Why Jinger Duggar Vuolo's Home Tour Is Raising Eyebrows

Jinger Duggar Vuolo is putting her reality-TV past ever further behind her as she carves out a new life as an author and influencer. The former star of "Counting On" now lives with her husband, Jeremy, and their two young daughters in North Hollywood, where she juggles parenting with writing and social media work. The Vuolos' latest venture is a YouTube channel in which they share glimpses of their life and activities. One recent video highlighted Jinger's new hobby of customizing sneakers, which delighted some viewers and disgusted others who didn't approve of the brand she favors.

In their latest YouTube vlog, the couple give fans a tour of the inside of their home. Unlike the opulent mansions of other reality-TV stars, the two-story house is cozy and unpretentious. (This being California, however, it still cost about $1 million, according to The U.S. Sun.)  Along the way, they toss in commentary about items in the house, such as the kids' "art station" Jinger created from a discarded table. While showing their guest bedroom, Jeremy jokes that guests rarely used to visit them in their previous home in Texas, "and then we moved to California...and they go, 'How about next week?'" (The Sun also slyly points out that the Vuolos mention Jeremy's parents being frequent visitors, but not Jinger's.)

Viewers were delighted with the video, calling the Vuolos' home "beautiful," "really pretty" and "comfortable." But a couple of odd details in the décor have some fans scratching their heads.

A selfie and a taxidermy specimen are odd additions to the Vuolos' home

Unlike sister Jessa Duggar Seewald, who gets called out by mom-shamers for sloppy housekeeping, Jinger Duggar Vuolo keeps an organized living space. Her YouTube home tour shows neutral-colored walls and tasteful decorations like family photos. Jeremy, a recent divinity school graduate, has framed quotes from Calvinist minister Charles Spurgeon. That's why two particular decorations stuck out.

Jeremy's second-floor office has two large head-shot photos above the window: one of an unidentified man, and one of Jeremy himself. One commenter on the video asked, "Why on earth does Jeremy have a giant selfie print in his office of himself, and who's the other guy?" Another said, "Lol Jeremy's framed picture of his face in his office."

The other standout is in daughter Felicity's room. (Toddler sister Evangeline still sleeps in her parents' bedroom.) Next to the bunk bed is a stuffed deer head — not what you would expect to find in a 4-year-old girl's room. Said a follower, "Did not expect you guys to be into taxidermy." A second commenter was totally freaked out. "I absolutely mean no offense, I just love all of you, but, aren't the girls afraid of that mounted deer head? I know I would be."

Other fans were disappointed that Jinger didn't show one particular area of the house. One said, "I love it but wait... You didn't show us the Jordan shoe closet on the first floor! I saw it in the background."