If You're An Enneagram Type 8, You Should Try This Nail Color

If you're looking for your next nail art look, turning to your personality type for guidance is a great way to discover your next inspiration. According to Truity, the Enneagram is a personality system of nine types that helps identify an individual's emotional motivations and fears. 

Because of this, knowing your personality type can help you make decisions about what city you should move to, what hairstyle you should try, and, of course, what nail polish color to wear. 

Known as "the Challenger," Enneagram Eights are energetic, tough, and passionate (per Personality Path). The primary motivation of this personality type is a desire to be independent and in control. Because of this, Type Eights also fear appearing vulnerable and dislike being under the control of authority. Other important attributes of this personality type are their knack for leadership and desire for justice.

Real-life examples of Enneagram Eights can be seen in celebrities like Serena Williams, Barbara Walters, and Toni Morrison. Katniss Everdeen from "The Hunger Games" and Merida from Disney's "Brave" are fictional characters whose personalities represent this Enneagram type, too (per Truity).

With these characteristics and examples of the Enneagram Type Eight in mind, check out the best nail polish colors and looks suited to this personality type.

Enneagram 8s will be drawn to confident and powerful colors

Because Enneagram Type Eights are known for their toughness and independence, a deep red is the perfect nail polish shade for them. While the classic bright red look may be a little too flashy for this personality type, they will definitely identify with the confidence and strength emanated by a dark red look. As mentioned by Southern Living, this shade is sure to make the wearer feel powerful and alluring.

The Green Mad House identifies a black-and-white color scheme as especially indicative of Type Eight's strength and willpower. Because of this, black-and-white nail polish looks are especially fitting for this personality type. Black is a nail color that can be as intimidating as the Eight, but combining it with white will balance that tough exterior with their inner desire for justice.

Lastly, if you're an Eight looking for a shade that's a little more subtle, a darker brown color will still represent boldness and authority (per The Beauty Gypsy) without being too over-the-top.

These nail arts designs are also perfect for type 8s

Now that you have an array of nail polish colors to choose from, you might be wondering just how to apply them. While a classic solid manicure would be great for Enneagram Type Eight, more creative or stand-out looks can also work well.

As mentioned by Perfect Polish, velvet nails would be a great nail look for this personality. Especially popular around the holiday season (per Glamour), this glittering, multidimensional look suits the complex and bold nature of Type Eight.

If you're looking for something a little bolder, then nail art looks that include geometric shapes or graphic designs would also be a great choice for Type Eight. Per Glamour, the use of negative space in these designs can make them especially interesting. Plus, this style especially lends itself to black-and-white color combinations, as mentioned above.