The Leads Of Cosmic Love Dish About Astrological Dating And Share If It Really Works - Exclusive

Raise your hand if you're in your mid to late 20s, single, and absolutely sick of dating apps. Seriously, we get it, and we're here to tell you that you're not alone. Of course, it's easy to blame perpetual singlehood on the heavens. Maybe Mercury is in retrograde, or maybe the fact that he was a Cancer was the reason you needed to pull the plug. Whatever the reason, the stars could give us some indication as to why things don't pan out romantically for us singletons, and we've turned to resources like Co-Star and Cafe Astrology to help us out in our dire time of need.

Singles Noel, Phoebe, Connor, and Maria, however, took things one step further. They threw romantic caution to the wind and submitted themselves to a dating show that is fully based on astrological compatibility. Released through Prime Video, "Cosmic Love" features the dating hopefuls as the four element leads — one fire sign, earth, water, and air — with astrological experts The AstroTwins guiding them in the process. Speaking into the leads' earpieces and examining the charts of contestants as romantic connections are formed, the AstroTwins got to know the leads intimately, and the leads in turn put their faith in the heavens.

Ahead of the show's premiere, we sat down with Noel, Phoebe, Connor, and Maria to ask them everything and more about "Cosmic Love." Does astrological dating work? Here's what they had to say.

Noel was motivated by his own personal astrological experiences

We've all heard the dreaded questions from our parents, like, "Who are you dating?" and "Why didn't it work out with so-and-so?" As for the four leads of "Cosmic Love," some of them had gotten their share of dating questions with an astrological twist, motivating them to pursue such a show.

"My mom was ... really big into her version of astrology. After [thinking] for years like, 'You need to be with Virgo, you need to be with this,' based on her own personal experience and experience she had around her, I said, 'You know what, why not give it a try?'" Noel told us of his own experience. "I'm usually pretty busy because I usually try to be as financially stable as humanly possible, even beyond that. [That's] not giving too much time to love. I was like, 'Give it over to experts or see what happens,' and I said, 'Why not?'"

As for Phoebe, she knew she was a super headstrong Leo, but didn't realize that she had a number of different elements in her astrological chart. Was she sabotaging potential water sign partners without even realizing it?

Phoebe realized that she couldn't jump to conclusions about the signs

We all know what it's like to hear an assumption about our astrological sign. Boring and work-committed? Capricorn. Stubborn and indulgent? Taurus. Emotional and day-dreaming at your desk? Pisces. As it turns out, such assumptions can be really wrong, and Phoebe found out that she couldn't let her preconceived ideas about water signs get in the way of her romantic journey on "Cosmic Love."

"I'm a Leo and I'm actually a double Leo. In my mind, I knew that about myself prior to coming into this and was like, 'I love the spotlight. I'm a star performer. I'm bright, I'm shiny. I'm a lion, I'm super headstrong.' I found out that I have so many water placements in my chart and I was annoyed when I found out about that. Water signs are typically babies, they're criers," Phoebe shared.

But coming to such a realization helped her to be vulnerable in romantic relationships, Phoebe told us. So do these element leads make it to the end of "Cosmic Love" with their forever match? You'll just have to watch and see.

"Cosmic Love" is now available to watch on Prime Video.