Tiffani Thiessen On Saved By The Bell's Cancellation And Her Return To Play Kelly Kapowski - Exclusive

Tiffani Thiessen has been a regular on our screens for over three decades, and she recently returned to MTV for the third season of "Deliciousness." Alongside "The Office" star Angela Kinsey, "Good Burger" icon Kel Mitchell, and comedian Tim Chantarangsu, Thiessen has been delighting fans in the food-based viral video show. Discussing her love of the series, Thiessen told The List, "It's amazing that we've been doing all these episodes and I still get up there and I laugh. I'm doing it with three very funny people, very charming people. It's a cast that I actually grew and fell in love with pretty instantly, which usually doesn't happen in Hollywood."

As well as her work as a host, Thiessen has had an extremely successful acting career, appearing in hit shows such as "Saved by the Bell," "Beverly Hills, 90210," and "White Collar." The star even returned to play Kelly Kapowski in Peacock's recent "Saved by the Bell" reboot, although the series was sadly canceled after just two seasons. In an exclusive interview with The List, Tiffani Thiessen opened up about the end of "Saved by the Bell" and her return to TV as everyone's favorite cheerleader.

Filming the Saved by the Bell reboot was 'really fun'

For Tiffani Thiessen, landing the role of Kelly Kapowski on "Saved by the Bell" was monumental. "It was one of the very first roles that I had done," she told The List. "Of course, I was very young when the show started and became a huge success here in the States. Then when we went [world]wide and went all over, and I think it was in 140 countries or something like that, it is life changing." She continued, "I was 16 years old, traveling all over Europe with Mark-Paul [Gosselaar], meeting fans and doing press and all that ... I have nothing but fond memories of back then."

When Peacock decided to reboot the series, Thiessen was happy to return to the role that kickstarted her career. "To be able to create some new fun with the new spinoff that Tracey [Wigfield] had developed for Peacock was really fun as well, and to be able to work with the guys again," Thiessen explained. 

While fans were excited to see the star return as Kelly, the show unexpectedly wrapped in 2022. Discussing whether we might see her play the iconic character again in the future, Thiessen said, "I don't know. They did two seasons of the show. They did not pick up the show anymore. I highly doubt it, unless there's some other form that someone ends up coming up with, but I highly, highly doubt it."

Watch the new season of "Deliciousness" on MTV now.