If You're An Enneagram Type 4, You Should Try This Nail Color

If you're looking for your next nail polish look, turning to your Enneagram is a great way to find inspiration. The Enneagram identifies a person's motivations, fears, and behavioral tendencies based on their personality type, which is assigned a number one through nine (per Verywell Mind). In fact, some experts suggest that the Enneagram can even help you understand childhood wounds, making it a great tool for self-reflection and decision-making.

Whether you're coloring your nails with a bright polish or carefully crafting a nail art design, nail painting is a great way to express creativity and individualism. Because of this, it is a perfect outlet for the Enneagram Type Four, known as "The Individualist" (via The Enneagram Institute).

Characterized by their sensitivity and creativity, Type Fours are motivated by their desire to establish themselves as individuals. On the flip side, the Four's feelings of individuality can lead them to feel isolated and excluded from others. They are also known for their tendency to explore different styles and identities. With these characteristics in mind, check out the best nail looks for the Enneagram Type Four.

Unique nail art is perfect for the Enneagram Four

As mentioned by Life in a Breakdown, nail art as a form of self-expression became especially popular during the COVID-19 lockdown, as everyone was looking for new ways to express their style and pass the time. For a personality type that is especially creative and expressive, this makes artistic nail art designs perfect for Enneagram Fours (per Picture Polish). Though it may be trendy now, Inklings News predicts that the customization and versatility of nail art designs will make this a lasting fashion and beauty trend.

Bright swirling patterns or customized French manicures are trendy looks mentioned by Refinery29 that are especially suited to the personality of the Enneagram Four. The French manicure is a classic look, but embellishing it with different colors, jewels, and designs makes it a great outlet for expressing the individualism of the Four. And the bright, wavy colors of trending swirling patterns are sure to make any color combination look unique, making it another look fitting for this personality type.

Enneagram Fours will appreciate bold, expressive colors

With these nail art suggestions in mind, you might be wondering what colors would be best suited for your newly discovered nail inspiration. Luckily, this is another decision that your Enneagram type can provide guidance on. Color schemes especially fitting for Type Four are bold, maximalist combinations that are particularly self-expressive (per Dalton Carpet One).

Striking yellows or bright coral nail polishes are great suggestions for Type Fours, and these options can be found in the drugstore nail polish aisle. As mentioned by Hub Pages, blue is another color particularly suited for this personality type, as it's reflective of their romantic, melancholic, and dramatic characteristics. With this in mind, deep navy or bright baby blue are also great picks for nail art looks.

Since Enneagram Type Four is known for its individualistic nature (per The Enneagram Institute), whatever color is most reflective of your inner self is the best suggestion for nail art looks. While the provided suggestions are a great jumping off point, ultimately a Type Four's color combo depends on your own self-expression.