What Is Harry Styles' Zodiac Sign?

Between releasing his new album "Harry's House" and embarking on his third world tour all within a matter of months, Harry Styles has kept himself busy. Since going solo back in 2016, he has released three albums, is featuring in the upcoming film "Don't Worry Darling," and has created a brand for himself that encapsulates all things love and kindness. If he isn't creating witty back-and-forth conversations with his audiences on tour, Styles is showing off his fashionable side, strutting across the stage in custom one-of-a-kind outfits that are never anything but spectacular. 


You may be wondering how exactly he has the energy to keep up with all of his various projects. Well, Styles is an Aquarius sun, which could explain his apparently boundless energy (via Popsugar). Sun signs are the ones we most typically think of when it comes to zodiac, though you have a moon and rising sign, too. They are what forms the most obvious parts of ourselves, especially to others (per Allure). Unlike your moon and rising signs, you don't need major specifics to discover what your sun sign is, just the date you were born. 

The singer and actor is known for his sweet and charming personality

The singer's large personality is one of his many draws, which is why it comes as no surprise that Harry Styles' sign is the bold and bright Aquarius. However, you may not have known that his moon sign is Libra, as is his rising sign (via Popsugar). Libra zodiacs are all about keeping things balanced, but they are also incredibly smart and charming, according to Cosmopolitan. Starting to sound familiar? Another main Libra trait is knowing how to read and then work a room, something that Styles definitely knows how to do. As Libra is both his moon and rising sign, its zodiac traits will manifest quite obviously in certain aspect of Styles' life such as his songwriting. 


Speaking to Popsugar, astrologer Nautica Flowers revealed that Libra is also the head of fashion, beauty, and creativity, which definitely fits in with how Styles likes to express himself. After all, he did win GQ's Most Stylish Man of the Year Award in 2020 (via GQ). Plus, with Libra as his moon sign, Styles knows how to get his feelings out in order to create the balance Libras crave, as evidenced by songs like "Falling" and "Cherry". 

He isn't afraid to get candid with his song lyrics

Aquarius isn't just Harry Styles' sun sign, but his mercury, mars, and venus sign, too. This trio is a rarity that's referred to as an Aquarius stellium (via Popsugar). If you didn't know, our mercury sign is all about communication and how we filter information, according to Bustle, so it makes sense that the singer isn't afraid to pen candid lyrics. Styles has also spoken openly about important issues such as feminism and the Black Lives Matter movement, as Variety noted, using his communication skills to reflect on things and start a dialogue with his fans. 


Shape said that on the other hand, our Mars sign is all about energy, action, and drive. Styles having his in Aquarius could be why he is always so willing to throw himself 100% into things. Finally, his venus sign in Aquarius represents his desire to help others and give back to the community (per InStyle). His mars and venus signs being in the same zodiac makes them closely connected.

There's no doubting that Harry Styles is a strong Aquarius, and that's definitely part of what makes him so unique.