Here's How Days Of Our Lives Will Change After Its Move To Peacock

"Days of Our Lives" is one of the longest-running soap operas of all time, per Showbiz CheatSheet. The NBC sudser has been a staple on daytime television for nearly six decades, and fans are still obsessing about the dramatic lives of the residents of the fictional Midwestern town, Salem. Viewers of the show span generations within many families, but things are about to change. 

In early August 2022, "Days of Our Lives" viewers learned that they'd be in for a major change when NBC announced it would no longer be airing the show on weekday afternoons. Instead, the soap is moving to the network's streaming app, Peacock, in September 2022.

"With a large percentage of the 'Days of Our Lives' audience already watching digitally, this move enables us to build the show's loyal fanbase on streaming," said Mark Lazarus, chairman of NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, per NBC News.

Of course, fans were split about the soap's move, and many were upset — with some even claiming that they would no longer watch the show(via The U.S. Sun). Meanwhile, there's a big incentive for "Days of Our Lives" fans to subscribe to Peacock. Not only will they get new episodes of the show, but they'll also be able to watch more than 14,000 episodes from the past 57 years, per Fox News

However, that's not the only interesting thing about the show's big move.

The cast and crew of Days of Our Lives reassure the fans

Since the news that "Days of Our Lives" is moving to Peacock was announced, fans have been a bit confused about how the changes will impact the soap opera. So, some members of the cast and crew were kind enough to offer some insight into the situation. 

Director Scott McKinsey set minds at ease when he revealed that the show is not getting canceled and that the cast is also making the transition to the streaming platform. 

"There will be no perceptible change to the show as it moves from NBC to Peacock," he explained on Facebook. "In fact, the prospect of 'Days' remaining in production for the long term just increased as a result of this move. Without Peacock, 'Days' might have been numbered on the Network."

In addition, actor Robert Scott Wilson praised the soap opera's move to Peacock during an interview with Soap Opera Digest's podcast, per Soaps. He believes the move gives the sudser a push into the future of television and makes it easier for fans to watch the show. He also revealed that the show has had success with its Peacock spin-off series, "Beyond Salem," so the transition shouldn't be difficult for viewers.

Now, Executive Producer Ken Corday is speaking up about the move and how it will change things on the soap in new and interesting ways.

Ken Corday promises intriguing changes for the soap opera

Executive Producer Ken Corday — whose parents, Ted and Betty Corday, created "Days of Our Lives" — is opening up about the show's switch to Peacock. He recently told Soap Opera Digest that the move to the streaming app was inevitable and that it was detailed in the show's most recent contract, per Daytime Confidential

"The network always had the right to migrate the show exclusively to Peacock and now they've decided to do so, and we're excited," he said.

Corday understands why some fans may be surprised by the move, he said, but he believes the sudser leaving network TV and heading to streaming is best for the show (via Soaps). "The bottom line is, this is the future. This is not the end of an era, it's the beginning of another era," he said. 

While some fans may still be disappointed by the news, the move to streaming could include some added bonuses. Corday revealed that the transition in episodes will be seamless as the show is filmed six months in advance. However, in February 2023, when the newly filmed Peacock episodes begin to air, the episodes will be longer as production won't have to worry about time constraints or commercials. 

Corday also shared that the soap opera could get even steamier due to the break from network television, which could mean big things for fan-favorite couples. If that's not enough to continue watching, what is?