Here's What Gina Rodriguez Looks Like Going Makeup Free

Fresh-faced and funny during the run of her hit show "Jane the Virgin," Gina Rodriguez has already shown audiences how beautiful she is, both inside and out. The CW series ran from 2014-2019 (via IMDb), with Rodriguez picking up a slew of awards, including a Golden Globe, an ALMA Award, and a Teen Choice Award, with nominations for a People's Choice Award, an Image Award (NAACP), and two Critics Choice Television Awards, according to IMDb.

"'Jane [the Virgin]' has changed my life," she shared with Elle. "There is no better character to play than one who people want to hug. It's the first thing they want to do when they see me!"

Before her success as beloved Jane Villaneuva on "Jane the Virgin," Rodriguez was a guest star on several other primetime series, including "Law & Order," "Army Wives," "The Mentalist," and "Longmire." She even played the character Beverly on 15 episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful" (via IMDb) from 2011-2012.

Gina Rodriguez Is a natural beauty

As an ordinary woman in extraordinary circumstances, Jane in "Jane the Virgin" didn't wear a lot of makeup. Gina Rodriguez shares the exact beauty products Jane wore, and even admitted to Clinique, "Makeup is just not one of my skills. I never wear makeup in real life."

Rodriguez regularly shares au naturel snaps on her Instagram account, including this one. Showing off her freckles and a smile, she captioned the photo, "No makeup, no filter, no worries."

The star does get glam for the red carpet, though. "I love getting my makeup and hair done, and it's so fun," she told Allure. "But then I take it all off, and I feel just as beautiful." One of her beauty staples is Smith's Rosebud Salve, which she uses on her cheeks. "You can even put it down the bridge of your nose, and it makes you look dewy."

The Netflix star on being a beauty role model

You can find Gina Rodriguez in multiple projects since her days as Jane ended, most frequently on Netflix. She starred in the movies "Someone Great," and "Awake" on the streaming service, and was the voice of Carmen on the animated "Carmen Sandiego" series from 2019-2021 (per IMDb). She will appear in the live-action film version of the kids' series, too, according to Deadline. Rodriguez is also slated to star in the Netflix "Spy Kids" reboot and the limited series "Lost Ollie." 

Not surprisingly, Rodriguez takes her status as a role model for young girls seriously, even starring as President Elena Cañero-Reed in the Disney+ series "Diary of a Future President" (via IMDb).

"I'd love for young girls to wake up in the morning and see that they're unique and they're beautiful today," she explained to Allure. "I'd like to portray an image where you can look at yourself in the mirror and see your beauty without makeup."