The AstroTwins Dish About Their New Show Cosmic Love, Astrology, And More - Exclusive Interview

Everyone knows that one person who will tell you that some astrological signs are absolutely not compatible. Grounded earth sign Taurus and dreamy water sign Pisces — are these two really a match made in heaven? What about fiery Aries and balanced Libra — is there any hope there? While we can certainly use the filter on Bumble to weed out some signs, we might want to leave the real astrological determinations to the pros. Cue Tali Edut and Ophira Edut, more commonly known as the AstroTwins – the experts when it comes to all things astrology. The AstroTwins have been making astrology their middle name for years, but now, they're moving to a far bigger platform — television — and bringing their expertise with them.

Prime Video's "Cosmic Love" brings the AstroTwins' skillset to the forefront, as four leading men and women put their hearts and charts on the line and allow their astrological signs to dictate their dating lives. A "one-of-a-kind social experiment," "Cosmic Love" features the AstroTwins as the voices from heaven (or rather the voices in each lead's earpiece), using the stars as a guide and giving the leads advice and instruction from there.

The series, premiering on Prime Video this August, will attempt to answer the question so many of us have asked before: Is astrological compatibility really a powerful tool? Or will the difficulties of life overpower the stars? Ahead of the premiere, we sat down with the AstroTwins for an exclusive interview, and they dished about the show, their work as astrologers, and more.

How did Cosmic Love come to be?

Before we dive into the show details, I'd first like to know how this opportunity presented itself. You've both been known for your columns, your contributions, and your insights, but how did moving to the screen come about?

Ophira Edut: The idea of doing an astrological TV show has always floated around for all the years that we've done this. But with streaming and developments and the way people are able to see video and interact and engage with it, it felt like the right time to pursue it as a TV format, because we knew we could still have conversations. When you start to talk about astrology, you don't want it to be a one-way conversation, because people are going to want to know about themselves right away. 

We're at the perfect moment for that. We approached a producer, production company — things happened and the show was born, and we were really excited about also the idea of showing astrology as an experiment and watching people experience it versus just hearing about their charts that mean something only to them. Like, how could we make it an experience that everyone could enjoy and go along with?

It makes me think of all the dating apps and all the websites like Cafe Astrology, where you can put your own information in and your crush — or whoever you're pursuing — and find out if you're compatible. But there's so much more in astrology charts to consider.

Ophira: So much more — absolutely. It's more than sun signs, much more.

The leads were mind-blown by the AstroTwins' skills

What about the filming experience? What surprised you or challenged you?

Tali Edut: We were not on screen. We did make a cameo at the end, which you'll have to watch and see, but we were more behind the scenes for this. We were in our control room, and we were giving advice to the four elements in their earpieces, but they didn't know who we were, and it was like, "Oh, we want to meet them so bad." 

You fall in love with people when you do their chart and you work with them. It's a very sacred connection because you're really reading their energy, and you have to go into their field, so to speak. It was very interesting to feel like, "My God, we know them and they don't know us." But it was mostly so much fun because we got to watch them blossom through the astrological advice and learn, having their minds blown by being ... When we read deeper beyond their sun signs into their moon and Mercury, they felt very seen, and seen in ways that they did not necessarily think anyone could see.

Ophira: Right. They were like, "How did they know that about me?"

Tali: It was really cool to watch that.

The twins break down exactly what aspects of astrology they focused on

Let's talk about that process as well. A lot of us now know the sun, moon, and rising signs as the big three. But what elements of the astrological charts did you zero in on during this experience?

Ophira: What we loved is that we were able to go really deep into astrology. We did what are called the North and South nodes, which are the karmic destiny points, lunar nodes. We were able to talk to people about their past lives and their destinies. We did what's called a composite chart, where you take each person's chart and blend it into the average of the two. That becomes the chart of the relationship.

We've actually created a mini-site at — it's going to be out when the show comes out — where people can do all of their own charts that you see on the show and follow along and learn about themselves.

Tali: In terms of the planets, we went with the inner planets, the personal planets. Mercury, the moon, sun, Venus, and Mars. Those are the faster-moving planets. They tend to shape our more immediate reactions. Jupiter, Saturn, and beyond is more of who you are out in the world. This was an experiment that was focused on a very immediate connection. Those are the ones to look at in terms of your relatability, your relationship, in the early stages. Those are key to know.

How have the twins evolved their tactics with time?

You've both been in and around the astrology scene for some time now, especially publicly, but this show is so experimental. I'd love to know in what ways your own conceptions about the astrological signs and astrological compatibility were challenged throughout the show.

Ophira: Nothing changed in what we believe about the signs, but we're Sagittarian, so we love a challenge. We've been in this since web 1.0 into 2.0, and now we're in the 3.0 metaverse era. To keep our business running for over 20 years as astrologers, we've had to evolve with the media. We started with print, books, magazines, and evolved to the web. We found it to be an exciting time.

This is a time when you have to gamify things; you have to make things experiential. People are on Twitch. They're on TikTok. They want it fast. They want to feel like they're part of it. They want to go along for the ride. 

This was an incredible creative opportunity for us to translate astrology to all of these new formats. We really enjoyed it, but it was cool. Here we've been writing horoscopes in our sweatpants for 20 years, and then we show up on this lot and there's 300 people and craft services and trailers and cameras. This is what our daily grind has translated into. That was mind-blowing for me.

Viewers should follow their 'heart and chart' according to the twins

What are you hoping viewers will take away from the show? What would you say both of your biggest takeaways have been?

Ophira: Great questions.

Tali: For viewers, follow your heart and your chart, we're saying. Also learn, be open — don't cut someone off because you've heard their sign isn't compatible with yours. Be open to learning about the qualities of that sign and seeing how it works for you. You may have another planet in your chart that works with that, and it's about the person.

Ophira: For us personally, we love the opportunity to represent the multidimensional aspects of astrology — it's not just about your sun sign, it's about so much more. We want people to walk away with permission to be themselves and love other messy, complex parts that don't fit neatly together, and to know that through your career, you can evolve and keep growing as well.

Tali: That was certainly my favorite part too, watching the cast come to self-acceptance and self-love beyond all the romantic connections.

There's so many preconceived notions about the signs, and life is messy and complicated, and the astrological chart is so much more complex, as you both said, than just the sun sign.

Ophira: That's right. Embrace it.

Tali: Embrace the messiness. Were you going to say that?

Ophira: Yeah.

Tali: A twin moment.

Ophira: We're having that twin stereo-moment. I can't believe it didn't happen sooner.

I know you can't reveal any spoilers, but are you satisfied by the way the relationships have panned out?

Ophira: Yes, very much. It was a social experiment to see if astrology could open people up to love and people that they might have overlooked on Tinder or a dating app and to discover new facets about themselves.

Tali: And that happens.

Ophira: All of those things happen. There's a whole lot of love on "Cosmic Love" that you're going to see.

Watch "Cosmic Love" on Amazon Prime Video, the series dropping on August 12.

This interview was edited for clarity.