The Britney Spears Song You Should Listen To If You're A Virgo

Happy Virgo season! Elite Daily praises the earth sign for their follow-through, and it's fair to count on Virgos to be there for their friends in a bind. They will make sure to keep up appearances, show up for others, and fulfill their responsibilities, even when they may be hurting on the inside. 

As a professional performer might say, "the show must go on" — and no one has had to meet this expectation more than the pop queen Britney Spears herself. Through a life-altering conservatorship in which she had little to no personal freedom, Spears had to continue performing, serving as a judge on reality competitions, and making public appearances, according to Newsweek. Spears was unable to move forward in her personal life due to her career, and the conservatorship limited her relationships and freedom to marry her long-time love and now-husband Sam Asghari, via AP News.

Virgos can learn something from Spears' lyrics that deal with perfectionism and the inability to disappoint those around her, even when she's struggling internally. However, Cosmopolitan sees Virgo as a sign that is open to incremental changes, leading to choices that prioritize self-preservation and their long-term happiness instead of external validation. As a fellow mutable sign, Sagittarius Spears can inspire Virgo to turn their superior analytical skills toward how they move through the world and adapt according to what's best for them.

This earth sign is also playing a role

Perfectionism and Virgo go hand in hand, and they can be overly critical of themselves and others, per Paired Life. Spears sings, "Isn't she lovely, this Hollywood girl?" Implying that she is playing a role to perfection both on and offscreen. 

Garage concludes that "Lucky" is the ideal song to describe Virgo's tendency to present a polished facade rather than their authentic self. As Britney sings, "Best actress, and the winner is Lucky." Despite the validation she receives professionally, Lucky isn't in a stable emotional situation, and may lack self-esteem or nitpick herself. The lyric, "If there's nothing missing in my life, then why do these tears come at night?" expands the gap between appearances and reality, which is also a key area for growth in Virgos' daily lives.

Virgos may take this as a sign that it may not be best to spend a huge amount of time in their heads overthinking their decisions and how others perceive them. Ultimately, Virgos may need to quit acting like everything is fine when they're really just stuck in their heads.

Virgos struggle to live up to an image

Cosmopolitan sees Virgo as the ultimate do-gooder of the zodiac, and Britney Spears' song "Lucky" is all about a young actress who is suffering under the expectations of stardom. Image is important to Virgo, who puts their energy into appearing prepared for the worst, per Astrology. And, as Spears sings about Lucky, she's "Lost in an image, in a dream / But there's no one there to wake her up." Virgos are also gratified by following the rules and meeting the standards put in place by those they admire — however, there will be moments where these expectations interfere with their true desires.

 As Lucky sings, "It's time for make-up, perfect smile / It's you they're all waiting for." Virgo is always looking for the gold star on their homework, just like the protagonist in "Lucky" is working toward success in Hollywood. Britney sings, "And the world is spinning, and she keeps on winning," followed with, "But tell me what happens when it stops?" For an earth sign always setting and meeting their goals, they may find there is still a dissatisfaction they can't put their finger on. For the starlet, it seems like there is no level of success that will make her truly happy, though she feels pressure to smile through it all. Even for super organized and brilliant Virgo, it's okay to not have it all together under their high-achiever persona.