This Is Who The Bold And The Beautiful Fans Really Want Douglas To Live With

Ever since his mother Caroline Spencer (ex-Linsey Godfrey) died on "The Bold and the Beautiful," per Soaps in Depth, Douglas Forrester hasn't had it easy. He's been stuck in the middle between the Forrester and Logan families, as it seems like every adult in the Forrester mansion knows what's best for him, per Celeb Dirty Laundry. That, and fans have also seen Douglas getting a new face on the hit CBS soap

However, back in 2021, even actor Matthew Aktinson, who plays Douglas' father Thomas Forrester, weighed in on the young boy's custody battle. He wrote in an Instagram post, "Who's happy to see Douglas back in his dads arms? Who also thinks he should be back living with his actual father and not pawned off to our resident daycare? Who thinks Liam needs to focus on his own kids first?"  Even though Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) is not the boy's biological mom, she feels a strong bond with him and what's to be a positive maternal influence on his life.

Now it seems like fans have also weighed in on the matter, with a lot of people taking to social media to express how they feel about who Douglas should live with.

Fans believe Douglas should be with his dad, Thomas

Hope Logan on "The Bold and the Beautiful" might have Douglas Forrester's best interest at heart, but the majority of viewers do believe that he's better off being with his father, Thomas Forrester. In a teaser clip of the soap, Thomas discussed the possibility of Douglas moving in with him to both Hope and her husband, Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton). Many fans weighed in on the matter on Twitter with one fan saying, "Douglas is Thomas's son. Thomas will win custody so fast because he is a great provider for his child and Douglas wants to be with his father." Another fan wrote, "Time Douglas was reunited with his Dad permanently. Why he ever went to Hope is beyond me. Steffy or Ridge could've stepped in easily while Thomas got 'better.'" 

Back in 2021, Annika Noelle opened up about Hope's connection to the young boy. She told Soaps in Depth, "She saw a lot of unstable, dangerous behavior [in Thomas] and the effects it had on Douglas. [...] Getting custody was a way to ensure she would always be able to do that."

With that said, there's a very good chance that a custody battle might be brewing between Hope and Thomas for the legal right to raise Douglas. Seeing how Hope is a Logan and always seems to get things done her way, we have a feeling that Thomas is about to begin one of the biggest fights of his life.