Love Island's Kat And Jared On Their Connection And What's Next For Them - Exclusive Interview

We all know what it's like to watch a reality dating show and wonder what it'd be like to compete on such a program ourselves. Even if you consider yourself a reality TV show hate-watcher or you force your ever-loving boyfriend to tune into "The Bachelorette," chances are even he has been curious about the behind-the-scenes process and if such shows really work in bringing people together. Thanks to the increasing popularity of dating on television, viewers have been introduced to a plethora of content — from "Love Is Blind" to "The Ultimatum" to "Love Island," fans can sink their teeth into season after season, with Season 4 of "Love Island" U.S. airing as we speak. Throughout the challenges and recouplings and drama that "Love Island" brings to the screen, some relationships are shining through, and some contestants have chosen to leave to ensure their love lives off-screen continue to blossom.

Kat Gibson was quickly taken by Jared Hassim's awareness, and Jared quickly realized how attracted he was to Kat. Despite being coupled with other islanders and navigating Casa Amor, Kat and Jared realized that they were meant to be together soon into their "Love Island" experience. When Jared was eliminated alongside Chanse Corbi thanks to America's vote, Kat stood up and self-eliminated, reuniting with Jared in front of their fellow contestants and making it known that the two would be leaving together. It was a "Love Island" romance that we all wanted to see, and after heading back down the coast to Los Angeles, Kat and Jared joined us for an exclusive interview and dished all about their relationship and "Love Island" experience.

Kat and Jared are going strong outside the villa

I'm very excited to talk to you both together. What's the status? Where are things now?

Jared Hassim: Things are going really well for us. We're definitely committed to each other. I don't see myself getting to know any other girls. I'm a one-woman man, and she's sitting on the other side of that screen, and she's already spoken to my dad and she had dinner with my mom.

Kat Gibson: I did just meet his mom last night. We've been together every day since we've been out of the villa, so things are going smoothly. We're taking it at our own pace and seeing where things take us, but I'm really happy.

I'm so glad. I wanted to start with that, and then we'll talk about both of your journeys on the show ... This is so exciting that you've found your person, hopefully, through this experience.

Jared: Yes.

The couple dish about the elimination and what that moment was like

Let's talk about the elimination first. Take me back to that moment — in particular, Jared. What was racing through your mind while you were standing up there?

Jared: Well, I don't know if you can see, but I was basically smiling the whole time because I knew that I was gone. I knew that once it was an America vote about which couple was staying. The most devastating bit of information was that it was two couples gone instead of just one. Because had it just been one, maybe there's a glimmer of hope [of staying]. 

But I had a feeling, and I was confident. I knew that if I was leaving, Kat was leaving with me, and we were going to start our journey together outside the villa. Basically, in my head, I was like, "I had done everything I had come to do. I got what I came here for in the villa with Kat, and that was it." I was very happy and very accepting of my entire experience there. I feel like I did it to the fullest.

Definitely. Kat, you stood up and self-eliminated. What was that like? Relief? Excitement?

Kat: When they announced [an elimination], I knew it wasn't looking too good, but then they announced that two couples were going home, and I was like, "God." I sat there for a second and I was like, "Is this the right decision? How do I really feel about leaving the villa?" But at the end of it, I was so drawn to that decision and I couldn't see it any other way, and I definitely could not see myself in the villa without him. It was easy in the end. I got up, and I'm happy with how we went out. I can't complain.

Watching it myself and then going on social media, fans are so excited for the both of you. That moment was so sweet. It maybe wasn't the duration on the show that you guys were both hoping for, but seems like it worked the way it was supposed to.

Kat: Yeah, I think so too.

Jared: We're both one of those people that's like, "Things happen for a reason. What's meant to be is meant to be." I'm happy that our journey led us to where we are now.

What were Kat and Jared were drawn to in each other?

Kat, you crossed paths with Chazz [Bryant] at one point. Jared, you crossed with Chanse [Corbi]. But what was it about the two of you? Kat, what was it about Jared that caught your attention?

Kat: His self-awareness and his intelligence was the number one thing. Then when we first kissed out of the challenges, [that's] when I first felt a very big spark, and then we talked about that. Before we even explored the relationship side of things, we would have talks with Nadjha [Day], and then I would be expressing my concern about not feeling like I'm drawn to Chazz [Bryant] in a certain way. As much as I wanted it to work, I would keep going on about this spark and this gut feeling. With Jared, I felt that. That's what drew me to him.

Jared, what about you? You're sitting there with heart eyes for Kat, by the way.

Jared: Yeah — it's good to hear nice words about yourself from someone you care about. Initially, right when she walked in, I was so attracted to her — when we were walking in getting prepared to meet other people. Then we developed a bit of a friendship basis, getting an understanding for who we are, because we walked in together and we were able to confide in each other about our previous situations. 

Then there was a truth or dare, where I was dared to kiss my top three, and I saved the best for last, which was Kat. Then we shared another kiss during the dare, but the main one was during a conversation we had on the balcony prior to Casa Amor. That's what had Kat on my mind.

Kat, you didn't couple up with anyone during Casa Amor. Were you confident that gamble was going to pay off?

Kat: I was more confident in the end of everything and [that] what worked out was meant to be, and what's not meant to be won't. I knew our positions were a little different. I was coupled up with Chazz. He was single. I had a good feeling he was going to come back with someone. It didn't stop me from going into the recoupling with the mindset that no matter who he walks in with, I'm shooting my shot and laying it down all on him.

Both Kat and Jared left the villa with no regrets

Jared, your coupling didn't pan out the way that Chanse [Corbi] thought it was going to. Walk me through what you were feeling and how you approached that situation.

Jared: I had multiple conversations with both Kat and Chanse, and I eventually had a conversation with Kat where I was like, "I'm going to commit to you and I'm going to let Chanse know how I feel." I was trying to be respectable throughout the whole process and trying to have a good understanding of everyone's feelings, because I don't want to be the reason that anyone's hurt. But sometimes it's inevitable in this game and in "Love Island," it happens.

I spoke to her and was open and honest with her about everything. Even in Casa Amor, I told Chanse that I had something with Kat that I still had some questions about. Even in my speech, when I came back from Casa Amor, I had mentioned that I had unanswered questions and unfinished business with someone in the villa — [that] being Kat. My honesty throughout the entire time I was speaking to Chanse is what made it so easy — or everything so amicable — going into the departure from her.

Do either of you have any regrets from your time on the show, or are you happy with how it all worked out?

Kat: I don't. That was my biggest thing too, going into it. I was like, "Do not leave with any regrets." I explored what I had to. I opened up to people. I got to know people. In the end, that's what drove me to Jared, because I knew I didn't feel any type of way about anybody else except for him.

Jared: I don't have any regrets. I did everything I came to do. I gave everybody a shot. I gave myself a shot, explored all the connections that I felt were necessary. In the end, I knew where my gut and where my heart was, and we all know where it is now.

You both left the villa together, so what's next? How are you both going to be moving forward as a couple?

Jared: Even when we were in the hotel, we started getting food. Food is a big thing for us, especially being one of Kat's passions, and we have dates in the works. We haven't set actual dates for them yet. We have a list of ideas. We have a sunset picnic, we have sushi, and then we have Disney. Then we have another one where we'll get a hotel and go somewhere in the works as well.

"Love Island" USA Season 4 drops new episodes Tuesdays through Sundays on NBC's Peacock, with recap episodes releasing on Saturdays.

This interview was edited for clarity.