Why Interior Designers Can't Wait To Ditch Low-Brightness Light Fixtures In 2022

The modern organic interior design style has become popular in recent years, combining polished modern minimalism with the warmth and coziness of natural touches (per Better Homes and Gardens). Filled with the clean lines of modern styles, the organic details of rustic styles, and a neutral color palette, there is much room for creativity and personalization with this look.

An emphasis on natural lighting is also a staple of this design style, making large windows a great addition to any modern organic space. Consequently, this can sometimes take focus away from the electric lighting in a room. As mentioned by YouTuber DIY with KB, also known as Kiva Brent, this has made low-brightness light fixtures a common element of this design trend (via YouTube).

If you're tailoring your home with the modern organic style in mind, you might want to rethink the low-brightness light fixtures, as accent walls and word art aren't the only things that interior designers are ready to leave in 2022.

Interior designers emphasize the importance of lighting

As mentioned by DIY with KB, low-brightness light fixtures have become more popular with the rise of the modern organic interior design style (via YouTube). Although these fixtures may make great visual additions to a space, they can lack adequate brightness for functionality. This may not seem like a big issue, but interior designers emphasize the importance of lighting in interior spaces.

According to John Cullen Lighting, effective lighting is valuable to interior design for many reasons. Even in rooms with plenty of sunlight, lighting can still be used to enhance the focus or visibility of specific areas — not to mention that you don't want to be stumbling around in the dark after sundown. In addition to making a space functional, lighting also has the potential to influence the energy of a room while creating visual emphasis and cozy spaces.

While statement light fixtures can still become a standout piece in your home, keep in mind the wattage or lumens of an appliance before purchasing it, as interior designers are ready to leave low-brightness fixtures in the past.

Interior designers also provide tips for brightening spaces

In addition to considering the brightness of light fixtures, interior designers have many tricks for ensuring that a space is bright and well-lit. If you're partial to the modern organic style, there's no need to worry, because many of these tips fit seamlessly with the interior design trend.

Angi provides several tips for brightening up a dark space, including the use of white or light-colored wall paint. Lighter-colored walls, especially white, allow light to bounce off of them and fill a space more effectively. This works especially well with the modern organic style, as it emphasizes a neutral, airy color scheme (per Better Homes and Gardens).

Decreasing the amount of clutter in a space can also make it feel more open and bright. This tip works great with the minimalist look of the modern organic interior design style, as more modern looks emphasize clean lines and open spaces over maximalism (per Scout & Nimble).

Overall, interior designers emphasize the importance of lighting in a space. While many fixtures may seem appealing in style, they can really take away from a design if they don't provide the proper lighting. Because of this, it's time to leave low-brightness lighting in the past and start focusing on ways to brighten up our spaces.