Donald Trump Just Received Some Bad News About His Social Media Platform

When thinking of the headlines that Donald Trump has been in during 2022, perhaps the last one that comes to mind is the rollout of Trump's own social media platform, Truth Social.

After getting permanently suspended from Twitter in January 2021, post-January 6 attacks, Trump decided to launch his own social media app, and in February 2022, the app Truth Social became live to the public. One supporter favorably tweeted: "Truth social begins today! It's very cool ... No more silencing our voices!" This marketable aspect of the platform has been debatable, as users on Trump's social media platform can still be banned for inappropriate usage.

The app's functions are similar to Twitter's, allowing users to make their own profiles and write blurbs that are showcased in a feed based on who you follow (via Mashable). And just months after the app released, the FBI raided Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence. The former president took to Truth Social to make his thoughts about the investigations against him loud and clear, which actually led to an increase in downloads, according to Vice.

However, Trump should refrain from celebrating the success of his social media platform because he may find himself in legal troubles once again.

Truth Social is allegedly facing trademark and financial woes

While former President Donald Trump is facing multiple federal investigations, his social media app, Truth Social, may also be an added area of concern. Business Insider reported that the attempt to trademark Truth Social has been rejected due to being "confusingly similar" to brands such as Christian radio network, Truth Network, and another social media app entitled Vero — True Social

Josh Gerben, a trademark attorney, tweeted about the rejection, stating: "Trump will have six months to file a response and argue against the refusal." So far, Trump hasn't commented about the decision. However, he could be thinking about the alleged $1 million and some change he will have to cough up for falling through on the app's web-hosting payments (via Fox Business). RightForge, one of Truth Social's vendors and creditors, claim the social media company has made a mere three payments, owing an estimate of about $1.6 million. 

Trump and his team have also yet to comment on this matter.