How To Replicate Emma Watson's Makeup Routine

Actress, activist, and feminist icon Emma Watson has had a stunning transformation since she first appeared on our screens as Hermione Granger. Appointed a UN Ambassador at only 24 years old (via UN Women), Watson has tirelessly campaigned for various issues. She is also a staunch supporter of sustainability, with most of her red carpet looks being sourced from deadstock, recycled water bottles, or other sustainable fabrics, according to Vogue. In fact, she launched an Instagram account during the promotion of "Beauty and the Beast" that was solely dedicated to sharing the ethical brands she was wearing and endorsing, as Marie Claire reported. Some of her favorite brands that were shouted out included Gabriela Hearst, Catbird, and Tome.

It isn't just clothing, either. The actress always looks stunning, whether she's spotted on the streets of Paris or arriving at a movie premiere, which is why we want to get our hands on some of Emma Watson's most coveted beauty products to recreate her clean beauty routine.

Emma Watson focuses on a natural and clean everyday look

During an interview with Into The Gloss, Emma Watson revealed some of her favorite beauty products. She also shared that she prefers a more natural look when it comes to makeup, stating that she prefers to see her freckles and sharing, "the look of natural skin is beautiful." With this in mind, it's no surprise that Watson keeps things simple in the makeup department. She revealed to Into The Gloss that her go-to look when doing her own makeup is "a clean eye and a matte red lip." One of her favorite lip products is The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain in Red Pomegranate, which she has mentioned on several occasions through the years (via Vogue). Watson is also a fan of the brands Lily Lolo and Inika for a good red lipstick (via Into The Gloss).

For a bolder look, the actress has been spotted wearing Absolution Cosmetics Sweet and Safe Kiss Lipstick in Rouge, as well as Kjaer Weis' lip tint in Beloved (via Harper's Bazaar). As for base makeup, Watson told Into The Gloss that her everyday reach-for product is the RMS UnCover-Up Concealer.

Her approach to makeup is relaxed and carefree

Sticking to her ethical roots, Emma Watson also puts a keen emphasis on coming up with a greener beauty routine, revealing that she sticks to an "80/20 philosophy because it's very difficult to be a complete purist" (via Into The Gloss). She shared that the only mascara she uses is from DHC, as it doesn't run when filming scenes involving water but also isn't harsh to take off.

Some of the actress' other go-to products are from the brand Ilia, a clean beauty company that sells high-pigment makeup. As for how she applies her makeup, one of Watson's favorite brands is Artis, as the company's brushes make "everything look airbrushed" even when used to apply heavier makeup (per Into The Gloss).

Speaking to Vogue, Watson also summarized her philosophy about makeup. She shared that her views on makeup were heavily inspired by her mum, who experimented with using lipstick as a blusher and vice versa. She stated that her mum often wore no makeup, which inspired her to do the same, a refreshing view to have on days when your skin needs time to breathe and recover.