30 Products To Achieve Your Virgin River Dreams

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The beloved Netflix show "Virgin River" is once again serving up white-cap waves of inspiration. The show has a clearly defined aesthetic — rugged-yet-chic with all the off-grid trimmings we're all craving these days. Although there's enough drama to keep us enthralled, the woodland setting, cozy cabin vibes, and the characters' outdoorsy adventures also help stoke the flames of wanderlust — and we're here to make sure you have all the inspiration and supplies you need to embrace this Virgin River-inspired life of adventure.


But how did "Virgin River" become such a major source of wholesome, quasi-off-grid inspiration? Well, the show premiered in December of 2019, just a few months before the full impact of the pandemic set in. Soon after, in a desperate need to decompress while practicing social distancing, many people turned to the great outdoors. It sparked a tremendous revival in appreciation for activities such as camping, as reported by Forbes. As the nation leaned on Mother Nature for spaces within which to rejuvenate, the idyllic town of Virgin River mirrored that comforting trend, as Collider notes, with the added bonus of woodland cabins, approachable adventures, and soothing cardigan sweaters. Therefore, this collection has all of that and more!


How we selected products

With so much "Virgin River" lifestyle inspiration out there, we needed to create a process and structure to ensure a stellar (and totally fun!) product roundup. We approach it with genuine gratitude since we're huge fans. Plus, we definitely contribute to the Netflix statistics, which include 20,470,000 cumulative viewing hours for "Virgin River" Season 4. 


For this unique story, which combines the trends of the show's success with an increase in global travel, we used travel trend research as the jumping-off point. For example, the 2022 Global Travel Trends Report published by American Express indicates that 75% of those surveyed are eager to confirm travel plans even if those plans need to be adjusted down the road. Additionally, 62% of that audience is planning two to four getaways, excursions, or vacations in 2022. We combined this with data regarding travel industry trends, which show people are looking for more off-grid getaways, reconnection with nature, and immersive and learning experiences are in high demand, according to Independent and Condé Nast Traveller.


Lastly, we worked with a team consisting of twelve experts throughout the travel industry — including Swasti Sarna, Global Director of Data Insights at Pinterest — who provided critical data regarding the current user search trends. Within the travel blogging community, Megan Wilson, author of Sweet Sauce Blog, brings over 15 years of experience, and Jennifer Walsh, who founded Walk with Walsh and was recently published in the New York Times, specializes in outdoor wellness experiences. Chantelle Hartman Malarkey brings a wealth of knowledge as a lifestyle expert, specializing in travel, style, and interior design. Deepening the reach of travel industry know-how, Melissa Rosenfield's 15 years of experience includes working with top hotel brands such as Viceroy Hotel Group, Marriott Brands, and the famed Rockefeller Center. She founded IFP Communications and is the world's first Director of Vibe.

They're joined by Migle Rakauskaitė, Head of Growth at Tinggly, an experiential gifting company, Nate Axvig, co-owner of the Scandinavian clothing store Aktiv, Kat Jamieson, founder of the With Love From Kat travel app, Michaela Guzy, founder of Oh The People You Meet, Zach Bell, co-founder and CEO of the home-sharing app MyPlace, and finally the wife-husband travel team of Necota and Sonya Staples, founders of the travel company Staples InTents.


So, let the expert-led adventure begin!

Create a Preacher-inspired picnic outing

Sorry, Virginia, but "Virgin River" is making a play for your state motto. It's definitely the best place for lovers, especially with all the romantic picnics this season. Preacher and Doc both treated their favorite gals to a bit of al fresco romance. So, whether you're looking for romance or just roaming refreshments, this picnic backpack serves up a near-perfect Amazon rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.


With separate insulated wine and food compartments, a cheeseboard, glasses, and more, it's no wonder it's rated no. 1 in picnic sets and no.1 in picnic backpacks.

Expert Tip: Virgin River is steeped in small-town charm, but their love of picnics is on par with the Norwegians' love of dining al fresco, according to the Scandinavian clothing store owner, Nate Axvig. "Norwegians have a concept called friluftsliv, which basically means weaving the natural world into your daily activities. This can be as simple as packing a picnic for lunch and eating it outside or even walking or riding your bike to dinner instead of driving."

Price: The Sunflora Picnic Backpack is available on Amazon, starting at $69.99.


Social Media Highlight: Well, it's not just Preacher, Doc, our editors, and the nation of Norway who adore picnics, as it turns out. There have been 1.9 billion views of picnic-related videos on TikTok. Talk about a gingham goliath! But we're partial to this "Virgin River" picnic post by Alexandra Breckenridge showing her character, Mel, and Jack out for a romantic picnic.

Explore the woods, river, and beyond in these beautiful-yet-rugged boots

These boots are at the center of our Virgin River lifestyle mood board. Channeling the heart and sole of the Virgin River vibe, the earthy tone and gorpcore aesthetic is functional yet chic. So are you headed out for a pumpkin spice latte or a little forest foraging outing? Either option works, because these Overland boots are designed to tackle anything from errands to outdoorsy endeavors.


Expert Tip: Investing in a quality pair of boots is a great way to get a good return on your gorpcore splurge. Along those lines, travel and lifestyle expert Megan Wilson suggests channeling your inner-Mel by incorporating "hoodies to layer under jackets, dark leather boots, and maybe even some beanies."

Price: The Oceane Wool-Lined Waterproof Suede and Leather Hiker Boots are available at Overland for $359.

Social Media Highlight: Overland's Instagram account is basically life goals — lots of dreamy mountain moments, folks looking casually cool in banded hats, and gorgeous adventure-ready boots. Plus, the brand gets near-endless media love from the likes of Glamour, The Zoe Report, Conde Nast Traveller, and The Strategist.


Experience the ultimate river excursion when you enroll in fly-fishing school

If you're hooked on the idea of embracing the quiet solitude of the river, consider a fly fishing retreat. According to the Outdoor Research Association, you'd be among the 19.7 million women who went fishing in 2020. Orvis offers over 30 different fly fishing trips from Montana to Belize. These instructive getaways and courses are the reel-deal, so if you've been angling for a meaningful, experience-based vacation, consider this the nudge you need to make it happen.


Expert Tip: It's pretty clear that we're not the only ones in a fishing frenzy. Travel expert Melissa Rosenfield says the trend of learning-based travel is here to stay. According to her, "learning to surf, fishing and fly fishing" are increasing in popularity. And sure enough, Swasti Sarna, Global Director of Data Insights at Pinterest, confirmed that searches for "fishing hacks" was up 60% between March 14th and April 10th, 2022. And, along those lines, "fishing kayak ideas" had doubled. So, go ahead — dip your toes in the water!

Price: Fly Fishing Schools are available at Orvis, starting at $279.

Social Media Highlight: We love the "moments of chill" and "moments of thrill" that Orvis regularly features on Instagram. Fishing-themed moments are plentiful, like this cool underwater video of a shockingly beautiful fish that has over 5,300 views. Plus, according to the 43,300 likes, we're all vying to be as happy as Doc in this wholesome fly-fishing gem posted on Netflix's official "Virgin River" Instagram page!


Can't get to the river for a vacation? This book delivers the same chill vibes

If you're low on vacation time and can't jet off for a fly fishing retreat, no worries! If you're an angler or are captivated by the lure of fly fishing, you can plan a staycation to hunker down with this easy-to-binge book. It's a gentle journey that explores the passion for fishing, the beauty of the natural world, and even the nuanced interplay between fishing and the environment. It's a bit of memoir and a whole lot of the themes "Virgin River" is known for — wildness, hope, and passion, to name a few.


Expert Tip: The current travel landscape shows that people "have the urge to experience something new, and something exciting," according to Migle Rakauskaitė, Head of Growth at the experiential gifting company, Tinggly. So, you can use this book as your first step toward finally experiencing the joy of fly fishing.

Price: Illuminated by Water: Fly Fishing and the Allure of the Natural World is available on Amazon, starting at $18.99.

Social Media Highlight: If you're keen on direct connections, follow the book's author, Malachy Tallack, on Instagram. You can also get a sense of the calm that awaits you in his book by checking out this YouTube interview, where he chats about one of his earlier works.


Having a prop plane take you away for the weekend? This is the perfect rustically elegant luggage

In Season 4, Episode 4 of "Virgin River," Mel surprises Jack with a romantic little seaplane getaway. You'll notice Jack's vintage-inspired leather duffel bag if you're feverishly mining the show's aesthetic for travel inspiration. This handmade version is a close match, and Amazon reviewers rank it 4.7 out of five stars. But one review stood out above all others by mentioning the heirloom quality: "You'll never have to buy another bag. This one is built to pass along to your kids."


Expert Tip: Jennifer Walsh, travel expert and founder of "Walk With Walsh," gifted us some "Virgin River" packing advice that included bringing "layerable clothes because it always tends to get colder than you planned" and "a wrap sweater that feels like a blanket — great for sitting around the fire at night." Well, layers and blanket-inspired wrap sweaters will require a spacious travel bag, so we just added this to our weekly Amazon haul.

Price: The Vintage Style Handmade Leather Duffel Bag is available on Amazon for $129.45.

Social Media Highlight: New to the Insta-scene as of 2018, Rustic Town's posts are an homage to timeless craftsmanship. Plus, among the brand's goals, you'll find "design to discover the wildness within you" and "improve the lifestyle of artisans," so, overall, the brand fits right in with the values of the Virgin River community.


Get that signature Virgin River outdoorsy look with this adventure-ready jacket

A field coat is quintessential "Virgin River." This one from Aether nails the rustic-chic, gorpcore look with the faded brown hue and utilitarian accents, including easy-to-roll sleeves. The fabric has a bit of stretch, so it's ready for anything from woodland hikes to wine tastings. It'll be in your regular rotation for years to come, especially knowing the brand offers a lifetime manufacturing guarantee.


Expert Tip: In preparation for this story, we asked style and travel expert Chantelle Hartman Mallarkey for suggestions on making the most of our time in our local parks and outdoor spaces. She said to keep it simple. "Be prepared with comfortable clothing, gear, a nice hammock, your favorite book, snacks, and just enjoy mother nature."

Price: The Yuma Jacket is available at Aether for $325.

Social Media Highlight: We fell down the glorious rabbit hole that is the Aether Pinterest page, and we're back to report that we have no regrets. It's filled with adventure-worthy styles, mountains, and even motorcycles that would make our favorite tough guy, Brady, giddy with delight. Looking for more? No worries, the brand's Instagram feed, which has over 66,000 followers, is spilling over with lifestyle looks. This image, featuring the Yuma coat, looked so much like Mel from the show we squealed out loud.


Plan a Virgin River style Renaissance faire or glamping trip with this waterproof tent

Hear ye, hear ye! Join us in raising a pint of Meade to celebrate this glorious tent. Is it for glamping or a Virgin River-inspired Renaissance Faire? All of the above, of course, so we tip our cap to its versatility. Not only is it a whole vibe, but it's a legitimate, waterproof camping tent. Use it as shown here, or strip it down to just the mesh base for some primo stargazing.


Out of curiosity, we scrolled through the Amazon reviews that include photos. Sure enough, our hunch was spot on — customers have posted images from family camping trips to trippy Coachella aesthetics, with frequent mentions of how well the tent holds up in windy conditions. But, this next-level festival setup just blew us away, and the reviewer mentioned he "was able to fit a queen-sized mattress in it."

Expert Tip: Pinterest's Global Director of Data Insights, Swasti Sarna, provided compelling data regarding what Pinterest users are searching for these days. And it turns out, we're all still craving s'more glamping inspiration because "camping glamping" and "camping trailer decorating" both tripled in search volume from March 14th to April 10th, 2022. At the same time, searches for "SUV camping ideas" and "vintage camping" were up 76%.


Price: The 4-Season Dome Tent is available on Amazon, starting at $165.95.

Social Media Highlight: If you need a little inspiration for your glamping aesthetic, set aside some quality deep-dive time to sift through the eye candy available on Pinterest or peruse REI's DIY glamping advice.

Remote rosé? Yup! These little cans are ready for adventure

Lubanzi wine has a backstory that'll make you take the day off to just steep in the universe's goodness. Charlie and Walker lived in South Africa as exchange students and headed off on an epic week-long hike. An adorable dog — known by the locals as a wandering dog named Lubanzi — began following them. It turns out the sweet pup hiked with them for six days — a full 100 miles — before heading off on his own, again. 


The dog's serendipitous visit had such an impact on Charlie and Walker that they named their soon-to-be brand after him. Oh, and this winery — with its roots in adventure — also created a Chenin Blanc varietal named a Top 100 Wine by Wine Enthusiast.

Expert Tip: Michaela Guzy, a travel expert and adjunct professor at NYU School of Professional Studies, is an absolute treasure trove of travel expertise. So, when she explained that one of the top travel trends is "experiences, not stuff," we took note. One simple way to embrace this idea is to plan a canned wine-tasting picnic or, as Guzy recommends, seek out small, local vineyards.

Price: The Lubanzi Canned Rosé Bubbles are available at Total Wine for $15.99.


Social Media Highlight: If you spend some time in Lubanzi's Instagram highlights, you'll see the brand's Certified B Corp status featured by NPR. Along those lines, Lubanzi was included in a favorites list on Martha Stewart and has been celebrated by Wine Enthusiast for its ethical approach to winemaking.

Yearning for some off-grid downtime and rejuvenation?

Simplicity — you might find yourself craving it more than chocolate these days. Technology is great, but too much can leave you feeling over-wired and under-satisfied. If that's the case, it's time to reconnect with the things that really matter. That's where Getaway comes in. The brand makes it easy to escape the chaos. In fact, all Getaway cabins are designed to be perfectly uncomplicated, a feature that Amadeus reports is important to the segment of travelers known as "simplicity searchers." The cozy huts even have a lock box to stow away your cell phone if you choose.


After reading the traveler reviews, we immediately packed a (small, minimalist) bag. Most convey a tremendous sense of relief and rejoice at the time "with nature with no distractions." For example, one traveler wrote, "Spending the night at a getaway cabin in Tennessee was exactly the escape I needed. It was so nice to go off-grid for a little while and spend some time with loved ones in nature with no distractions."

Expert Tip: "There's something so charming about leaving a busy life and immersing yourself into the simplicity of nature," says travel-savvy Chantelle Hartman Malarkey. In fact, a small cabin is a perfect spot to rejuvenate. "It's so quiet and peaceful," she says. "The sounds of the forest are so relaxing and help slow down your thoughts."


Price: Reserve a Getaway Cabin on the brand's website, starting at $99.

Social Media Highlight: Simplicity and serenity are top of mind for Getaway's nearly 1 million Instagram followers, so much so that posts like this serene scene featuring the brand's cozy cabins regularly accrue thousands of likes. So, of course, it's no surprise that the cabin-craving extends its reach to Pinterest as well, where the brand has 34,000 monthly views.

Upgrade your airplane nap with this hidden compartment travel pillow

Hooray for the folks at Cabeau! They've designed an airplane pillow that doesn't make your neck bend at an awkward 90-degree angle. That alone is a significant upgrade to traveling, but then they went ahead and added a mini storage pocket, and we feel like the real-life version of that exploding head emoji — minds blown. This next-level travel pillow has raised sides and a seat strap system that prevents that embarrassing "bobblehead" situation.


This ingenious travel pillow, named the best travel pillow of 2022 by CNN, has over 4,200 Amazon reviews and a 4.4-star rating. Plus, it's ranked among the top 10 travel pillows and No. 2 on Amazon Launchpad Indiegogo.

Expert Tip: Nate Axvig, co-owner of the Scandinavian clothing store Aktiv, has noticed travel trends requiring long flights. "Two major trends we see is people going on major trips, whether to places like Machu Pichu or Antarctica to month-long bike trips in Europe, people are going big," he said. So, if you're among those planning an epic adventure, don't forget the importance of a comfortable airplane snooze.

Price: The Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow is available on Amazon for $39.99.


Social Media Highlight: Everyone's eager to travel, so it's no surprise that Cabeau's travel pillow is creating a lot of online buzz. "Travel Pockets" hosts Crystal and Candy posted a YouTube review with nearly 18,000 views, but we're also straight-up smitten with TikTok user @melissadesm. She's sassy and well-traveled (70 countries!), and her review has reached a cruising altitude of 28,000 views.

Live your best Virgin River life in a cozy cardigan

Virgin River Season 4 is a 12-episode pine needle paved runway for the ultimate cozy cardigan fashion show. Universally loved by all the townspeople, cardigan sweaters are perfect for a chilly evening of sitting outside, watching fireflies, or pretty much any other thing you please. And the folks at Portland, Oregon's Pendleton Woolen Mills are the all-time OG cozy cardigan people; the company was founded in 1863! So, you can trust that their cardigans, like the Graphic Shetland Zip Cardigan and Heritage Shetland Wool Cardigan, will hold up through adventures big and small.


Expert Tip: But don't forget, "Adventure doesn't have to be climbing Mt Kilimanjaro or driving cross country," says Necota and Sonya Staples, founders of the outlanding company Staples InTents. "There's no need to wait for something big."

Price: The Graphic Shetland Zip Cardigan is available at Pendleton for $229.

Social Media Highlight: The Pendleton Instagram feed — which has nearly half a million followers — is the feel-good, wholesome outdoorsy vibe you need today and every day. It's just square after glorious square of "Virgin River" vibes — woolen blankets draped casually over Adirondack chairs, people in flannel shirts chillaxin' next to a river, and oh-so-many snuggly cardigans!


Plan a knitting retreat in one of Virgin River's filming locations

One of the top signs that you're a superfan of the show is that you let out a quiet, peaceful exhale when the gals gather for their knitting circle. Does that sound like you? Well, you too can achieve that sense of connection, community, and feeling of creative ingenuity by going on a knitting retreat. Plus, if you've ever wondered where "Virgin River" is filmed, you can learn to knit while exploring one of the show's filming locations. According to Marie Claire, Vancouver is among the bucolic locations, and guess what? The folks there love knitting too!


Knit City Vancouver 2022 is an event that offers a marketplace, classes, and workshops. And if the timing for this annual knit-a-thon doesn't work for you, no worries. You can explore the area's other knitting classes and events on the Vancouver Yarn calendar.

Expert Tip: Travel blogger Megan Wilson echoes the importance of getaways rooted in community and connection. "My memories aren't always of the cute Instagram photos or the epic views — they are of the people I got to meet and connect with. I learn something new about myself and the world with every conversation."

Price: Individual workshops, like the Custom Fit Socks Class, begin at $135.

Social Media Highlight: Amanda and Fiona are the producers of Knit City Vancouver, and we want to weave them some friendship bracelets and be besties forever. Not only does the Insta-feed have helpful event information, but it's a cozy homage to all things knitting. And if you're yearning for more yarn, the Vancouver Yarn Pinterest board will soothe and satiate.


These tights are perfect if the cast's Virgin River trail runs inspire you

Trail running is kind of a big deal on the show. Everyone from Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) to Brie (Zibby Allen) and even Season 4's new character Dr. Cameron Hayek (Mark Ghanimé) often takes to the woods to unwind and get some fresh air and exercise. Plus, Runner's World reports that the benefits of trail running include anxiety reduction.


To be strategic on a solo trail run, choose running tights with a phone pocket, like these from Hylete. The brand's sweat-wicking Nimbus tights offer the added bonus of selecting a 25" or 27" inseam. Not to mention, one reviewer addressed the top feature on our running tights wish list, "They never fall down, always stay in place! Love it!"

Expert Tip: Whether at home or on vacation, trail running is a great way to add adventure to your day. Love and travel partners Necota and Sonya Staples remind us that "adventure ... can be as simple as ... a local trail. The point of adventure is to try something different and stretch yourself." 

Price: The Nimbus II Tight is available at Hylete for $98.


Social Media Highlight: Hylete's YouTube channel has 10,000 followers, over 1,561,330 views, and is an inclusive community for athletes and active people of all levels. Along those lines, the brand's Instagram feed offers inspiration for its 85,000 followers and a closer look at the line's workout gear, like the Nimbus Tights.

Prepare for your adventure with expert advice and a bit of humor

Sometimes you're looking for adventure, and sometimes it sneaks up and scares the life out of you, so best be prepared! "The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook" is a collection of legitimate real-life advice on managing all sorts of challenging scenarios — everything from surviving an avalanche to getting free from a sinking car. It's a fun read that just might help you out of some weird and wild scenarios, but it also includes topics like what to do if you drop your cell phone in the toilet.


This book is an international best-seller, and this marks its 20th anniversary! It's rated 4.7 out of 5-stars, and one reviewer raved, "It wasn't just useful information (could be, you never know), but it was also hilarious. Some of the things are super outrageous, of course, but at the same time, you can't help but wonder."

Expert Tip: With over 15 years of travel expertise, Melissa Rosenfield knows her way around a cozy cabin getaway. "Reconnecting with nature is so important, and somehow we forget to do it. When I am out in the woods, I wake up each morning and sit in the silence, walk around barefoot." First of all, we could not agree more! But before you dabble in the barefoot in the woods theme, maybe check if this book has advice.


Price: "The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook" is available on Amazon for $14.69.

Social Media Highlight: Drop everything. Elementary school student, Jake, created this epic book review on YouTube. Jake read the "extreme junior edition." He rumples his forehead with deep reflection and reminds us, "When faced with extreme situations, extreme reactions should be taken — and fast."

Head to Virgin River on a whim with a dreamy REI x Airstream trailer

Fun fact, although our favorite show is fictitious and based on the books by author Robyn Carr, there is an actual Virgin River, and it's glorious. So if you're looking to embark on the all-time, ultimate "Virgin River" adventure, head to Zion National Park with this amazing Airstream x REI trailer in tow. This silver siren has all the expected come-hither appeal Airstream is known for, with added, rugged oomph from REI Co-Op. Forbes reported on the launch of the basecamp-style trailer, detailing its 25-piece product kit of specialized REI products.


Visitors to national parks boosted the 2021 economy by $42.5 billion in 2021, according to National Parks Traveler, which reaffirms what our "Virgin River" adventure experts have said — people are reconnecting and appreciating nature. So, if you want to visit Zion and this river in style, all you need is a standard mid-size SUV and a sense of adventure.

Expert Tip: "The road trip is where it's at," says Necota and Sonya Staples, the married team behind the company Staples InTents. It's an immersive travel experience "with travelers stopping along the way to visit state and national parks, all while experiencing little peace and serenity while enjoying nature."

Price: The Airstream 2023 REI Special Edition is available at Airstream, starting at $52,900.


Social Media Highlight: To say folks are jazzed about this Airstream x REI collaboration would be an understatement. One Instagram announcement has nearly 13,000 likes, plus REI's 2.3 million followers are regularly treated to expert adventure advice, including "how to choose car camping tents."

This charming bicycle basket is 3-day weekend ready

If collecting artisanal bottles of bubbles and gourds in a charming bicycle basket is the agenda for the long weekend, sign us up. Like what you see? Well, there's more! Goodee is a "community of socially-conscious design enthusiasts," and this 5-star rated Baba Tree brand bike basket is locally-sourced and handwoven in Ghana. It's made from Vetiver grass, and its leather attachment straps are finished with handsome brass buckles.


You may have noticed more bicycles around since the pandemic started. The data and analytics experts at NPD Group noted that 2022 might, once again, be a stellar year for the wholesome and utterly joyful hobby of biking. So, fill this irresistible basket with your whimsical, pedal-powered dreams, and get biking!

Expert Tip: Most of us "want to get away from work for short bursts of time," says travel and lifestyle writer Megan Wilson, and we wholeheartedly agree. "With work-from-home still remaining a standard for many, you have to be deliberate about getting away from the 'office.'" Along those lines, make time to bike over to pick up your takeout lunch or plan a 3-day cycle-centric weekend.


Price: The Large Handmade Bicycle Basket is available at Goodee for $115.

Social Media Highlight: We're not the only ones who can't get enough of Goodee's goods. The brand has an average of 500,000 monthly views on Pinterest!

This limited-edition bourbon helps raise money for Yellowstone National Park

Wyoming Whiskey's National Parks No. 2 has notes of lingering oak and positive impact. Once again, the acclaimed whiskey makers have partnered with Yellowstone Forever, the nonprofit team for Yellowstone National Park. The whiskey connoisseurs at Bourbon Banter reported on the release, which includes a $5 donation for each of the limited-edition bottles (up to a cumulative total of $150,000).


This straight bourbon whiskey is full without being too heavy, so it's great as a mixed drink or a sip alongside charcuterie boards. Needless to say, it's also the perfect woodland cabin nightcap after an evening of stargazing.

Expert Tip: You don't need to be an expert outdoorsperson to enjoy the quiet retreat of a cabin getaway. "To truly unplug in a cabin is a way to untether yourself from the digital shackles that are everywhere," shares Nate Axvig, an adventure clothing store owner and Scandinavian culture expert. So, it can be as adventurous as a snowy hike or as chill as sipping good whiskey next to the fire.

Price: The Wyoming Whiskey National Parks Limited Edition is available at Drizly, starting at $49.99.


Social Media Highlight: If you love whiskey, national parks, campfires, bison, and the great outdoors, then join the 13,000 Wyoming Whiskey followers on Instagram. And although fine whiskey is reason enough to raise a glass to the brand's social media posts, their unyielding dedication to national parks is worthy of genuine praise. Co-founder David DeFazio addressed followers directly during the 2022 Yellowstone flooding crisis, which was covered by all national media outlets, including NPR and The New York Times.

Looking to be in tune with nature? Settle by the campfire with this sweet harmonica

Be the coolest person at the campfire. This sweet little harmonica will deliver all the chill, bluesy vibes your night outdoors deserves. Or, perhaps it serves up a whole lotta laughs because maybe you're adorably sucky at harmonica.


As much as this sounds like a scene from a feel-good gal-pal adventure flick, you can, in fact, learn to play the harmonica with relative ease, according to Liam Ward, founder and CEO of Learn the Harmonica. In his popular YouTube video, which has over 33,700 views, he says, "Yes, it's really easy to pick up simple melodies...so from day one, you can be playing tunes that people will recognize and enjoy." 

Expert Tip: Swasti Sarna, global director of data insights at Pinterest, provided The List with camping-related data for this story. Searches for "vintage camping" were up a whopping 76% between March 14 and April 10. Along those lines, reporting by Gear Junkie goes so far as to say that camping is out-pacing the van-life trend. So, cue the harmonica because it seems we're all searching for some wholesome old-school camping feels!


Price: The Gentlemen's Hardware Campfire Harmonica is available on Amazon for $35.74.

Social Media Highlight: Gentlemen's Hardware sells various cool, problem-solving products you didn't know you needed. The Instagram feed is a catalog of OMG-moments, including everything from game night supplies to gourmet camp cooking collections.

This fleece-lined corduroy jacket is ready for rivers, mountains, and everything in between

The color, texture, and fleecy feel of this corduroy coat have us daydreaming of pumpkin spice hot girl walks along the rocky banks of the Virgin River. So grab your Yeti coffee mug, journal, and pumpkin spice muffin and set your out-of-office reply to "I'm off-grid; later beotch!"


Wrangler hit the rusty nail on the head with this sherpa-lined, burnt orange-hued jacket.

Expert Tip: Whether exploring regionally or afar, "It's important to know the [weather] where you are going," advises travel and wellness expert Jennifer Walsh. Her favorite quote is, "There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes." So, she reminded us of the importance of layering. A barn coat, like this one, has a boxy cut and is perfect for achieving that goal!

Price: The Sherpa Lined Barn Jacket in Rust is available at Wrangler for $100.

Social Media Highlight: Wrangler's 763,000 Instagram followers includes Disney and Nickelodeon star Lane Toran, who basically grew up to be the ultimate poster boy for the rugged Renaissance man look. And that just feels right, considering Wrangler's appeal is so universal.


Enjoy the great outdoors with a cozy Adirondack chair

"Virgin River" Season 4 is anchored with Adirondack chairs; they're everywhere. We especially love when Mel and Jack sit out by the river having cozy chats, but we're open to pretty much any Adirondack-based activity. Among our favorites, sipping warm mulled wine on chilly evenings and hunkering down with a good book and lap blanket definitely top the list.


Although Smithsonian Magazine reports that part of the chair's history is linked with Tuberculosis recovery, the overall theme of its curative and relaxing features remains a constant. However, one modern-day upgrade is a folding Adirondack chair like this one. Yup! It folds for easy storage and road trip adventures. Plus, it's weather-proof and available in over 20 fade-resistant colors. No wonder it has 2,450 ratings and a 4.3-star rating. One happy customer said, "The blue chairs look beautiful in our yard along the lake shore! We have received many compliments!! I would definitely purchase another product from the Serwall Store."

Expert Tip: Kat Jamieson, founder of the With Love From Kat travel app, was one of our go-to advisors in regards to what analog, wholesome experiences people are looking for right now. She said it's "really grounding to incorporate multiple experiences in nature," explaining that these experiences range from hiking or spending time at a beautiful beach or garden. We're taking her advice of "being immersed amongst nature" and planting those feel-good vibes right in our back yard with an Adirondack staycation!


Price: The Folding Adirondack Chair is available on Amazon, starting at $151.71.

Social Media Highlight: Pinterest's seemingly never-ending search results for "Adirondack chairs" pins range from rustic or beach house-themed to patio and even "zen." We're happy to test out each of those themes while getting a little fresh air and rejuvenation.

Serious adventures require rugged yet lightweight gear

This is a great starter tent if you're looking to start camping but don't have your own gear yet. It's spacious, easy to set up, and holds up well in windy conditions. Its water-resistant material will keep you dry during an unexpected shower, but the double doors are truly swoon-worthy. Why you may ask? Well, nothing turns a friend into a frenemy faster than awkwardly climbing over them to get out of a tent with only one door. Unfortunately, these are the harsh facts of adventure life.


But the good news is that this tent has a 4.4-star rating from over 3,000 real-life customers. One reviewer put it through the rigors of a recent camping trip. "The first night it poured...Not a drop of water entered the tent. The next day, while we were away from the site, the weather turned windy, 22 mph constant — with gusts [even] higher. The tent had no issues..."

Expert Tip: The time-honored joy of camping is having its moment in the spotlight, again, according to Pinterest's global director of data insights, Swasti Sarna. Data shows that the "camping, glamping" activity tripled between March 14 and April 10. Along those lines, Amazon reviewers frequently referenced "SUV camping," which Sarna said was also up 76% on Pinterest. This holds true IRL as well, as reported by NJ Advance Media, which says it was the busiest camping summer in years in New Jersey. So, this compact, versatile tent seems like a great way to join the camping community.


Price: The 4-Person Moon Windproof Tent is available on Amazon for $129. 

Social Media Highlight: The folks at Highland Outdoor Gear selected Moon Lence as one of the best instant tents for 2022. The YouTube review video, which has over 4,400 views since its May 2022 premiere, demonstrates the compact size and fast and easy setup.

Sleep under the stars in this three-season down sleeping bag

Therm-a-rest has created a unicorn among sleeping bags; it's lightweight, rated to 14 degrees, and uses RDS certified, responsibly sourced down feather insulating filler. Plus, all you do is unceremoniously smash into the little storage bag, and you're good to go. Do you see how small it is, by the way? A full-size sleeping bag that packs down to the size of a cake? Yes, please!


This sleep sack is rated 4.7 stars on Amazon and 4.5 stars on the brand's website. Coupled with one reviewer's successful experience with the sleeping bag in Alaska, we're very impressed. "I took this sleeping bag with me to Alaska. The night temperatures were in the low 40s, and I slept so warm in this bag. I have no doubt that it would hold up in colder weather. Probably best sleep I have gotten while camping."

Expert Tip: The folks at Tinggly specialize in experience-based gifting, and travel is extremely popular. Migle Rakauskaitė is head of growth and mentioned that customers are looking to splurge more. "It seems that people are choosing more breathtaking experiences, rather than traditional" options or typical hotels, Rakauskaitė explained. Well, we can't think of a better splurge than a cozy sleeping bag and an evening of star-gazing.


Price: The Therm-a-Rest Questar Sleeping Bag is available on Amazon, starting at $269.89.

Social Media Highlight: Therm-a-rest recently crossed a significant milestone — 50 years in business! The Instagram feed is a proper celebration and includes camping eye candy, giveaways, and even advice on how to do adventure repairs. Plus, the brand — long associated with good sleep — has been around so long that they're a part of camping history. Outside Magazine reported that a patented machine used by the company to create inflatable mattresses for nearly 40 years has been retired.

Make your staycation as cozy as Jack's Airbnb RV rental with this wood fire scented candle

A new Airbnb boasts fantastic views of a river, and the host is the one and only Jack Sheridan! In Episode 11 of "Virgin River" Season 4, Jack launches an RV-based Airbnb rental, and it has a woodsy, whimsical vibe. This clean-burning soy candle can deliver all those feels if you need a little R&R but can't jaunt off to a similar rental this weekend. In fact, one reviewer said, "The scent reminds me of vacationing in Montana. Pines and sage bushes. Even the wax is green. Going to buy several more as gifts."


Plus, among the 3,800 ratings, Amazon reviewers often note the long burn time and value.

Expert Tip: In preparation for this story, we asked our panel of experts how The List's readers can lean into that wanderlusty woodland cabin vibe in their day-to-day lives. The answer is clear; the aromatherapy of candles! So we turned to travel and lifestyle guru Chantelle Hartman Malarkey's expertise as an interior designer. She said, "One way I like to create a cozy cabin vibe is through yummy-smelling soy candles all around my home." Phew! That's so much easier than trying to build our own makeshift cabin out of cardboard and tubs of expired clay face mask.

Price: The ILLUME Woodfire Soy Candle is available on Amazon, starting at $17.99


Social Media Highlight: Please just forward our mail to the Illume Instagram feed, where we'll be living our best life ever nestled among the cozy candles and watery-neutral color palette. Oh, don't worry, we're joined by the brand's 26,600 other followers! 

Meander the farmer's market or romp in an actual river, these shoes can handle it

Cute as a button and odor-resistant? These incredibly lightweight cuties are a go-to for life on the move. The vegan, EVA upper is easy to hand wash, and the perforated design looks stylish and keeps your feet cool. Not to mention, they come in over 30 color variations! Over 2,000 real-life Amazon customers rate these Native Shoes 4.6 stars. Plus, the itty-bitty Lilliputian version for the kiddos has a whopping 17,500 ratings!


Expert Tip: When planning for any "Virgin River" inspired outing, it's "an opportunity to get comfortable without forsaking style," according to Melissa Rosenfield, a travel and lifestyle expert with 15 years of experience. So, the functionality and style-forward design of these kicks definitely achieves the hole goal!

Price: The Native Brand Jefferson Shoes are available on Amazon, starting at $25.35.

Social Media Highlight: The popularity of the perforated perfection of Native Shoes has skyrocketed. Case in point, there's nearly 5 billion views of Native Shoes-related videos on TikTok. With stats like that, it's safe to say that these kicks are quickly becoming one of the most popular classic sneakers to be launched in recent years.  


FYI, Barbie is also a fan of Virgin River inspired outings

First of all, don't think for a hot second that we didn't notice Barbie's keeping it legit using a paper map in addition to her handheld GPS device. Equally important, there's just so much to love here because her accessories look like a "Virgin River" adventure packing list. However, we'll go ahead and address the elephant in the room. Ignore the label that indicates this adventure Barbie is for children because it's cheaper than the Barbie tattoo trend that's taking over Instagram.


Expert Tip: Barbie's been known to enjoy a night on the town, but — like the rest of us — she feels "the need to disconnect," a common goal raised by travel aficionados Necota and Sonya Staples. They said, "Travelers are choosing to unplug with more relaxing activities. They're trading in clubs, bars, and parties, for more retro activities like stargazing, catching a sunset, walks along the beach, or an early morning hike to see the sunrise." So, if you combine this advice with Hiking Barbie's 4.8-star rating, you've got all the inspiration you'll need to map a path to relaxation.

Price: The Hiking Barbie is available on Amazon, starting at $10.

Social Media Highlight: Whether it's movie reviews or the 23.8 billion views of Barbie-related videos on TikTok, there's no lack of Barbie content right now. The 2022 "Barbie" movie gave way to Barbiecore, which even The Wall Street Journal described as a much-needed boost of over-the-top femininity-powered feel-good vibes.


These kicks are so Virgin River, we're wearing them to binge watch Season 4

Keen is the mastermind brand behind these wooly wonders. The chukka-style booties are made with upcycled wool and extra grippy rubber soles. So if you imagine the comfort of a slipper merged with the grip of a good hiking boot, you'll have a good idea of the magic that Keen's Mosey Chukka is serving up.


Expert Tip: Zach Bell is the co-founder and CEO of MyPlace, the home-sharing network. He and his team are seeing an uptick in the search for simplicity. "People love the fantasy of a more authentic time when things were simpler," he says. "With all the tech we have in our lives now, we yearn for a connection to trees and nature." By the same token, the hiking-centric gorpcore fashion trend is also having its moment, according to High Snobiety, so these kicks are an easy way to embrace simplicity.

Price: The KEEN Mosey Chukka Ankle Boot is available on Amazon for $89.37.

Social Media Highlight: Keen is all over social media, kicking up a dazzling dust of outdoorsy vibes for its following, including over 24,482,500 views on YouTube, 239,000 followers on Instagram, and 3.1 million followers on Pinterest.


Go straight from the trails to the winery in this versatile skort

Who knows what the day has in store? Will it include a picnic, scenic river walk, or wine tasting? All three, if you're going all in on the healthy work-life balance, our friends in Virgin River have achieved. And with that, you'll need a super cute skort. Columbia's Anytime Skort is available in over 20 color options and has drawstring side-ruching for an added sexy detail — a rare feature among skorts, which are downtimes a bit dowdy.


A sexy skort? It's easy to see why the Columbia Anytime Skort has nearly 5,000 ratings and 4.6-stars. Until now, we weren't sure if a sexy skort was a hopeless dream, but then Amazon reviewer Elicia posted this gorgeous photo with her product feedback, so: case closed.

Expert Tip: Skorts are also perfect for when you take a hot girl walk. Travel and lifestyle writer Megan Wilson shared, "Long walks and hiking are definitely [trending]. Hot girl walks is a term coined this year, and I personally take them to disconnect, think about my goals, and even call friends to catch up when I walk."

Price: The Columbia Anytime Casual Skort is available on Amazon, starting at $22.50.

Social Media Highlight: Columbia's Instagram is a square-by-square synopsis of the "Virgin River" aesthetic — rugged elegance at its best! No wonder it boasts over 540,000 followers! Not to mention, they took the idea of hot girl walks up a notch with their Girl Trek features.


Grab a bag of adaptogenic trail mix to fuel your next adventure

Well, here's one more thing you need to know about adaptogens — they help make Toodaloo Trail Mix totally amazing. In addition to being gluten-free, non-GMO, peanut-free, and loaded with nutritional goodness, this trail mix offers specially blended varieties to help support your health goals. The 4-bag variety pack includes the spicy citrus Hot to Trot (addresses gut health), maple-infused Slow Your Roll (for relaxation), chocolate-lover's Turning Heads (designed to support healthy skin), and the brand's BBQ-flavored Smoke Show, which improves your energy flow.


Toodaloo was founded in 2020 by Cattie Khoury when she got fed up with seeing over 40 different icky ingredients in traditional "healthy" trail mix blends. And although it's a newcomer to the Amazon scene, it's not uncommon to see reviewers say, "These mixes are some of the absolute best I have ever had."

Expert Tip: Travel and lifestyle writer Megan Wilson is an excellent resource for this story, which incorporates elements of travel and simplicity. "I also think that consumer mindsets have shifted to desire more of a slow, intentional living mindset," she shared with us. That's not reserved solely for decisions about where to travel or explore nature, but also other parts of that experience, such as clothing, snacks, and other supplies.


Price: The Toodaloo Trail Mix Variety Pack is available on Amazon for $39.99.

Social Media Highlight: Ta-dah! Toodaloo's Instagram page, which already has nearly 12,000 followers, regularly shares media coverage from Health, InStyle, and Self.

This travel set transforms your long-flight coach seat into first-class bliss

Book that flight, honey. Even if it's delayed, this utterly dreamy travel set will allow you to get a restful snooze — even in an airport. Barefoot Dreams was founded in 1994 and, since then, has been a big-time name in cozy comfort. Case in point, the brand was even named one of Oprah's favorite things! So, of course, customers agree, with one reviewer saying, "Love everything about this travel set!!! I use everything at home too! They are so soft! Will have to get more for friends!"


The luxe, fleecy-feel set includes a storage pouch, satin-accent eye mask, super soft socks, and gorgeous wrap.

Expert Tip: Another thing we love about this travel set is that it aligns with Jennifer Walsh's advice regarding cozy cabin clothes: "Cabin-esque clothes are all about layers, a relaxed look. This isn't messy; it is put together with great ease and showcases how beautiful simple living can be."

Price: The CozyChic® Travel Set is available at Barefoot Dreams for $188.

Social Media Highlight: You know who loves Barefoot Dreams? The one and only Kylie Jenner, that's who. The brand's Instagram feed, which has 136,000 fans, includes multiple social media posts showing the cozy blankets and other products on Kylie's personal jet. If your flight is one of the many commercial airline flights canceled, as The New York Times reported, that's certainly another option to explore.


These trekking poles collapse, making that trail-to-tavern transition easy

You'll need trekking poles if you're dreaming of the perfect "Virgin River" day, inspired by the show's balance of outdoor adventures and beer-sipping at Jack's bar. Trekking poles are used in hiking and mountaineering to help with balance, especially on rugged or steep trails, according to the hiking experts at REI. And all of that is important, but it would be pretty awkward to bring them into a post-hike tavern, so take advantage of MSR's quick folding poles, which customers have rated at 4.7 stars.


One reviewer said, "I use them for trail and snow travel on SAR [search and rescue] missions. They're light, compact, and seem very sturdy so far. Very comfortable even after hours."

Expert Tip: Outdoorsman and adventure clothing store owner Nate Axvig advised those new to outdoor adventures. Start with "baby steps," he says. "There's no need to leave the grid completely" when you're first venturing into outdoor experiences. So, start with short hikes and work "towards a weekend campout" as the next step.

Price: The DynaLock™ Ascent Carbon Backcountry Poles are available at MSR for $169.95.

Social Media Highlight: MSR Gear boasts 7,222,788 views on YouTube, where the brand posts videos about camping tents, trekking poles, and trail cooking that regularly log over 100,000 views.