If You Are An Enneagram Type 6, You Should Watch These TV Shows

When the end of the day finally rolls around, nothing beats indulging in hours and hours of your favorite TV show. Whether you tend to crave a comforting sitcom, like "Seinfeld," or a nail-biting thriller, like "The Handmaid's Tale," there truly is a perfect show out there for everyone. But even when you've pinned down that TV genre that you tend to gravitate towards, you still might catch yourself scrolling through Netflix with no idea what to watch. With so many shows to choose between, how do you pick just one? 

When in doubt, choosing a series based on your Enneagram type is always a good place to start. Enneagram Type Eights should watch bold and intense TV shows, while Type Nines will likely crave more lighthearted and relaxed entertainment, as noted by Crystal Knows. As for Enneagram Type Sixes? "The Loyalist" type seeks "security and support" above all else (via The Enneagram Institute). This core desire trickles into all aspects of a Type Six's life — from their relationships to their career, and even their desired TV shows. The next time you are curled up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn in hand, give one of these TV shows a try — it might just become your new favorite to binge.

Type Sixes will identify with Maya Hawke's character in 'Stranger Things'

Everyone grows attached to TV shows for different reasons. Sometimes, you get pulled in by the plot, and other times, you fall in love with a relatable character. Many TV series  feature an Enneagram Type Six at the forefront — some examples being Ben Wyatt from "Parks and Recreation" and Dwight Schrute from "The Office" (via Truity). Another famous example of "The Loyalist" type is Ron Weasley from "Harry Potter." The red-headed Gryffindor is always the first one to rush to his friends defense, which is a Type Six trait. Ron also struggles with self-confidence and tends to think he can't succeed on his own, whether he's on the Quidditch field or in the classroom.

If those traits resonate with some of your thinking patterns, you may also relate to Robin Buckley. Played by Maya Hawke, Robin is one of the newer members of the Hawkins squad in "Stranger Things." When Robin was first introduced, her character was slow to warm up to Steve and other members of the group, as noted by The Everygirl. However, once she grew to trust her new friends, she was willing to do anything to support the team. If you aren't up to date with this Netflix show, be sure to give it a watch. You will certainly relate to Robin's character arc between the third and fourth season of the series. But be warned — "Stranger Things" Season 4 is set to be the scariest yet.

The Loyalist type has trouble trusting newcomers

If you are a character-driven Type Six, the TV series "Veronica Mars" might also be right up your alley. The series follows a high school student who moonlights as a detective. In every episode, Veronica is tasked with a new case to crack in Neptune, California, which she attempts to solve with the help of her father and mentor, Keith Mars (via Rotten Tomatoes). According to Crystal Knows, the Loyalist type will be drawn to Veronica's character, as she exhibits many typical Type Six traits. Similar to many Type Sixes, Veronica is very trusting with the people that are closest to her, but extremely wary when it comes to strangers.

Trust is more important to Loyalists than any other value, as noted by Truity. Whether someone grew up with overprotective parents or endured a childhood trauma, Type Sixes have a tendency to worry and think in terms of worst-case scenario. If you are not someone that a Six already loves and trusts, it is likely that they will view you as a potential threat or danger first, before a potential friend. One piece of advice that The Enneagram Institute has for this skeptical type? To be more generous with your trust. If you don't have enough trustworthy people in your current circle, go out of your way and find someone who you can rely and depend on. If you are an Enneagram Six, here is the self-help book you should read that may help.