If You're An Enneagram Type 7, You Should Try This Nail Color

If you asked your friends and family to describe you, what would they say? Would they say you're fun-loving, adventurous, optimistic, and spontaneous? Do you find yourself always looking for something exciting to do or see, and are you often the life of the party? If so, you're probably an Enneagram Type Seven. Known as "the enthusiast," an Enneagram Type Seven, according to The Enneagram Institute, is often extroverted, high-spirited, and filled with joy.

Understanding what your Enneagram number actually means can teach you a lot about yourself, your relationships, and the patterns in which you behave. According to Truity, all of the nine Enneagram types can be separated into three categories: the "heart types," the "head types," and the "body types." The site lists Enneagram Type Seven as one of the "head types," which means they reply on their intelligence to make decision rather than gut or feelings. 

Believe it or not, aside from helping you learn more about your personality traits and internal motivations, your Enneagram type can also help guide you in making even the little decisions — like what nail color you should try.

Type Sevens need a nail color as fun as they are

According to Personality Path, Enneagram Type Sevens are fun-loving and motivated by the exciting possibilities the future can bring. They often try to avoid the painful or boring parts of life by creating their own joy, and encouraging that in others. Both very spontaneous and very bold, type Sevens rarely take themselves or life situations too seriously. Because of this, when a Seven reaches for a nail color, they should pick a shade that is as fun and free-spirited as they are.

If you're a type Seven, don't shy away from embracing your "true colors" when it comes to a manicure; for some color inspiration, Apartment Therapy suggests that a bright, vibrant color palette of "whimsical" shades is just the right fit for exciting type Sevens. The site suggests shades like electric blue and bright rose, because these tones bring out the liveliness in even simple primary colors — perfect for the youthful and bright demeanor of the type. Even better, the ultimate nail color for an Enneagram Type Seven would be a combination of all the brightest colors: a glitter polish.

This nail color is as sparkly as the Seven's personality

With so many different nail polish options to choose from, whether you're getting your nails done in a salon or having your own spa day at home, it can be difficult to narrow one down. Luckily, because exciting Enneagram Type Sevens are "optimistic, risk-takers, and the life of the party" (per Picture Polish), they aren't limited to choosing a plain shade. Opting for a glitter nail polish is the perfect way that Sevens can emphasize just how spontaneous and fun they really are (via Personality Path).

While it can be fun from time to time, getting your nails done in a salon can be expensive, so finding a few nail polishes that you can use at home is always a great idea for saving money. Plus, you can create exactly the manicure you want. For a stylish glitter nail polish option, Enneagram Type Sevens should try a holographic shade from Picture Polish. These shades have a range from subtle shimmer to an all-out sparkle, so you're sure to find exactly the right fit. You'll love the teal shine of the Free Nail Polish by Picture Polish, and its name is totally suitable for your free-spirited personality. Another great choice would be the Holo on Top Nail Polish, which can be put on top of an opaque color to add some sparkle or built up to become its own full-on glittertastic shade.