Norris are in the running, since there are photos of them with Rachel in their hometowns. So who are her last two? Well, it looks like Zach Shallcross and Tino Franco are the last two lucky gentlemen.

While Reality Steve didn't have photos to share, he at least had filming dates. In the same tweet, he said that Zach Shallcross filmed his hometown date on April 27 in Orange, California. Tino Franco, on the other hand, filmed his hometown date on April 29 in Los Angeles, California.

We (sort of) know Gabby's final four

Just like he did for Rachel, Reality Steve provided a photo of Gabby's final four (well, sort of), via Twitter. Unlike Rachel, he was only able to confirm three of Gabby's hometown dates, leaving us to wonder who the mysterious fourth man could be. The three confirmed contestants are Erich Schwer, Jason Alabaster, and Johnny DePhillipo.

We know that Gabby was seen with Erich at his family home, but what did she get up to with the other two? For her date with Jason, the pair was seen in New Orleans kissing in the French Quarter (via Twitter). You gotta love seeing our bachelorettes getting nice and cozy with their contestants. As for Johnny, the two were spotted walking at Jupiter Beach Park in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida (via Twitter). They were also seen visiting his family home.

Still, it's safe to say that we're all curious about Gabby's last hometown date.

The finale will take place in Mexico

From the Season 19 preview, Rachel and Gabby can be seen in Mexico. It even shows a clip of Gabby and Erich having what looks like a very steamy makeout sesh somewhere in the country. This leads many fans to believe that, similar to Michelle Young's season, Rachel and Gabby's overnight stay and final rose ceremony will be taking place in Mexico (via Cosmopolitan). Our bestie Reality Steve agrees, saying in a blog post on his website, "As you can see, they showed a ton of footage of Tino and Erich in that (including Erich and Gabby kissing in Mexico, the site of overnights and final rose ceremony), and for good reason." He's totally hinting toward the fact that Tino and Erich have made it to the final four.

Mexico seems to be a rather popular spot for "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" to film their overnights and final rose ceremonies (via Bustle). From what we've seen, they always choose some pretty gorgeous locations.

Three contestants were cut before the first night

It appears that three contestants were cut before limo entrances. In March, Instagram account Bachelorwhatever posted a set of photos in March of three contestants who had likely been cut prior to filming. The three rumored to be cut were Corbin Shaw, Koy Schneiter, and James Clarke. Contestant Nick Gill was also thrown into the mix. Reality Steve then confirmed these rumors in a tweet that same month, saying, "(BACHELORETTE CONTESTANT UPDATE): Koy Schneiter and Corbin Shaw were definitely cut before night 1, which begins filming tonight."

Reality Steve posted an update in June, saying, "After tonight's TikTok Live, we now know the ones that never made the final cast were: Corbin Shaw, Koy Schneiter, and Nick Gill" (via Twitter).

Though it isn't clear why Koy and Nick were cut, there were rumors that Corbin had been seeing someone right before leaving to film. Reality Steve posted a photo of a now-deleted tweet from user tia_nikole that said, "YALL THIS MAN TOLD ME HE WANTED TO SEE ME AFTER HE GETS BACK FROM A WORK TRIP IN ARIZONA... WELL I JUST FOUND OUT THIS MAN GONNA BE ON THE BACHELORETTE..."

Reality Steve went on to say, "The guy she's speaking about is Corbin Shaw. Nothing horrible, just funny how he acted like she wouldn't know he was lying about going to AZ for work. Corbin realizes this show is televised, right?"

Rachel had a special date in Belgium with Aven

We know that Rachel did a hometown visit with Aven, but it also looks like they had a one-on-one date in Belgium. Instagram user gameofrosespod posted photos of the two with the caption, "Rachel Recchia was spotted in Belgium filming a 1-on-1 date with what looks to be Aven J. from San Diego." Bachelorwhatever posted the same photo with the caption, "Super cute! Do you think he will get a rose?"

You should know by now that Reality Steve would have some sort of insight, saying the Belgium date would take place on week 5 (via Heavy).

As we mentioned before, most of this season is supposed to take place on a cruise ship, and it just so happens that the ship is supposed to make a stop in Paris, Amsterdam, and — you guessed it — Belgium (via Women's Health Magazine).

Rachel also had a Hollywood red carpet date

Belgium won't be the only interesting date Rachel goes on. For her one-on-one date with Zach, it looks like he's taking her to an exclusive red carpet movie premiere. You might be asking yourself, how'd Zach manage that? It turns out he's the nephew of actor Patrick Warburton, who is perhaps best known for his voice role as Kronk in "The Emperor's New Groove."

Bachelorwhatever posted a clip of the two getting ready for the date, with the caption, "This is such a cute date. Omg." In the clip, the pair are styled by none other than Karamo Brown from "Queer Eye." Rachel can be heard saying, "He is one of my favorite TV stars."

"The Bachelorette" fan account wasn't wrong about it being a cute date, as this wasn't your average movie premiere. The pair watched a film compilation of home videos from Rachel and Zach's lives (via Screen Rant). The article also said, "At the end of the date, Rachel offered Zach the rose, and he happily accepted.

Rumor has it that Hayden Markowitz will be this season's villain

Every incarnation of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" usually has a contestant who is deemed the "villain" of the season. For Gabby and Rachel's season, the rumored "villain" will be Hayden Markowitz. This might have something to do with the fact that he said Gabby was "rough around the edges" (via Entertainment Weekly). 

Somehow, that's not the worst thing he's said on the show. According to Bustle, Hayden also compared Gabby and Rachel's appearances to his ex-girlfriend's, saying his ex was more attractive. In an episode of his podcast, Reality Steve said, "Hayden got caught saying his ex was hotter than both Bachelorettes. And while that may be true in his mind, you let that [be] known publicly and other guys in the house hear that, not only will they jump on you, so will the audience." It doesn't look like Hayden's going to start off on the right foot with fans.

Jacob Rapini is also rumored to be a season villain

Jacob Rapini will also find himself deemed a "villain" this season. Like Hayden, he also says something awful to Gabby. "Say if you were the only person here, I don't think I could have the heart to continue," then following up with, "Obviously you're smoking [hot]" (via Bachelor Nation) — which is 100% a brutal and tactless thing to say to a person. 

It would only be a matter of time before Hayden would be eliminated. Following his elimination, Jacob took to Instagram with a post where he apologized to Gabby. "I want to take this moment to apologize to @gabby.windey for not taking into consideration her feelings. What I said was ignorant and not appropriate for the moment. I realized you don't know what someone could be going through or where their headspace is at. Listening instead of explaining would have gone a lot further. Personally, I wouldn't want anyone to say what I said to me," he wrote in his caption. 

He continued, saying, "I have no excuses. What was said was said."

Gabby and Rachel said there was no drama between the two

You would think that having two bachelorettes would lead to drama between the girls, but it turns out Gabby and Rachel never had any issues. In fact, the two were happy to do it together. "I think we're both so grateful to have been given this and to be there together. We're both just really happy," Rachel said (via People).

Seeing that the guys have the option to pick between the two, it would seem like the two would be pitted against one another, especially if they liked the same guy. While they acknowledged that possibility in the same "People" interview, Gabby said, "A man that's worth it isn't going to have us fight over him, nor would we ever compromise our relationship for it."

To be fair, a double breakup like the one they experienced with Clayton Echard would definitely make their relationship stronger. 

Franchise creator Mike Fleiss tweeted a photo of the girls with the caption, "See, no drama... Just two friends helping each other find true love! Exclusive international photo!!!" It's nice to know that no matter what, Gabby and Rachel have each other's back.

Gabby and Rachel will likely be engaged at the end of this season

Yes, "The Bachelorette" is reality TV, but that doesn't mean it's insincere. It definitely seems that both Gabby and Rachel are there to find true love, as cliche as that might sound. If you've watched literally any season of either show, then you know that an engagement or proposal is always expected by the last man (or woman) standing.

Though engagements haven't been confirmed, we do know that both Gabby and Rachel leave the show in a relationship. In an interview with E! News, the girls let it slip that there might be some post-show romance. Interviewer Erin Lim said, "I'm going to assume you walked out of there with different lovers and not the same man," to which Gabby and Rachel both say yes.

It wasn't until they were talking about deal-breakers — more specifically hug jumps — that Gabby said, "My man would never make me do that. He knows me." There was an immediate look of panic. Gabby then said, "Oh my God," still looking panicked, so it's safe to say there's a man in her life.